NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2016

January Round

Tim Bruniges - Static + Silence

Consuelo Cavaniglia - uncertain encounters

Michelle Cawthorn & Peter Sharp - This is not a solo show

No, No, No! (After You) exhibiting artists

Keg de Souza - Abundance: Fruit of the Sea, Bounty of the Mountains for the 2016 Setouchi Triennale

Heath Franco - HOME TOWN TWO

Gatya Kelly - Hill End Residency

Michael McIntyre - Extinct Markers

April Round

Frances Barrett and Amala Groom - Telling Time

Ella Condon - The Colour of Darkness

Guy Keulemans and Andy Marks - Object Therapy

James Nguyen - Haydn Farewell Symphony, No.45 in F-sharp minor

Angela Tiatia - Solo Exhibition at Alaska Projects

Bic Tieu - Between Auspicious Forms

Brendan Van Hek - Glass and Neon

Carolyn Young - Grassy Woodlands Exhibition

July Round

Ella Barclay - Etherial Eyries and the Woozy Jacuzzi: two performances by Ella Barclay

Matthew Bromhead - Solo exhibition at Bathurst Regional Gallery

Sarah Contos - Quilts of Quilts

Cybele Cox - Rundgang 2017

Jacqueline Drinkall - Data Centre Séance

Emma Fielden - House of Wonder

Aesha Henderson - Wonderfruit Spirit Creatures

Deborah Kelly - By George! Exercise your Rights

Emily Parsons-Lord - Our eyes were of no use to us

Athena Thebus - Athena in Thorns

October Round

Baby High Speed Exhibiting Artists

The Correspondence of Imaginary Places Exhibiting Artists

David Capra - website development

Molly Morphew - TAKT Residency Program; Fully Embody the Body that I Belongy

Philip Soliman - Together

Frances Belle Parker, Tracy Pateman, Cass Samms, Rochelle Summerfield - UnderCurrents

Shireen Taweel - Translated Roots

Eckersley's Art & Craft Prize: Milly Dent

NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2016