Grants aren't the only way to raise funds. Why not get a crowd to support your project? Crowdfunding involves raising money to fund your project or program from a large group of people usually via a web based platform allowing supporters to engage with the project on a personal level. Read more to find out how crowdfunding might work for you.


Where do I start?


Find your guide to crowdfunding on the Guides page! The Crowdfunding Factsheet will introduce you to the possibilities of crowdfunding and help you prepare your campaign including some dos and don'ts as well as an overview of the platforms out there.Discover how you can raise some extra funds to get your project off the ground now!


The Australian Cultural Fund

The Australian Cultural Fund is a collective funding platform for Australian artists. The fund was established in 2003 to encourage donations to the arts, and is managed by Creative Partnerships Australia.

Since its inception the Australian Cultural Fund has helped to raise millions of dollars for Australian artists, allowing them to share their stories, passion, and creativity around Australia and the world.

How it works

The Australian Cultural Fund operates similarly to private crowd funding websites. Through the Australian Cultural Fund website ( artists can register their project and invite supporters to donate. Creative Partnerships' unique Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status allows the ACF to offer tax deductibility to donors. The money raised is then distributed to the artists as grants.

Unlike private crowd funding platforms artists receive the funds committed by the donors whether their project reaches the funding goal or not. Creative Partnerships takes 5% of the funds as a fee to cover administrative costs. Donors, instead of receiving 'rewards' in exchange for the funds they have committed to the project, are making donations. All donations over $2 are tax deducible.

Who can register

Projects can come from any section of the arts sector including architecture and design, community and cultural development, dance, music, theatre, visual arts and literature.

To be eligible to register your project you must be a practising artist, group of artists or organisation that is engaged in arts and cultural activities. The donations must also be used within Australia for the benefit of Australia.

Where to start

Using the platform is fairly simple. Artists create their profile and then register their project on the website. Artists need to set a fundraising target and a timeline for their campaign. Once all the information is loaded on to the website the campaign is ready to start.

The website contains plenty of tips and resources to help artists with their campaign, including how best to advertise the project on the website and how to make the most of the campaign period. NAVAs Crowdfunding Factsheet available in the Guide also has some great advice on funding campaigns.

For more information, to register and to donate head to the Australian Cultural Fund website.