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March 2017

Art Wires - April 2017

NAVA's April 2017 Issue of Art Wires is on Queensland. View online here.

To Fee or Not to Fee

Tamara Winikoff reports from the recent Brisbane Fair Pay for Artists consultation roundtable in the next phase of NAVA's campaign.

Q&A with Judy Watson

We chat with NAVA Member and renowned Brisbane-based artist Judy Watson.

RAYGUN Projects

We chat to RAYGUN Projects, a non-profit artist run initiative owned and co-directed by artists Alexandra Lawson and Tarn McLean in the CBD of Toowoomba, southern Queensland.

Wired In: April 2017

Find out the latest of who's coming and going in the arts.

Call for NAVA Board Nominations - ATSI

NAVA is calling for nominees for a Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Visual Arts Representative Director.

ArtsPeak welcomes return of money to Australia Council

Media Release

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Notice is given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of NAVA will be held via teleconference on 27 March 2017 at 2pm (AEST).

February 2017

Art Wires - February 2017

NAVA's February 2017 Issue of Art Wires looks at the launch of the small to medium report. View online here.

The economics of art

NAVA S2M report launched today

No More With Less

Media Release

S2M Case Study - Fontanelle

Wired In: February 2017

Find out who's coming and going in the arts in February 2017.

S2M Case Study - Design Tasmania

January 2017

Art Wires - January 2017

NAVA's January 2017 Issue of Art Wires looks at fair pay for artists. View online here.

$5million for Artists

NAVA's latest advocacy campaign calling for a new $5million government allocation for artist fees.

For the Public Good

Q&A with a-n The Artists Information Company

We spoke to Jeanie Scott, Executive Director of UK-based organisation a-n about their Paying Artists campaign for UK artists and their thoughts on artist fee models in Sweden and elsewhere.

Fair Pay for Artists

NAVA Media Release

Wired In: January 2017

Find out who's coming and going in the arts in January 2017.

Eyeline Offer

The Greens Arts Policy

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on the value of artists and the programs that would support artists' incomes and help to foster their careers.

December 2016

Copyright in Danger of Going Seriously Wrong

Media Release

ArtsPeak welcomes creation of a new national arts voice

Media Release

Art Wires - December 2016

NAVA's December 2016 Issue of Art Wires looks at summer opportunities. View online here.

Support local makers this Christmas

Where to find gifts and support local makers and emerging artists this Christmas?

Wired In: December 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts in December 2016.

Navigating the Summer

Jess Day selects the best of exhibitions around the country this summer.

Ding Dong Merrily on High

On the current state of the arts in Australia and the takeaways for 2017.

Q&A with Michelle Nikou

We had a chat to one of the NAVA Visual Arts Fellowship recipients - Michelle Nikou.

Season's Greetings from NAVA

To all our wonderful members, donors and friends, board & committee members, patrons, partners, volunteers & colleagues we thank you for your solid support particularly through the last six months.

See art this summer with NAVA

Find out one of the benefits of being a NAVA Member.

ArtsPeak’s Response to the National Opera Review

Media Release

Senate Backs VET Training Support for Arts

Media Release

November 2016

Playing Off the Field

Art Wires - November 2016

NAVA's November 2016 Issue of Art Wires looks at regional Australian art practice. View online here.

NAVA highlights

Find out what NAVA has been doing this last quarter including campaign work, events, forums and more.

Q&A with regional artists

Sticky Culture

Risk in the Regional Context


Wired In: November 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts in November 2016.

October 2016

VET FEE-HELP essential for professional arts training

Media Release

Townsville City Council De-professionalises Its Galleries

Media Release

Art Wires - October 2016

NAVA's October 2016 Issue of Art Wires looks at curating. View online here.

Infrastructural Activism

Art theorist and historian Professor Terry Smith on the role of the activist curator.

Curating Power

Tamara Winikoff on the important role of the curator in leading the critical conversations and debates of our times.

Q&A with Djon Mundine

We interviewed curator, writer, artist and activist Djon Mundine.

Wired In: October 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts in October 2016.

2016 Sainsbury Sculpture Grant awardees announced

Media Release

On the Prospect of Restoration of Arts Funding

Media Release

September 2016

Art Wires - September 2016

NAVA's September 2016 Issue of Art Wires looks at freedom of expression. View online here.

Tenuous Freedoms

If you’re under the illusion that we have freedom of expression in Australia, think again. Gender, race and politics are a volatile mix. For this issue of Art Wires, NAVA asked for the observations of several artists whose work could be considered controversial.

The Public Body .01

THE PUBLIC BODY .01 currently showing at Artspace, explores contemporary representations of the the naked and/or sexualised body.
Co-curator Talia Linz discusses the assessment of risk in context of this exhibition.


On the theme of censorship, NAVA asked Scot Cotterell (artist) and John Vella (curator of the ‘Brainstorm’ exhibition for Dark Mofo in Tasmania) to reflect on their experience when Scot’s artwork ‘Shitstorm’ elicited strong reactions from the students and staff of the Tasmanian College of the Arts in Hobart.

Q&A with Michael Agzarian

We interview the graphic designer behind the recent political poster series of Turnbull, Abbott, Hockey, Bishop and Brandis.

Wired In: September 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts in September 2016.

The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists 2016

Media Release

Shoufay Derz wins the 2016 Carstairs Residency Prize

NAVA and the Bundanon Trust are pleased to announce that Shoufay Derz is this year’s recipient of the Carstairs Residency Prize.

NAVA Membership - Spring offer

Happy first day of spring! Thanks to our media partner, Artlink Magazine we have copies of their September issue ‘Art Land' to giveaway to the first 56 new/renewing NAVA Premium Members taking up a one year membership.

August 2016

Art Wires - August 2016

It’s hard being a grown up

How to keep creating?

Mid-career artist opportunities

Q&A On approaching the mid-career

Wired In: August 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts for August 2016.

July 2016

Art Wires - July 2016

NAVA campaign highlights

Cuts and Censorship

Save SCA

Cutting the core of our democracy

The CSIRO Hunger Games

Wired In: July 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts for July 2016.

June 2016

Election Message - Art Changes Lives

Art Wires - June 2016


Focus on NT

Danielle Cullen on key upcoming exhibitions and events in the Northern Territory over the next four months.

Focus on ACT

Jess Oliver on key exhibitions and events in Canberra over the next four months.

Social security for artists

David Pledger on the case of establishing a living wage for artists.

Art Changes Lives

Wired In: June 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts for June 2016.

Open letter to the Prime Minister in response to his statements this week on Q&A

Read NAVA's open letter this week to the Prime Minister.

New high profile appointees to the board of NAVA

Media release

National Day of Arts Action Launch

Media Release

The Great Peak Bodies Massacre

Why have four out of the five national peak artform organisations just had their funding discontinued by the Australia Council (in dance, literature, music and visual arts)? I’ll tease out several possible answers to this question. But first, let’s have a look at what these bodies do.

NAVA warmly welcomes Labor’s new Arts Plan

Media Release

May 2016

NAVA warmly welcomes the Greens' arts policy

Media Release

Art Wires - May 2016

In our May 2016 Issue of Art Wires we look at small to medium organisations. View online here.

Focus on Far North Qld

Andrea Huelin on key upcoming craft and design exhibitions and events in Far North Queensland over the next four months.

Focus on SA

Rayleen Forester on key upcoming craft and design exhibitions and events in South Australia over the next four months.

We’re Not Going Gently

Desart on Aboriginal Art Centres

The Endurance of Art Publications

Boxcopy: Run by Artists, for Artists

Canberra Glassworks' Maker Community

Small to Mediums in CAOs

Wired In: May 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts for May 2016.

Q&A Harrie Fasher

We chat to Harrie Fasher, recipient of the 2015 Windmill Trust Scholarship for Regional NSW Artists.

Urgent Call to Action

ArtsPeak calls for restoration of Australia Council Funding

Media Release

Changed outlook for NAVA

Media Release

‘Fair Use’ - the wrong direction at the wrong time for Australian artists

ArtsPeak Media Release

April 2016

Art Wires - April 2016

In our April 2016 Issue of Art Wires we look at the visibility of craft. View online here.

Art Wires is NAVA's monthly newsletter featuring news and opinion, interviews with arts practitioners, focus on exhibitions and events around the country, opportunities and more. To subscribe to our mailing list sign up here.

Crafting Change

With the recent release of the publication Agenda for Australian Craft and Design Tamara Winikoff discusses the perception of craft in recent years, a brief rundown of the National Craft Initiative and steps to ensure the future of a sustainable craft sector in Australia.

Paint the Wildwood

Treahna Hamm comments on the importance of craft and the continuation of the traditional in contemporary Indigenous cultures.

The rise of maker spaces in Perth

With the rise and fall of the mining boom, and now a city in the throes of construction, Perth is also undergoing a creative boom with independent makers and artists banding together to form new communal studios and artist run spaces including MANY 6160 and Success in Fremantle, Another ARI and Daphne. Anna Dunnill reports.

Q&A Bruce Rowe

Based in Melbourne, Anchor Ceramics is a design studio that operates in an applied research, prototyping and product development capacity. The studio produces handmade ceramic lighting, tile, outdoor and furniture product ranges. Initially trained as an architect, founder, Bruce Rowe began making ceramics as a side project in 2009 and maintains his studio practice through a process of continual visual inquiry, exhibition and publication. We chat to him about working across multiple disciplines, the sustainability of Australian craft and design, and the underlying ethos of Anchor Ceramics.

Focus on Tas

Abbie Pedersen on key upcoming craft and design exhibitions and events in Tasmania over the next four months.

Focus on Vic

Kim Brockett on key upcoming craft and design exhibitions and events in Victoria over the next four months.

Wired In: April 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts for April 2016.

ArtsPeak responds to Catalyst funding results

ArtsPeak Media Release

Vote now for NAVA's Board representatives

Vote now for NAVA's 2016 artists and art organisation representatives to the NAVA Board.

ArtsPeak takes up the Leadership Challenge with Expanded Executive Team

ArtsPeak Media Release

March 2016

The Future of Australian Craft

Media Release

Art Wires - March 2016

In our March 2016 Issue of NAVA Art Wires we look at women in Australian art. View online here.

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Signature Style: The artist's name in the exposure economy of contemporary art

Elvis Richardson on the online research behind The CoUNTess report and the representation of female artists in Australian arts media. Read more.

Wired In: March 2016

Find out who's coming and going in the arts for March 2016.

Focus on NSW

Chloé Wolifson on key upcoming exhibitions in NSW over the next four months.

Focus On WA

Jess Day on key upcoming exhibitions and events in WA over the next four months.

Q&A with Women's Art Register

Interview with Danielle Hakim and Sally Northfield, Co-Convenors of Women's Arts Register.

Women in Australian Art

Coinciding with the recent publication of The CoUNTess report on International Women's Day, Tamara Winikoff writes on a brief history of women's art collectives and movements in Australia. The CoUNTess report has been funded by The Cruthers Art Foundation and is supported by NAVA.

Gendered decision making?

Writer and curator, and Director of Regional Arts Victoria, Esther Anatolitis on the accountability of decision makers at Australia's major art institutions. (Please note this article contains strong language)

Open letter from ArtsPeak to the Prime Minister

Arts at Edith Cowan University

In reference to Tamara’s interesting article entitled What’s Happened To Australia’s Art Schools I would like to correct the facts regarding a perceived reduction in the arts at Edith Cowan University by offering a rare success story.

ArtsPeak calls for Government to act on Senate Inquiry recommendations

ArtsPeak Media Release