7.7 Teaching and presenting

7.7.1 Public appearances and presenting

The below rates have been reproduced from the Australian Society of Authors. These fees should be seen as a minimum standard. Last updated January 2021.

One off appearance as interviewee(minimal preparation required) $300
One off appearance as interviewer or giving an artist talk (preparation required) $450
Panel member (minimal preparation required) $230
Panel facilitator (preparation required) $260
Keynote address $1,500

Where a presentation is recorded and made available online (e.g. podcast or video recording) the recommendation is to add 20% to the appearance fee to allow for licensing.

7.7.2 Workshops and classes

The below rates have been reproduced from the Australian Society of Authors. The below rates include preparation time but do not include reimbursement for materials for the workshop or travel expenses if required. These fees should be seen as a minimum standard. Last updated January 2021.

One off one hour workshop flat fee $360
Half day workshop flat fee $600
Full day workshop flat fee $900

NAVA research has also indicated the below hourly rate as a minimum standard for workshops.
Hourly rate $100

If being paid an hourly rate for a workshop, preparation and materials sourcing time needs to be accounted for in the fee e.g. a fee paid for a one hour workshop may be $200 to account for minimal prep and travel time.

If a recording of the workshop is continually made available online, the ability of an artist to book future income producing workshops may be undermined. Where a workshop recording is available online the recommendation is to add 10% to the workshop fee for each week that the recording is available.

7.7.3 Teaching at universities

The rates of pay paid by Australian universities were used to establish this table. However, wage rates within universities are negotiated on the basis of enterprise agreements and therefore there are a number of variables that come into force when establishing a rate.


Many universities now have their salary rates online. In such cases it would also be possible for the practitioner to look up the rates being paid by a university within the practitioner's geographic area and to determine a rate that most closely matches the conditions of the engagement and the practitioner's experience and training.


Where a university has its pay rates online but does not show hourly rates the practitioner can determine a fee by looking at the yearly salary for a position which matches the practitioner's training and experience, adding a casual loading of around 25%, then dividing by the number of working weeks in the university year, e.g. 38, and then again divided by the number of hours per week e.g. 37.5.   

In the following table, the average of wage rates for casual academic staff on a one-off and repeat basis for lecturing and tutoring has been determined from a randomly-chosen group of Australian universities which have their casual (hourly) salary rates online. The rates below are based on a 'normal' or 'standard' one hour lecture, or tutorials done by someone who doesn’t have a doctoral qualification. Lectures by 'distinguished' lecturers or tutorials by people with doctoral qualification are paid at higher rates. The lecture or tutorial fee also encompasses both the one hour presentation and between 1 and 3 hours preparation time.

Casual 1st time lecturing $196.25

Casual repeat lecturing $130.83

Casual 1st time tutoring $146.78

Casual repeat tutoring $97.85

7.7.4 Mentorships

Mentorships can be undertaken as a formal facilitated process with expected outcomes or an informal professional relationship that can develop between artists, arts workers and other professionals and people with specialist skills. The type of relationship and expectations of those involved will determine if a financial transaction should take place. In a formal facilitated situation a fee should be paid, in an informal relationship any fee should be by negotiation. If a fee is to be paid this should be in-line with the workshop rates listed at 7.7.2 above and agreed upon by all involved parties.