Access, Health & Wellbeing

Resources on accessibility, inclusion, and how to promote health and wellbeing for yourself and others in the arts.

Art is a Real Job: Student Guides

Explore what it means to have a sustainable, ethical and successful career in the visual arts, craft and design sector with this collection of 12 artist-centred Student Artist Guides.

Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs)

Everything you need to know about setting up, organising and managing an Artist Run Initiative.

Business & Finances

Useful information on superannuation, taxation, and key business skills for artists and artsworkers.

Community & Networking

Action-oriented resources for networking, engaging with artists, and collaborating with communities. 

Conserving Art

Guides for conservators ranging from damage and deterioration of art, to transportation and handling of works.

Environmental Sustainability

Guides and resources for sustainable practices, greening the arts and taking climate action.


Key things to know before exhibiting your work, organising an exhibition, or putting on an event in a public space. 

First Nations Engagement

A range of resources specific to the needs of First Nations artists and arts workers, in addition to helpful resources for those wishing to engage ethically with First Nations artists, arts workers, organisations and communities.


Everything you need to know about funding opportunities, including tips on writing grants, securing external funding, and entering awards, prizes and competitions.

Legal & Copyright

Legal resources and information about moral rights, copyright law, licensing, and protecting your work as an artist. 

Public Art

Tips to help you make, commission and apply for public art projects.

Residencies, Workshops & Education

Everything you need to know about studios, residencies, international call outs, workshops, education opportunities and everything in between.

Selling Your Work

Resources to help you promote your practice, market your work, and different avenues to consider when selling work. 

Sponsorship & Philanthropy

Useful information on how to establish a sponsorship or partnership, and what to look for in a potential sponsor or partner. 

Working in the Arts

Whether you’re an artist, board member or artsworker, here are some key resources on advocacy, project management and best practice in the industry.