EOFY - Tax Checklist for Artists

A practical guide for artists on assessable income and what you can claim as a deduction in your tax return.

Accelerated Depreciation for Small Business

Find out how the accelerated depreciation scheme can benefit you.

Tax Assessable Income and Deductions

Find out what are considered tax assessable income and expenses.

What to do if your ABN is cancelled

This guide explains why your ABN may have been cancelled and how you can go about getting it reinstated.

Should I have an ABN?

Don't have an ABN? Find out how registering can benefit you, your cashflow and your practice.

Invoicing Checklist

This checklist will take you through all the requirements for issuing an tax invoice as laid out by the Australian Taxation Office.

Tax, Artists, Galleries

Unravelling the tax implications involved when artists sell work directly, on commission or on consignment.

Glossary of Tax Terms

This factsheet provides definitions for some of the taxation terms you may come across in running your arts practice as a business.

Who Pays the GST?

This factsheet provides an answer to the complicated question: who pays the GST, the gallery or the artist?

Public Taxation Ruling

Public Taxation Ruling: carrying on a business as a professional artist and its implications for practicing artists.