Episode 34: Lu Forsberg in conversation with Claudia Roosen

Artist and ARI co-director, Lu Forsberg in conversation with Claudia Roosen about their practice, future travel plans as a result of The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship and Cut Thumb ARI.

Lu Forsberg

Claudia Roosen and Lu Forsberg 

Lu Forsberg is an artist, co-director of Brisbane's Cut Thumb ARI and was recently awarded The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship through NAVA.

Lu sits down with NAVA's Claudia Roosen to discuss their practice, future plans and the changing nature of ARI's in Australia.

Lu Forsberg is an emerging experimental artist working primarily with new media, assemblage and installation to examine the nexus between environmental, social and economic systems. Forsberg's research focuses on the area of ecological economics, the relationship between land and capital. Their practice interrogates dominant perspectives of the Australian landscape and politics, while critiquing blindspots and dead ends in the Australian art historical canon. Most recently, their art practice has focused on the complexities of the mining industry, rehabilitation/ reclamation of mine sites, and location/site accessibility. Their artistic practice communicates the relentless and damaging nature of colonisation while displaying symbols of interconnectedness, complicity and Transparency.

Follow their work at luforsberg.com