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Australian Artists Grant Winners 2015

February Round

Henry Andersen - Music for Adjacent Spaces

Christiane Keys-Statham - Acme Studios International Artist Residency Programme



Britt Salt - Formless solo exhibition at C3 Contemporary Art Space

Soda_Jerk - European Media Artists in Residence Exchange

Sumugan Sivanesan & Tessa Zettel - Plan Bienen

Eckersley's Prize Winner: Suzanne Moss

May Round

3ply - Blow Minding

Exhibiting artists - Lighthousekeeping

Clare Milledge - Neverwhere in Istanbul

Felicity Spear, Dan Armstrong, Magda Cebokli, Lesley Duxbury, Sam Leach,+4 - Sky Lab: lines of sight and forces of attraction

Exhibiting artists - Drawing and Anarchy

Jodie Whalen - A Declaration of Love for my Husband

Eckersley's Prize Winner: Jo Wright

August Round

Connie Anthes & Rebecca Gallo - Make or Break

Aurelia Carbone & Alex Bishop-Thorpe - The Minus World: Immersive Multiplayer Mode

Unconscious Collective - Hypnapod at MPavilion

Donald Richardson - Retrospective and New Work

Exhibiting artists - Didactic Tools

Justene Williams & Michelle Newton - The Curtain Breathed Deeply

November Round

Liz Anelli - Desert Lake

Exhibiting artists - The Unstable Image

Julie Bartholomew - Out of Quarantine Artists in Conversation

Exhibiting artists - Just Draw

Megan Hales - Two to Toot

Dana Harris - Fabrik: conceptual, minimal and performative approaches to textiles

Meredith Hughes - Looking for the i in desire

Paula Hunt - In the Stadium (14 Categories)

Rosalind Lemoh - Animal, Mineral, Vegetable

Georgie Mattingley - Topias

Sam Mertens & Liv Boyle - undertone

Direct Address - Direct address (road to nowhere)

Julie Ryder, Sharon Peoples and Barbara Rogers - Here & There

Slow makers - Field Working Slow Making

Australian Artists Grant Winners 2015