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Focus on Far North Qld

Andrea Huelin on key upcoming craft and design exhibitions and events in Far North Queensland over the next four months.

Image: Acrylic on Canvas by Richie, Southern Queensland Correctional Centre

Artistic Freedom

This year CIAF's reach is deep indeed, as a new collaboration brings to light artworks from behind locked doors. Working in partnership with the Tanks Arts Centre, CIAF has developed the exhibition Freedom of Expression, showcasing artworks from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates from four correctional centres in Queensland. These artworks transcend their creators' situations, as the artists draw on their cultural connection to Country and contemporary life experiences to engage viewers on an emotional level. In making a connection with inmate artists, the CIAF Artistic Director and Tanks Curator are presenting an art collection that is significant in its artistic merit and creative expression, as well as its role in encouraging participants in career paths upon release. The exhibition is on at Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns from 1-24 July 2016.

Inkmasters impress

Every two years Cairns proudly asserts its claim as a centre for printmaking excellence with Inkfest, a festival of printmaking workshops and events held over five months, culminating in the increasingly popular Inkmasters International Print Exhibition and awards from 29 July to 21 August at the Tanks Arts Centre. This year's Inkfest has featured artists-in-residence Jenny Kitchener, Rosyln Kean and G.W. Bot, who have led workshops and public forums. Attracting interest from printmakers across Australia and overseas, as well as a reassuring degree of corporate sponsorship and grant support, Inkmasters Cairns Inc. continues to support the careers and the experience of professional artists in Far North Queensland, 1700 kilometres from the nearest capital city.

Seasonal work

KickArts Contemporary Arts brings together some of the leaders of the printmaking pack in Sageraw Thonar– Stories from the Southeasterly Season: Contemporary Expressions of Cultural Knowledge. The artists hail from Badu Island in the Torres Strait, where animal totems, island flora, and current environmental and cultural issues are most important stories, told through large-scale linocut prints. Featuring the work of Joseph Au, Aiona Tala Gaidan, Edmund Laza, Laurie Nona, Matilda MalujewelNona, Michael Nona and Alick Tipoti. The exhibition is on from 28May to 30 July.