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Focus on Tas

Abbie Pedersen on key upcoming craft and design exhibitions and events in Tasmania over the next four months.

Image: Armbands, c. late 19th century, from the collection of the Scots-Memorial Museum and Heritage, Hobart from exhibition, 10 objects - 10 stories.

10 Objects - 10 Stories Celebrating Community Collections

10 objects - 10 stories: celebrating community collections is an exhibition conveying Tasmanian stories object by object. These individual objects contain an important narrative of Tasmania’s past, ensuring the preservation of Tasmanian collections and our cultural heritage.

Community museums, history groups and organisations spanning the state have been working with curators as part of Arts Tasmania’s Roving Curator Program. Celebrating ten years of the program, curators Melissa Smith and Veronica Macno have carefully selected a showcase containing a variety of Tasmania historical tales and in doing so have generated a significant platform through awareness, accessibility and preservation to the states collection. The exhibition is held at 146 ArtSpace, Arts Tasmania from 28 April - 2 June 2016.

40 Years 40 Designers

2016 is an exciting year for Design Tasmania, with the organisation celebrating its 40th Birthday. To coincide with this milestone Design Tasmania has curated a sophisticated exhibition, engaging 40 designer-makers to exhibit a response to the Tasmanian environment. The exhibition is broken into two parts with Part A currently on display at Design Tasmania in Launceston. Part B will be launched on December 2nd. The entire collection of 40 designs represents some of the rich, diverse talent of Tasmanian makers, with the exhibition showcasing a broad spectrum of skills and diverse trades.

40 Years: 40 Designers invited designers who were part of the initial foundation of Design Tasmania in Launceston and have remained faithful ambassadors since 1976. Sitting alongside them are more recent contemporaries who are forging careers as designer-makers. Practitioners were asked to create an object embodying a unique aspect of the Tasmanian landscape, an environment which would inspire and shape their design and/or fabrication process. Tasmania has a reputation for craft and design and this exhibition is a great example of one off pieces and uniquely hand crafted objects that tell the story of this island and stands out as a design destination, as an island with a creative landscape for inspiring innovation. On now until 21 June 2016 at Design Tasmania.

Diversity - Handweavers, Spinners & Dyers Guild of Tasmania Inc.

For the first time the esteemed exhibition from the gifted Handweavers, Spinners & Dyers Guild of Tasmania Inc, titled Diversity, will be unveiled in the North West of Tasmania in the sophisticated Burnie Regional Art Gallery.

Diversity is a celebration reflecting the heritage engrained in the stunning works, with the Guild 1970’s introduction. The works will include Spinning and Dyeing, Weaving, Felting, and the myriad articles from the yarns produced from over 20 groups located around the state. Diversity also reflects the sources of yarns: wool, silk, alpaca, angora rabbit, bamboo, sea-silk and many other new materials for spinning or felting. This exhibition is on at Burnie Regional Art Gallery from 28 May - 26 June 2016.

Emily Snadden Jewelry

This exhibition at Handmark Gallery, Hobart explores the traditional concept of the heirloom jewellery object. Through a contemporary approach to manufacturing, the pieces are an exploration of the ‘keepsake’ and Emily’s approach to making. The work has evolved from a love of the Tasmanian wilderness, as a result from the process of bush wanderings, specimen collecting, sketching and detailed manufacturing.

The works in this exhibition explore the combination of Emily’s sketchbook illustrations with precious metal and natural gemstones. The finished pieces become a reimagining of the specimens/flora. Largely inspired by the recent bushfires at Lake Mackenzie, the pieces reflect on the fragility of the local flora and the darkness of the Tasmanian wilderness. The gallery joins two contemporaries in this exhibition, Emily Snadden whose distinctive jewellery will filter throughout the gallery and Ella Noonan’s drawings will adorn the walls. This exhibition is on at Handmark Gallery from 17 June - 11 July 2016.