Residencies are the spaces to think, to make, to connect the local and global and to make time for the process of creation, often in an unfamiliar environment. However, each residency has its own idiosyncrasies and it is also often up to the artist to maximise the benefit of a residency by developing key skills and a local understanding to create works and expand experiences.

What is an Artist Residency?


Mark Shoter

Mark Shorter in the Artspace Residency Studios. Photo by Joan Cameron Smith

Unsure of what a residency entails? Don't know how to maximise your experience? Then check out NAVA's Residency Guides to help you navigate the differences in residencies and expand both your practice and your career.

Why Residencies?

Rochelle Haley is a professional artist who has continually expanded her practice through national and international residency opportunities in Australia, Asia and Europe. She chats to NAVA about the significance of residencies for an artist's practice.

Looking for a Residency?


Looking to undertake a residency overseas or in Australia? To connect in a globalised world and participate in meaningful exchange through immersion, negotiation and partnerships in and with cultures and/or spaces?

Then check out these residency opportunities and find the best match for you.

TransArtists: Opportunities and support for artists wanting to work internationally.

Res Artis: Worldwide network of artist residencies.

Asialink: Arts residency program for artists and arts administrators wanting to work in Asia.

China Residencies: Wanting to travel to China? Check out the China Residencies listings.

Air_J: Online database of residencies in Japan.

Alliance of Artist Communities: A US organisation that provides resources for connecting artists with residency opportunities.

International residencies - Opportunities Coming Up Soon

Residencies are fast becoming and integral component of an artist’s career and their significance cannot be understated.

Residencies prioritise contemporary art practice and process, they provide opportunities for collaboration and cultural exchange whilst ensuring artists have spaces to live and work within our cities and regions.

Yet, no artist in residence program is the same. Each residency, residential studio, exchange project, workshop and opportunity has its own facilities and expectations and this can be difficult to understand and negotiate.

For this month check out some of NAVA’s top picks for international opportunities.

Please be aware some of these require a fee, so if you are deciding on travelling make sure you budget for any fees as well.

Cheng Long Wetlands, Taiwan

Fellowships for Art and Theory at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Proyecto´acePIRAR | Artist-­in-­Residence International Program

Sanskriti Foundation, Delhi
SOMA Mexico

Q&As Residencies

​Q: What do I need to Consider Before Travelling?


This Q&A takes you through the most important planning you should do before travelling internationally.