Business Skills


Find out about what types of insurance you might need in your practice and how they work.

Artists' fees factsheet

Drawn from the Code of Practice this is a quick reference for artists' fees, workshop fees, travel expenses and more.

Pricing your work template

Step-by-step template to pricing your work, using cost-based, competition-based and demand-based pricing models.

Contracts and Agreements

This factsheet covers contract and agreement types and negotiating.

Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

This factsheet covers the importance of confidential information.

How do I price my artwork?

What to consider when setting a price for your artwork.

*Updated with video and digital media art 2017.

Becoming a Sole Trader

This factsheet will take you through the steps to becoming a Sole Trader and business and tax requirements.

Budgeting for your Business

Learn an essential skill - how to budget for your art practice as a business.

Art Business Skills

This factsheet outlines some basic art business skills, planning, budgeting and marketing.

Where There's a Will

This factsheet provides information on estate planning for artists, covering all the options including making a will.

Cashflow Forecast

This template can help you plan your income and expenditure allowing you to budget.