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Resources, Guides & Factsheets

NAVA provides a comprehensive resource bank of factsheets, checklists, guides and templates for artists and arts professionals on a broad range of topics.

Tax and Superannuation

Legal obligations


Running your practice as a business means being obliged to deal with tax and superannuation claims and contributions. 

Understand your rights


Copyright is a major consideration for contemporary artists. It is important that you know your rights, and negotiate your copyright with galleries, media organisations and commercial enterprises. 

Learn more about the NAVA campaign on intellectual property, find information and factsheets about understanding copyright as an artist, and gain insight from industry experts.

Grant Writing

Need help?

grant proposals

Finding funding can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to the writing grant proposals. NAVA offers a short course on grant writing and has published a bunch of practical tips on this website to dispel your fears about the application process and give you the confidence to put forward a competitive proposal.

Pricing your work

Pricing structures, agreements & rates


Determining the price of artwork for sale is a challenge for many artists. We have put together some guidelines for pricing your work and best practice standards for galleries and organisations.

Ethics & Art Support

Business or Corporate Sponsorship

Ethics, Money, Art

The ethics of arts support became a much debated topic because of an artworld controversy. The catalyst was the threat by some selected artists to withdraw their participation in the 2014 Biennale of Sydney because of the business activities of a major donor in winning a contract to provide services to refugee detention centres.


Freedom of Expression


Freedom of Expression is a universal human right and is particularly valued by artists. However, in Australia it is not effectively protected in law. At times this can result in confusion and contention over artists’ work. NAVA is a strong advocate for freedom of artistic expression and acts to try to ensure that censorship is not used to constrain artists from exercising this right within the law.