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Open Letter

An investment in artists is a vision for Australia’s future. This election year we’re calling on all parties to invest in artistic courage. 

The visual arts are Australia’s number one artform by participation. 

More Australians enjoy and create contemporary visual work than any other artform.

Because art teaches us what’s possible.

Art searches our emotions.

Art strengthens our courage. 

All over Australia, artists are creating work that 
            astounds you
            inspires you
            makes you think
            shifts your perspective 
            and asks the big questions 
            the ones that politicians tend to run away from.

Questions of country
            working with dedication, courage and expertise. 

Our work is hanging on the walls of Parliament House. It’s in every public space and every private office. We’re right there when all the big decisions are made, but are they really seeing us?

Years of policy neglect mean that our average incomes are falling, our career development opportunities are shrinking –
            whether we’re young 
            or well established 
and while billions of dollars are about to be spent all over Australia on new contemporary art galleries, the amount of new investment in artists is zero.

What are we risking in neglecting our most courageous practitioners?

An investment in artists is a vision for Australia’s future.

An investment in artists expresses the deep confidence to be open to our own unknown potential.

An investment in artists creates a culture of innovation

Invest in artistic courage.