Art is a Real Job: Student Guides

Working with Galleries | Art is a Real Job

Artists seek gallery representation because it provides them with a platform to reach a wider audience and gain exposure for their work. Galleries offer professional support, guidance, and networking opportunities that can help artists advance their careers, increase their visibility, and facilitate the sale of their artwork.

Ethics and Environmental Responsibility | Art is a Real Job

Artists’ use stories, experience and images to communicate the immediacy of their ethics for climate justice. Artists can also respond to the climate crisis by applying these same ethics to their daily practice.

Money Matters | Art is a Real Job

The unethical practice of ‘being paid in exposure’ is still a significant issue for early career artists and arts workers, despite many options that allow them to pursue a viable creative career and diversify their income.

Exhibiting Your Work | Art is a Real Job

Showing and touring work connects artists with communities and audiences, enhances gallery programming and amplifies and celebrates investments in artists’ work.