Artist and Arts Worker Fee Policy

Policy Statement

It is the policy of NAVA to pay professional fees for all work requested from independent[1] artists and arts workers. Industrial fairness demands that artists and arts workers be paid for the work like any other professional. Underpayment and non-payment affects career sustainability for artists and arts workers, and the sustainability of the arts sector as a whole.

1. Independent artists and arts workers are not employed or contracted by another organisation or business to carry out the work being undertaken for NAVA.

Payment Standards

A fee is financial compensation for labour and services involving time, expertise and skills. A fee also covers business costs such as overheads and use of equipment.

NAVA pays artists and independent arts workers for services including but not limited to:

  • Speaking, presenting or facilitating at an event;
  • Licensing of images;
  • Photography and videography;
  • Graphic design and illustration commission;
  • Writing, editing and reviewing documents;
  • Participation in a consultation or advisory group;
  • Participating in an interview. 

Rates for the above will vary depending on the work undertaken and will be at or above those rates outlined in the Code of Practice for Visual Arts, Craft and Design, by the Copyright Agency, the Australian Society of Authors and other industry bodies. When using the Code of Practice, NAVA is in the range of a medium sized organisation. Artists and independent arts workers can also quote their own payment rates.

Board Honorariums

NAVA provides honorariums to voluntary board directors who are artists, independent arts workers, and/or First Nations representatives. The quantum of the honorarium will be set by a decision of the board in line with comparable bodies.

Pro Bono Work

Artists and arts workers may choose to not accept payment for work undertaken for NAVA. In this situation NAVA will offer to record the fee as a donation to NAVA or the Artist’s Benevolent Fund and provide a receipt for the donation. The artist or arts worker may also request that the fee be donated to another charity which supports visual artists and arts workers. NAVA does not have a volunteer/internship program or volunteer/internship positions.


NAVA will pay superannuation on payments for contractor’s labour where legislated. NAVA will also offer to pay superannuation on fees paid to independent artists and arts workers for labour regardless of legislation.


NAVA will arrange and pay for any airfares and accommodation related to work undertaken for the organisation. For those travelling shorter distances NAVA will provide CabCharges, reimburse travel costs, or ensure the fee paid allows for reasonable travel expenses as per the artist or arts worker’s preference.


NAVA will pay for access costs for anyone undertaking work for the organisation. This includes services such as Auslan interpreters, captions, and support workers. Payment of access costs will be in discussion with the artist/arts worker. NAVA will arrange and pay for services or provide reimbursement. Access costs will always be separated from other fees paid.