NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2015

February Round

Bronwyn Bancroft - Riverstones and Ramifications

Shoufay Derz - Secrets

Keg de Souza - Temporary Spaces, Edible Places: New York

Kunchok Gyaltsen - Grasslands: a Tibetan photographer returns to his homeland after 21 years

Hromek Cubed - Covered by Concrete

Laura McLean - Posthumanities

Louise Morgan - Symptoms

Sean O'Connell - energie

Anna Madeleine - Time Machines at CHASM Gallery, New York

May Round

Rebecca Conroy - Dating an Economist

Australian Performance Exchange - Origin-Transit-Destination

Bonita Ely - Interior Decoration, Mildura Palimpsest

Jay-Dea Lopez - Auditory Visions

Emily Parsons-Lord - Airarrium

AngDila - Sinikuan 3000 (Resistance)

Danielle Zorbas, Sophie Kitson, Angela Garrick - Island Salon, Underbelly Arts Festival

August Round

Justin Balmain and Amelia Wallin - Artist in Residence, The Wassaic Project NY

Madeline Beckett - Press Her

Deidre Brollo - Fathom: editioned artist's book

Connie Anthes & Rebecca Gallo - Make or Break

Caroline Garcia - Video Gurl

Elena Papnikolakis - TRIPS exhibition at Firstdraft

Tessa Zettel & Susie Nelson - Making Time Cookbook

November Round

Lucas Abela - Temple Of Din installation at Cable festival in Nantes, France

Kate Blackmore - new website

Glitter Milita - Monsta Gras

Hayley Megan French - Hints of things we know

Hossein Ghaemi - Laneways Music Festival Artist Performance

Juz Kitson - Symbolic Order for Adelaide Biennial 2016

Deborah Mansfield - Something Immeasurably Better


Jodie Whalen - Lifting My Weight

NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2015