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NAVA provides a direct service to its members and the sector generally by offering a number of professional development services and resources. This section provides key information on various skills arts practitioners require in managing their careers.


NAVA Online Courses

Photo by Yu Ye Wu.

Enrolment is now open for 2017 NAVA Online Courses in art business basics for artists, marketing and promoting your work, or winning grant proposals.

Managing Your Business

Guides & Factsheets

Ella Barclay

Ella Barclay in the Artspace Studios. Photo by Joan Cameron Smith.

As an artist you will need to manage your own business. NAVA provides you with a number of guides, factsheets and checklists that will assist in running your own business covering sales and stockists, taxation and how to develop art business skills.

Making a Living

Oli Watts is a Sydney-based artist, lecturer and curator, who works across a range of media including painting, collage and video. Watts completed his PhD in art history and jurisprudence at the University of Sydney in 2009 and lectures at Sydney College of the Arts. NAVA spoke to Oli about what it means to make a career in the arts and how artists actually make a living from their practice.

Promoting Your Work



Keepsake range by Sarah O'Sullivan. Image by Debbie Gallulo

Marketing for practitioners can be an uncomfortable topic and certainly not a process that many naturally gravitate towards. However knowing a little about how to talk about your work and being comfortable with public speaking are skills that are essential for contemporary artists in engaging new audiences. NAVA offers you a range of guides, tips and tricks to help you develop a marketing plan, engage national and international audiences and write for the media.

Project Management

What do I do?

Beige Folders

Image by B. Munting

Are you looking at starting a festival, managing an international tour or putting on an exhibition? The NAVA guides can help you start planning and preparing for the project, providing you with budget advice, timeline templates and basic project management skills.


Your Questions Answered

ARI Space

Photo by B.Munting

NAVA has a range of Q&As designed to assist you in writing an artist statement, documenting your work and publishing your work online.