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Today contemporary artists require a myriad of skills to assist with and promote their practices. From marketing knowledge to public speaking, below is a collection of our most frequently asked questions that will help in honing these skills.

Question: Artist Statements

How Do I Write an Artist Statement? Why are They Important?


Image by Joan Cameron Smith

As a professional artist your artist statement is essential. It represents a basic introduction to your practice. Just about all artists want as many people as possible to appreciate their work. A good artist statement works towards this end.

Question: Marketing

How Can I Get Heard?

tom polo

Tom Polo on Queen St Studios Exterior.

Looking to increase your work opportunities and build your audiences? This Q&A provides you with the top tips for marketing yourself.

Question: Documentation

How Do I Create a Good Photograph of My Artwork?

Desert Dweller

Desert Dweller by Sarah O'Sullivan. Photo by Debbie Gallulo

A bad photograph will do little justice to the hard work and effort you put into producing your art. Professional quality photos are essential when presenting your work in your portfolio, on your website, in a grant application, catalogue or for publication.

How Can I Protect my Images If They are Online?

bank canvas

Image by B. Munting

Copyright is not waived when you publish text or images on the internet. Your prior written consent should be obtained for reproductions of your work for advertising and sale purposes in catalogues, invitations, advertisements and on websites.