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Artists need affordable and safe spaces to create and present their work. This section aims to assist artists to find, animate, and manage spaces and comply with regulations.

Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs)

What, where, why?


Firstdraft, Image by F. Barrett

Looking at setting up your own ARI, managing an ARI, or generally wondering about what ARIs are, where you can find them, and why they are important? Everything you need to know about artist run initiatives.

Studios & Residencies

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Image by B. Munting

Looking for studio space or a residency opportunity? Wanting to know how to manage your studio, inventory and storage? Everything you need to know about studio practice and getting the most out of your residency.

Public Space

Outside the Gallery


Artists are increasingly working and presenting in public spaces and buildings other than galleries and museums. The scope of ways artists engage with public space is endless.


On Space

space forum

NAVA Forum at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Image by V. O'Connor

Gain insight into the critical significance of space for artists and the broader arts industry.

Unfolding Space by John Mongard (39.6 KB)

John Mongard investigates the concept of unfolding space and the influence of public art in creating place.

Space by Anna Pappas (40.9 KB)

Anna Pappas discusses the physical changes at Anna Pappas Gallery, the contextual changes of what space means to artists and why the gallery space is so important.