NAVA seeks nominations for two elected positions on our Board of Directors

Pictured: NAVA's Deputy Chair, Sally Smart. Photo by Jennifer Brankin, POLIXENNI PHOTOGRAPHY. 

The NAVA Board seeks nominations for two elected positions to replace two elected Directors who we farewell upon reaching their maximum tenure of six years. 

  • The Artists’ Representative Director offers the perspective of the interests of practising artists, and
  • The Organisations’ Representative Director has significant experience with organisations focused on our sector.    

The NAVA Constitution ensures that a diversity of voices inform our governance – including a spread of states and territories, a balance of skills and expertise, and an identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative Director.

The role of a board member is to promote good governance by assessing and monitoring strategy and risk. Boards take a holistic, long-term and sector-engaged view of the organisation, overseeing and supporting its work. A board is not an artistic advisory committee; all board members contribute equally to all aspects of decision-making. In seeking nominations from practising artists, we seek candidates whose experience in contributing to high-level ethical decision-making might be evidenced via past board, committee, ARI or advisory positions. These will be NAVA Members with strong sector standing and networks, able to activate relationships that extend our reach nationally in achieving our strategic goals.

NAVA is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee that is governed by the Corporations Act, and operates for the benefit of our Members and the wider arts community. NAVA respects and values the willingness of its board members to make a voluntary commitment of their time. As well as seeking nominations via this open call, the NAVA board actively invites nominations to ensure we maintain the diversity required by our Constitution and our strategic priorities.

More information:

A NAVA board member is recognised by their peers as a confident advocate with a passion for visual arts, craft and design. Prospective board members must be NAVA Members who are nominated by another NAVA Member.   

To discuss your interest in nominating, please call Esther Anatolitis, Executive Director, on 1800 046 282. 

Nominations close on Thursday 26 April 2018.