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NAVA is calling on the sector to demonstrate a commitment to best practice and industrial fairness in its treatment of artistic creators and other arts professionals.

Demonstrate your commitment to best practice

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One of NAVA’s recommendations for all arts policies is that there be a binding requirement by the federal government through the Australia Council and all state and territory governments that fees be paid by all government funded organisations to artists who have been commissioned or have loaned works for exhibition. These fees must be paid at least at the minimum recommended rates specified in the NAVA Code of Practice for the Professional Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector.

As we continue to lobby for the mandated adherence to fair industrial practices in the visual arts sector, NAVA has launched the Industry Standard Certification in recognition of organisations who comply with NAVA’s best practice standards as set out in our Code of Practice.

Show that your organisation supports fair payment of artists and is a champion of best practice by signing up to the new NAVA Code of Practice Supporter program. Participating organisations can use the above logo in their online and print communication eg. website, wall text etc.

By being certified you will be:

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  • recognised as a leading arts organisation which supports best practice in your industry, and deals ethically with artists.
  • listed on NAVA’s website as an ethical organisation
  • promoted as a participating organisation in our newsletter (reaches 20,000+)


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To qualify for the NAVA Code of Practice Supporter program you will need to complete and lodge the application form which will be assessed to determine your compliance with NAVA’s best practice standards. Accessing the Code of Practice and signing up for this tick of approval is free however we encourage you to be a NAVA Member. Membership fees directly support the important work that NAVA does on behalf of the sector.


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You will need to login or sign up for a NAVA Free account to submit the form.

Applications take 5-7 working days to be processed.

About NAVA’s Code of Practice Supporter program

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The NAVA Code of Practice Supporter program is timed to coincide with our current ‘Fair Pay for Artists’ campaign. So far in the Fair Pay for Artists campaign, NAVA has conducted consultations with the sector across Australia to seek their feedback on aspects of the campaign including appropriate fee scales and superannuation. While it is currently not legislated that all visual artists be paid superannuation on the artist fee they are paid for the commissioning or loan of their work for exhibition, NAVA asserts that they should be paid a superannuation contribution like all other working people.

About NAVA’s Code of Practice

Code of Practice

First published in 2001, NAVA’s Code of Practice provides scales of minimum artists fees and wages and outlines best practice standards for the Australian visual and media arts, craft and design sector. It is widely used by artists and arts administrators when negotiating rates of pay and remuneration when presenting exhibitions, teaching workshops, giving lectures, working with councils and negotiating their salary, etc.