Australian Artists' Grant Winners 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the Australian Artists' Grant 2014!

February Round

Tully Arnot - Form and Substance
Melanie Irwin - Geodesic Envelopes
Helen Johnson & Adelle Mills - At Once
Daniel Miller -
Having Cheese Makes You Happy
Izabela Pluta -
Objects and Other Things
Object Quorum
Das Boot

May Round

Anna Horne - Site‑specific installation in a suburban home in Sydney
Annika Harding - Damnation
Meijers and Walsh - The Collector 12: Paroxysm at Gertrude Contemporary
Prudence Murphy - Detective Special solo exhibition at Gallery Fort Delta, Melbourne
Lauren Simmonds - Flashlight
Bryan Spier - Jealous Paintings
Melanie Upton - Golden Molto Things Calling
Jodie Whalen - Every day is a job well done
Siying Zhou - The Comforting Promises at Northern Centre for Contemporary Art

August Round

Celeste Juliet Aldahn - Maiden, Mother, Crone, Blindside Gallery Melbourne
Bazier Free - Isolario
Georgia Harvey -
Magic Mountain (exhibition at Constance ARI, Hobart)
Biljana Jancic - Outline
Lia McKnight and Stephen Armistead - The air around us
Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran -
One Hung Bitch Volume 2
Jacqui Shelton -
Limber - solo exhibition at Bus Projects in November
Blanche Tilden -
Circle Work - Contemporary Jewellery

November Round

Tom Borgas - Hands On– Julien Scheffer and Tom Borgas at SideSpace Gallery
Yvette Hamilton -
'Echo' produced for Cementa15 Festival
Georgia Hutchison and Arini Byng - Sculptural Tension
Emma Coulter and Zoe Kirkwood - Chromo-Spatial
Caroline Phillips and Catherine Johnstone - Related-ness at Melbourne's Living Museum of the West
Bethany Wheeler -
Imprint, Place & Memory
Benjamin Woods -
'widen, subtract, warm, cool, observe out' at Incinerator Gallery

Australian Artists' Grant Winners 2014