NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the NSW Artists' Grant this year!

February Round

Tully Arnot - Form and Substance
Sydney/Darwin Artist Exchange Project
Big Fag Press - Big FAG 'O" Day
Mark Booth - SW.150-90˚M+F<4>
Mitch Cairns - Dip or Skinny Dip
The Twilight Girls and Renny Kodgers - 50 Ways to Kill Renny Kodgers
Agatha Gothe-Snape -
Travel to Germany for Berlin Biennale

May Round

Justin Balmain - As Long as it La La(sts)
The Rizzeria
Sarah Goffman - Development of new website
Jess Olivieri and Hayley Forward with the Parachutes for Ladies - Small States
Rachel Peachy - Uncharted
Sean Rafferty - The Park
Sarah Rodigari - Reach out Touch Faith at SOMA, Mexico City
Interzone - Dead Air

August Round

Susan Bui - Where The Home is
Catherine Hourihan -
Behind The Glitter
Astra Howard -
China European Art Centre Residency in association with China Residencies
Biljana Jancic - Outline
Deborah Kelly
Karen Keys - Different Strokes
Ainslie Murray and Renata Ferrari - The Liquid Air (CO2 Fields)
James Nguyen -
Watch This Space
Wojak & Klein - LOOP collaboration at Melaka Art & Performance Festival Malaysia

November Round

Kath Fries - Silence Awareness Existence residency, Finland

Culkin & Geyer - Geometries Kandos

Josh Harle - Kandos Autonomous Digital Territories


Prudence Murphy - Editioned artists book

Jacob Raupach - Fell Exhibition

Kurt Sorensen - The Coal River

Bryden Williams - Hydro Wilderness: Artist in Residence at the Bogong Centre For Sound Culture

NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2014