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NAVA welcomes new Directors to the Board

L to R: Sophia Cai, Kate Just, and Janice Falsone

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National Reconciliation Week 2024

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for us all to consider our part in reconciliation. From 27 May–3 June, join NAVA staff in joining events and activities, buying First Nations art, and supporting First Nations organisations and campaigns.

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Proposed Closure of UQ's Museum Studies Programs Raises Alarm

The only tertiary qualifications offered in this specialised field in Queensland are under threat.

NAVA responds to the Federal Budget 2024-25 announcement

As expected, the budget presentation offered few surprises. The funding allocated for the arts both this year and last, aligns with the Government's National Cultural Policy, Revive.

NAVA Members add your voice

NAVA will be submitting responses to these upcoming inquiries and consultations and encourages you to add your voice to help ensure that policy and investment is well informed and effective in supporting visual artists, arts workers and organisations.

NAVA News 4 2024

This month's news: Launch of the 2022 Countess Report reveals stagnation of gender equity; New First Nations Code of Practice Graphics; and more.

Counting Gender: The Countess Report’s urgent call for action

The slow progress in addressing gender equity in the visual arts emphasises the need for proactive measures to dismantle systemic barriers and promote diversity and inclusivity.

NAVA Talks AI: Online sessions

Join NAVA in May for a collaborative series of good practice conversations on the use and impacts of AI on work and practice in visual arts, craft and design.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of NAVA's Annual General Meeting (AGM), Thursday 23 May 2024.

NAVA News 3 2024

This month’s news: New Code of Practice Training Course; Qld Professional Development Program; Disability Action Plan survey; and more.

Introducing NAVA’s Code of Practice Training Courses

Enrol today and learn how to apply the Code’s recommendations to your work and practice.

Queensland Professional Development Program: Update and Upcoming

With funding from Arts Queensland, NAVA is currently piloting a professional development program centred around the Code.

NAVA Disability Action Plan: Community consultation survey

Please take NAVA's short survey to help understand the barriers d/Deaf and/or Disabled artists and arts workers face and how NAVA can better support you.

NAVA seeks nominations for elected positions on its Board of Directors

Nominations close on 24 April 2024.

NAVA News 2 2024

This month's news: Ongoing advocacy for the recognition of art as work; NSW Professional Development Program: Update and Upcoming;and more.

NAVA’s ongoing advocacy for the recognition of art as work

Alongside recent work on the Modern Awards Review, NAVA has commenced the year with several ongoing initiatives aligned with Revive and focussed on improving conditions of work and practice in the visual arts.

NSW Professional Development Program: Update and Upcoming

With funding from Create NSW, NAVA is currently delivering a series of workshops, talks and new access tools focused on boosting awareness and application of the Code.

NAVA News 1 2024

This month's news: Visual arts sector advocates for award coverage; New Code of Practice Accessible Infographics; and more.

Visual arts sector advocates for award coverage

Visual artists and arts workers raised concerns of inadequate award coverage and low wages with the Fair Work Commission as part of the Modern Awards Review.

Fundamental change needed to improve artists’ working conditions

Presented to the Fair Work Commission as part of the Modern Awards Review 2023-24.

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Invasion Day/Survival Day Statement of Solidarity

The NAVA team will join and support nationwide events, protests and fundraisers for Invasion Day/Survival Day. We call on members of our community to stand with First Nations peoples by actively listening, showing up and paying the rent. 

NAVA in 2023: A Year of Advocacy

NAVA reflects on a year marked by significant milestones.

Alarm as Griffith University Art Museum faces closure

Media Release

Vipoo Srivilasa awarded the 2023 Carstairs Grant

Media Release

NAVA News 10 2023

This month's news: Modern Awards Review discussion paper; Centrelink Win; COVID-19 response inquiry; and more.

Modern Awards Review: Discussion paper open for consultation

The Modern Awards Review 2023-2024 represents a pivotal opportunity for the visual arts to secure pay and improved working conditions.

Advocating to Recognise Art as Work: Centrelink Win

After years of lobbying, NAVA Members secure the recognition of professional arts activity undertaken to meet Centrelink’s mutual obligation requirements.

COVID-19 Response: Impact on the visual arts and hopes for the Inquiry

NAVA will be making a submission to the inquiry into the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and encourages you to add your voice.

Letter to Fair Work Commission for Arts Awards Review

Following meetings with NAVA and the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA), the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) have sent a letter to Fair Work Commission President, Justice Hatcher. The letter makes recommendations for the arts and culture discussion paper due to be released on 6 November 2023, as part of the recently announced Modern Awards Review.

Artists Unite: Demanding an end to Gaza genocide and a legacy of creative activism

Artists in Australia have signed an open letter calling for an immediate stop to Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Stop the genocide in Gaza

An open letter from artists in Australia calling for an immediate stop to the genocide in Gaza. Addressed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke, this letter represents a diverse cohort of more than 1,000 signatories and was first published in Overland.

Statement from the Chair of NAVA

A call for representation, allyship, and agency in the wake of the referendum.

NAVA News 9 2023

This month's news: Modern Award Review; Strengthening data on the arts; Risk aversion impacting artists' insurance; Ellen Ferrier receives 2023 Windmill Trust Scholarship; NAVA Artist File: Nicole Foreshare; and more.

Modern Award Review: Opportunity to mandate pay and working conditions

The Modern Award Review was announced on 15 September 2023 and presents a significant opportunity to legislate pay for artists and arts workers. 

Strengthening data on the arts

The importance of accurate data cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in shaping policies at all levels of government, regardless of political affiliation.

How risk aversion is impacting insurance for artists

Artists working at heights are the latest to be impacted by the hardening insurance market.

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Another insurance win for NAVA Members

Policy backflip for Members working at heights.

NAVA News 8 2023

This month's news: Insurance Update; August Advocacy Recap; NAVA Board Statement on the Voice; Equity in Arts Opportunities; NAVA events; and more.

NAVA Members’ Insurance Update

Changes are being made for arts workers and artists who work at heights.

August Advocacy Recap

An update on key issues NAVA is working on for Members, including legislating an Award, recommendations for superannuation and tax reform, ABS data collection, and impacts of AI on copyright.

Statement from the NAVA Board on the Voice

In the lead-up to the referendum, the NAVA Board encourages Members, subscribers and friends to approach your decision with respect, empathy, and a commitment to making an informed choice that reflects your values and concerns. 

Equity in Arts Opportunities

To address inequities within the sector – such as gender, race and access – it is necessary to implement practical steps to support equitable application and selection processes. 

$10,000 Carstairs Grant open for applications

Media Release

NAVA News 7 2023

This month's news: AI risks and benefits; COUNTESS: Spoiling Illusions Since 2008; NAVA Artist File: Samuel Luke; Structural transformation to support gender equity; Open Consultations; and more.

AI risks and benefits for contemporary arts practice

NAVA survey shows concern over the impacts of AI on copyright and employment prospects.

CoUNTess: Spoiling Illusions Since 2008

An excerpt from CoUNTess: Spoiling Illusions since 2008 by Melinda Rackham and Elvis Richardson.

Structural transformation to support gender equity in the arts

Institutions must take on a proactive role to address challenges around how women and gender diverse people are represented and how their work is presented, collected and valued.

Open Consultations

NAVA will be submitting responses to these upcoming inquiries and consultations. We encourage you to add your voice to help ensure policy and investment is well informed and effective in supporting visual artists, arts workers and organisations.

NAVA seeks feedback on the use and impact of AI on artists’ practices

NAVA is conducting a survey in partnership with Arts Law and ASA on the use and impact of Artificial Intelligence on artists’ practices to help inform our contribution to discussions on proposed copyright changes.

NAVA News 6 2023

This month's news: For Our Elders #NAIDOC2023; Update to Payment Standards; AI and copyright survey; NAVA challenges ABC cuts; and more.

Update to Payment Standards in NAVA Code of Practice

Increases apply to the National Minimum Wage, superannuation, and Award minimum wages and allowances to reflect the national minimum wage increase.

For Our Elders #NAIDOC2023

Join NAVA in celebrating NAIDOC Week 2 – 9 July 2023 and the significant contributions and leadership of First Nations visual artists and storytellers.

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We're hiring: Queensland Professional Development Coordinator

Applications due 25 June 2023.

NAVA News 5 2023

This month's news: New local government toolkit; We're hiring; NAVA welcomes Board Director Ryan Presley; RAP Progress Report Jan-Apr; Guide to socially-engaged arts projects; and more.

Building Community: Guide to socially-engaged arts projects

Key to delivering beautiful and powerful community engaged projects are the recommended processes of relationship building explored in NAVA’s Code of Practice.

Reconciliation Action Plan Progress Report Jan-Apr 2023

An update on NAVA’s progress against our eight RAP commitments for January, February, March and April 2023.

National Reconciliation Week 2023

Image: Savi Ross (African American, Torres Strait Islander), Women Now, 2021, digital illustration.

NAVA Chair welcomes new Board Director Ryan Presley

Media release

Put your vision for arts into action

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NAVA 2023-24 Federal Budget response

NAVA welcomes the Budget allocations for the arts including $286m to support the delivery of Revive and the $535.3m funding boost to National Collecting Institutions.

NAVA Insurance Member Update

New premiums for use of kilns and open flames.

Supporting Racial Equity in the Arts

The new Racial Equity and Representation section in the Code of Practice demonstrates different ways in which issues of racial equity might be present, and the responsibilities of organisations and artists in addressing them.

NAVA News 4 2023

This month's news: May Day 2023; Insurance policy backflip: NAVA wins and next steps; Supporting Racial Equity in the Arts; and more.

Insurance policy backflip: NAVA wins and next steps

While the insurance win for NAVA Members is a great result, there is still more work to do to stay ahead of the shifting insurance landscape.

May Day 2023: Standing up for the rights of artists and arts workers

To celebrate May Day, NAVA shares an update of where we’re at with seeking an Award for the Visual Arts.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of NAVA's AGM, 23 May 2023 via Zoom.

Insurance win for NAVA Members!

Changes to NAVA insurance with QBE Insurance and Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) have been reversed.

Hardening insurance market pricing out artists and arts workers

It is crucial that policymakers and insurance providers take necessary steps to ensure insurance is widely available and accessible to all.

An important message regarding changes to NAVA insurance

Changes are being made to NAVA’s Premium Plus insurance policy we hold with Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) and QBE Insurance.

NAVA News 3 2023

This month's news: NAVA launches its Reconciliation Action Plan and Strategic Action Plan; Access Rights in the arts; Call for NAVA Board Nominations; and more.

NAVA launches its Reconciliation Action Plan 2023-2024

Media release

NAVA Strategic Action Plan 2023-2025

NAVA shares its key aims and objectives for the next three years.

Access Rights in the arts: A shared responsibility

Open and ongoing conversations about access is an important part of building and maintaining positive relationships between organisations, artists and audiences.

Call for NAVA Board Nominations - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Director

Nominations are now closed.

NAVA commits to paying artists on its board of directors

Media release

Let’s ensure government policy is informed by artists’ perspectives

This month, a lot of our attention has been on responding to inquiries and consultations which have impact on the lives and livelihoods of artists, arts workers and organisations. 

NAVA Members add your voice

NAVA will be submitting responses to these upcoming inquiries and consultations and encourages you to add your voice to help ensure that policy and investment is well informed and effective in supporting visual artists, arts workers and organisations.

NAVA Code of Practice: An ethical framework for working with First Nations artists and communities

The newly-added First Nations section in NAVA’s revised Code of Practice offers a critical ethical framework for implementing industry good practice.

NAVA News 1 2023

This month's news: Revive National Cultural Policy launched; Art is a Real Job; An ethical framework for working with First Nations artists; Royalty income for artists in Australia; and more.

Art is a Real Job

A program of four artist-led online events for students and educators which draw on recommendations made in NAVA's new Code of Practice, 9 - 30 March 2023.

Royalty income for artists in Australia

Find out how to register your artwork to collect potential royalty payments.

Revive: National Cultural Policy – a Visual Arts Perspective

Media release

Invasion Day/Survival Day Statement of Solidarity

The NAVA team will be joining and supporting nationwide events, protests and fundraisers for Invasion Day/Survival Day. We call on members of our community to stand with First Nations peoples on the right side of history by listening, showing up and paying the rent. 

Artists with Home Studios Denied Insurance

Republished with permission from Artist Profile, Issue 61 2022

Recognise Artists as Workers

Sign the open letter for a legislated Visual Arts Award to be included in the new National Cultural Policy.

NAVA News 9 2022

This month's news: Federal Budget: Much more to be done for the arts; An Award for Artists: Send a message to your Arts Ministers; Outsourcing development of generic curriculum planning will disempower teachers; Juanita McLauchlan receives 2022 Windmill Scholarship; and more.

An Award for Artists: Send a message to your Arts Ministers

With the National Cultural Policy launching before the end of this year, it is time to amplify our voices. Contact your political representatives to let them know why decent fees and wages matter to you.

Outsourcing development of generic curriculum planning will disempower teachers

NAVA proposes developing a comprehensive map of resources to support art educators in delivering lesson plans that are relevant, contextualised and engaging to Visual Arts students.

Federal Budget 2022-2023: Much more to be done for the arts

NAVA’s analysis of the October 2022-2023 Federal Budget.

You Can’t Sit With Us! Visual arts omitted from support initiatives

Media Release

NAVA News 8 2022

This month's news: NAVA launches New Code of Practice for Visual Arts, Craft and Design; mandated payment standards necessary to sustain visual artists as workers; EOIs open for Visual Arts Educators to join Community of Practice; and $10,000 Carstairs Grant open for applications.

NAVA launches New Code of Practice for Visual Arts, Craft and Design

Following extensive collaboration across the sector, NAVA today soft-launches the new Code of Practice for Visual Arts, Craft and Design.

$10,000 Carstairs Grant open for applications

Media release

Mandating payment standards necessary to sustain visual artists as workers

NAVA’s submission to a new National Cultural Policy consultation.

EOIs open for Visual Arts Educators to join Community of Practice

NAVA welcomes Educators to a Community of Practice for strengthening secondary Visual Arts teaching and learning with industry best practice.

NAVA News 7 2022

This month's news: Why and how to add your voice to National Cultural Policy; Govt report confirms Fake Indigenous Art Harms Culture but fails to ban them; and more.

Why and how to add your voice to National Cultural Policy

It is up to us to ensure that the whole of the visual arts ecology is heard and that our needs are well represented in arts policy.

NAVA's new Code of Practice... almost there

A final progress update on NAVA's revision of the Code of Practice.

Govt report confirms Fake Indigenous Art Harms Culture but fails to ban it

Photo by Jamie James, 2017

Media Release Retraction

Have your say on a new national cultural policy

Image: Gwenneth Blitner at work (untitled work), acrylic on linen 2021. Image courtesy of Ngukurr Arts. © Gwenneth Blitner/Copyright Agency, 2022.

NAVA News 6 2022

This month's news: Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! #NAIDOC2022; Visual Arts Work survey; New points-based system for jobseekers compromises artists’ work; and more.

Visual Arts Work survey: Help us improve working conditions

Calling all visual artists, craft practitioners & arts workers! We need your help. Tell us about your practice and career in our short 10 minute survey, writes Marnie Badham.

Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! #NAIDOC2022

Join NAVA in supporting and engaging with your local Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities through activities and events held across the country, making a donation, and buying First Nations arts.

Our work is possible because of you

Join our vision for the future of the contemporary arts sector by renewing your Membership or becoming a NAVA Member today. 

NAVA News 5 2022

This month's news: NAVA welcomes new Government; National Reconciliation Week; Instituting Care; Recently elected Board Members from four states; and more

Instituting Care

A reflection on Precarious Movements: Precarity and Practices of Care for Dance and the Museum, a conference organised by the Precarious Movements research team.

NAVA welcomes elected Board Members from four states

Media Release

(L) Sue-Lyn Aldrian Moyle, photo by Bohdan Warchomij; (R) Michelle Vine, photo by Heather Faulker.

National Reconciliation Week

Image: Dylan Mooney, Blak Superheroes Series, digital illustration, 2021.

NAVA welcomes new Government and Arts Minister

Media Release

Federal Election Report Card 2022

Australia votes on 21 May 2022. What arts and culture vision do the Liberal-National Coalition, Labor and The Greens offer?

NAVA News 4 2022

This month's news: Why arts policy is essential; #VoteForArt Campaign Update; Code drafting underway, EOIs open for Writers; Visual Arts Work Survey; and more.

Why arts policy is essential

A strategic vision for arts and culture across the three tiers of government could stimulate long-term sustainability for arts and culture by working toward a set target. 

#VoteForArt Campaign Update

NAVA is busy meeting with candidates, speaking to media, appearing on panel discussions, and speaking to artists, arts workers and audiences to promote our #VoteForArt campaign and put arts and culture back on the political agenda.

Code of Practice drafting underway, plus opportunities for writers

Progress update, overview of recent consultations, and upcoming opportunities to contribute to the Code revision.

EOIs open for Code of Practice Writers

The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is seeking writers to contribute to the major revision of its Code of Practice.

NAVA News 3 2022

This month's news: #VoteForArt: Federal Election Campaign 2022; NAVA responds to the Federal Budget; Environmental Sustainability Consultation; NAVA seeks Board nominations; Notice of Annual General Meeting; and more.

Code of Practice Environmental Sustainability Consultation

Graphic by Sarah Firth.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of NAVA's Annual General Meeting, 3pm AEST Thursday 26 May 2022.

NAVA seeks nominations for elected positions on its Board of Directors

Nominations close on 27 April 2022. 

NAVA responds to the Federal Budget

Image: Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivering the 2022-2023 Budget at Australian Parliament House, Canberra. Screenshot from ABC News, 29 March 2022.

South Australian Election Report Card 2022

South Australia votes on 19 March 2022

What arts and culture vision do the major parties offer?

Flood emergency for visual arts

Information on financial and mental health support, NAVA’s emergency response, recovery resources, and how you can help flood affected artists and arts workers.


International Women's Day, held on 8 March each year, is a valuable call to action for accelerating gender equity and safety in the visual arts and craft sector. Let’s take a look at recent projects that are critically engaging with gender equity in the sector.

NAVA News 2 2022

This month's NAVA News: Flood emergency for visual arts; #BreakTheBias; Code of Practice consultations; and more.

Code of Practice Revision: Consultations

A progress update on NAVA's revision of the Code of Practice and opportunities to get involved.

Strength from NAVA through this extreme flood emergency

As severe weather warnings continue this week, please know that NAVA Members from all across Australia are standing right beside you.

NAVA News 1 2022

This month's news: Omicron Struggle for Visual Arts; Proposed changes to Copyright Act pose threat to artists’ rights; Code of Practice update; and more.

Proposed changes to copyright laws pose threat to artists’ rights

NAVA concerned draft legislation may lead to increased instances of copyright infringement.

Omicron Struggle for Visual Arts - Pulse Survey data

Recent research by NAVA reinforces need for crisis funding for independent visual artists, a federally-backed insurance scheme and a new artwork fund.

Code of Practice Revision: Accomplishments and Next Steps

A progress update on NAVA's revision of the Code of Practice, plus upcoming opportunities to get involved in the drafting process.

NAVA Invasion Day Solidarity Statement 2022

Image: Charlotte Allingham, Always was, Always will be Aboriginal land, A5 digital illustration, January 2018.

Farewell Mimi Crowe

NAVA’s Co-Director, Mimi Crowe, has announced her resignation from NAVA. Her last day is 23 December 2021. 

We're hiring an Education Coordinator and First Nations Engagement Manager

We’re looking for two self-motivated people to join the NAVA team.

NAVA News 12 2021

This month's news: NAVA receives Australia Council funding for Code education program; Farewell Mimi Crowe; We're hiring; and more.

Have your say: Code of Practice Discussion Papers

NAVA is seeking feedback on best practices for Commercial Galleries and Representation, Festivals, Hiring Space, Temporary Public Art, Touring, Funding, and Commissioning New Work.

International Day Of People With Disability

Join us in celebrating by attending a range of events and activities or by accessing the following resources on accessibility and inclusion.

Code of Practice revision - independent arts workers

Illustration by Emily Johnson.

NAVA News 11 2021

This month's news: National insurance scheme key to boosting arts sector confidence; Saluhan awarded the 2021 Carstairs Prize; Code revision - independent arts workers; and more.

A national insurance scheme is key to boosting visual arts sector confidence

NAVA continues to advocate for the creation of a national insurance scheme for visual artists, organisations and touring agencies impacted by exhibition cancellations.

Saluhan awarded the 2021 Carstairs Prize

Media Release

NAVA News 10 2021

This month's news: ‘It’s our job to take risks’: Artists reflect on the climate crisis; Reopening Resources for Galleries and Museums; and more.

Parliamentary Inquiry Report lays the groundwork for an optimistic future for the arts

Media Release

‘It’s our job to take risks’: Artists reflect on the climate crisis

NAVA asked several Members and visual artists to share their thoughts on making art in the context of a climate emergency.

Reopening Resources for Galleries and Museums

Is your gallery or museum planning to reopen? Access NAVA's free resources for a COVID-safe reopening.

NAVA News 9 2021

This month's news: Reading the roadmaps: the visual arts sector prepares; Code Revision September Update; and more.

Reading the roadmaps: the visual arts sector prepares

NAVA is listening to network leaders to better understand industry perspectives and processes as Vic and NSW prepare to reopen.

Code Revision September Update

An overview of discussions held during the Code of Practice Revision Accessibility Focus Group and the Accessibility Open Consultation. 

NAVA strongly encourages visual arts applicants for RISE Funding

Applications for the remaining $40 million in RISE Funding close 24 October 2021 at 23:59 AEDT.

2021 Carstairs Prize increases to $10,000

Today NAVA announces the Carstairs Prize has been given a boost from $3,000 to $10,000 to support socially-engaged arts practice.

NAVA News 8 2021

This month's news: Update from NAVA's Co-Directors; Local artists call for protection of Afghan artists; and more.

Update from NAVA's Co-Directors

NAVA continues to raise the profile of the impacts of lockdowns and restrictions on the visual arts and craft. 

Local artists call for protection of Afghan artists

Image: Journalists in Kabul, photo courtesy of Elyas Alavi.

Visual Arts in Australia - Pulse Survey

To best support you and your work, we need data. Please share your experiences of 2021 in this sector pulse survey.

Joint statement and call to action in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan

The statement requests that the Australian Government take immediate humanitarian actions to protect vulnerable Afghan people and their immense contribution to world cultures and heritages.

NAVA again calls for urgent crisis support for the visual arts sector

It’s time for the visual arts and craft sector voices to be heard alongside live performing arts and music.

Visual arts sector urgently requires crisis funding

Urgent measures are needed to ensure hard-hit artists and arts workers have access to vital financial support.

NAVA News 7 2021

This month's news: NAVA members asked to join national survey; NAVA’s Curriculum Review Submission; Accessing the Code of Practice, and more.

NAVA Members asked to join national survey

Image: ONE & ALL arranged on a smartphone by Ceri Hann.

COVID-19 Support Package – what we know so far

The government recently announced more support and thankfully sole traders and small businesses received a mention.

NAVA News 6 2021

This month's news: Developing a National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan; Overview of NAVA’s Curriculum Consultation; updated COVID-19 info; Code Revision update, and more.

Overview of NAVA’s Curriculum Consultation

Michelle and Cherry, NEO-Learning Digital Lab. Photo by Leith Alexander, 2019, courtesy of Big hART.

Developing a National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan

Kaylene Whiskey, Dolly visits Indulkana, 2020 projected onto the Sydney Opera House’s eastern Bennelong sails as part of Badu Gili: Wonder Women. Photo by Daniel Boud, courtesy Sydney Opera House.

Code Revision June Update

A recap of the second Accessibility Focus Group meeting and four discussion papers for your feedback.

RISE Funding: NAVA info session recording and transcript

Recording and transcript of NAVA's RISE Fund info session by the Office for the Arts.

Can you spare a few dollars to support our friends in Victoria?

A little amount goes a long way towards building the resilience of our sector.

NAVA News 5 2021

This month's news: New Advocacy Director, new Chair, and new Board Member; Four new Code Revision discussion papers; Australian Curriculum Review, and more.

NAVA announces new Advocacy Director Mimi Crowe and new Chair Clothilde Bullen

Image L-R: Mimi Crowe in front of Kungkarangkalpa‑ Seven Sisters by Pitjantjatjara artist Nyunmiti Burton, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, © the artist | APY Art Centre Collective, photo by Saul Steed; Clothilde Bullen, photo by Jamie James, 2021.

NAVA Chair welcomes new Board Member Bianca Beetson

Bianca Beetson, in front of Dibirdibi Country 2008 by Mirdidingkingathi Juwarrnda (Mrs Gabori), Brisbane City, 2021. Photo by Chloë Callistemon, courtesy of QAGOMA.

Major review of the Australian Curriculum

Image: Chenise CameronUntitled, 2020. Ngarluma Country (Roebourne), WA.

$10,000 Windmill Trust Scholarship for Regional NSW Artists now open for applications

Media Release

Image: Debbie Taylor-Worley, 2021

NAVA responds to the federal budget

Image: Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivering the 2021-2022 Budget with Scott Morrison and Ken Wyatt in background at Australian Parliament House, Canberra. Screenshot from ABC News 2021.

Tasmania Election 2021 Report Card

Tasmania votes on 1 May 2021, almost a year earlier than expected. What arts and culture vision do the major parties offer?

NAVA News 4 2021

This month's news: "Commonwealth’s approach to the arts” falls short; Code Revision Update; Advocacy Director job closing soon; Notice of AGM; and more.

Fletcher’s “significant re-imagining of the Commonwealth’s approach to the arts” falls short

Image: Minister for the Arts Paul Fletcher, (background) Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo by Matt Blyth/Getty.

Code Revision Update

Image: Tian Zhang addresses artists and arts workers in conversation at a NAVA roundtable on the Code of Practice, Firstdraft Sydney 2019. Photo by Document Photography.

NAVA News 3 2021

This month's news: New Leadership Model for NAVA; NAVA survey data; We're hiring - Advocacy Director; and more.

Visual arts sector far from recovery, NAVA survey reveals

Illustration by Emily Johnson.

New Leadership Model for NAVA

NAVA is re-structuring to a Co-Director model of leadership to take the organisation into its next chapter and to align more with the work we do.

NAVA joins criticism of Dark Mofo plan to soak British flag in Indigenous blood for art project

NAVA urges Dark Mofo to release an urgent public statement, reconsider the decision to program Sierra’s artwork and engage rigorous community and cultural consultation for all future commissioned works.

Choose to Challenge

Image: Tamara Armstrong, Melanin Garden - A Portrait of Anisa Nandaula, 2019. Acrylic on linen, 64 x 80 cm.

Western Australia Election 2021 Report Card

Western Australia votes on 13 March 2021. What arts and culture vision do the major parties offer?

NAVA News 2 2021

This month's news: Call on the government to #SupportArt; Code of Practice consultations; Collaborative Mentorship announcement; and more.

Call on the government to #SupportArt through COVID-19

Be heard. Talk to your MP. Together we can make so much more noise. 

Upcoming inquiries and consultations

NAVA will be submitting responses to these upcoming inquiries and consultations and encourages you to add your voice.

Code of Practice Consultations

Newest Insights into Festivals; Hiring Space; Selling & Commercial Galleries as well as an update on NAVA's callout for writers to co-author the new Code.

Unemployment payment changes still well below poverty line

Media release

NAVA defends anti-police sentiments in artwork

Media Release

NAVA News 1 2021

This month's news: NAVA's 2021 priorities; Code of Practice revision 2021 timeline; Have your say on 4 new discussion papers; and more.

Reset, Recreate

What's NAVA doing in 2021? 

Shahmen Suku awarded the 2020 Carstairs Prize

Media Release

NAVA News 11 2020

This month's news: University cuts risk losing Australia's next generation of artists; What NAVA's been up to; Zoom sessions for NSW Aboriginal practitioners; and more.

University cuts risk losing Australia's next generation of artists

Image: NTEU and Save Our Studios rally to save jobs and education at Griffith University. Photo by Cheryl Bronson, 2020.

Code of Practice, advocacy work and Members update

Updates on our Code of Practice work; cuts to arts, craft and design at universities; Inquiry into the arts; Indigenous Visual Arts Action Plan; Copyright Reforms; and important Membership information.

Concern over detrimental cuts to ANU School of Art & Design

Media Release

NAVA strongly opposes damaging cuts to Queensland College of Art

Media Release

NAVA News 10 2020

This month's news: Politicians failing to focus on those hit hardest by COVID-19, What NAVA's been up to this month, Code of Practice consultation, plus latest Industry News, guides and opportunities.

NAVA hears, speaks, participates

This month has focused our attention on hearing what you have to say, and using that information effectively to represent your interests in some important national forums.

Why are politicians failing to focus on who the pandemic has hit the hardest?

It is Australia’s first service-sector recession, and this should be reflected in the focus of our recovery and job creation programs.

Queensland Election 2020 Report Card

Queensland voting closes on Saturday 31 October 2020. What arts and culture vision do the major parties offer?

Code of Practice October Consultation

Illustration by Emily Johnson.

Industry News October 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, October 2020.

ACT Election 2020 Report Card

ACT votes on Saturday 17 October 2020. What arts and culture vision do the major parties offer?

Make your submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry by 22 October

NAVA has prepared a Toolkit with all you need to know to add voice.

Have your say on the Code of Practice discussion papers

You're invited to provide feedback on three discussion papers as part of our major revision of the Code of Practice. 

The arts sector is already suffering. This year's budget just pours salt on the wound

The Coalition has demonstrated its lack of interest in helping a job-rich industry hit hard by COVID-19.

NAVA responds with concern to 2020 budget

Media Release

NAVA News 9 2020

The highly visible advocacy work and increased collegiately across the sector during this pandemic has opened a door to conversation with the Australian Government. It’s now really important that we wedge that door and open it wider. 

22 October 2020: Our chance to change public perception of the arts

The closing date for submissions to the Inquiry into Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions is 22 October 2020.

Industry News September 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, September 2020.

Protesting arts funding: sensationalist and inaccurate

Claire Bridge and Chelle Destefano, What I Wish I'd Told You, 2020 with Haley Martin, Worimi and Daingatti woman, Too Loud, multi-channel video (video stills)

Welfare rules and regulations are failing artists

While the ATO seems to understand how artists’ incomes fluctuate year by year, Centrelink does not; nor do its guidelines help artists sustain their careers, a situation NAVA is keen to see changed.

Speak up and be counted

NAVA will be submitting responses to these upcoming inquiries and consultations and encourages you to add your voice.

$3,000 Carstairs Prize – applications now open!

2019 Carstairs Prize Winner, Shivanjani Lal, Chhaapaa, brown paper print, 2020. Photo by Chantel Bann, courtesy of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

NAVA News 8 2020

In keeping with 2020’s theme of change and expecting the unexpected, the NAVA team has a new profile and a new home – be assured though: we are focused on these turbulent times, the commitments we’ve made and navigating the best outcomes we can for our Members and the sector.

What is NAVA doing in these changing times?

Photo by Sia Duff, taken at NAVA's Best Practice: Commissioning Art in Public Space, ACE Open, Adelaide, June 2019. 

New Australia Council research shows that art is relied upon by millions of Australians

Image: TOY by All the Queens Men. Photo by Ben Vos Productions, courtesy of Australia Council for the Arts.

Industry News August 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, August 2020.

NAVA survey: have your say on the future of NAVA and Australia’s contemporary arts

Take survey for your chance to win a NAVA Premium Membership.

Artists’ Question Time sets national agenda on Arts Day on the Hill

Media Release

Arts Day on the Hill

On 12 August, let’s hear from artists and artsworkers all over Australia in this year’s Arts Day on the Hill.

Amplify your voice: NAVA Members speak up

NAVA will be submitting a response to the inquiry into the integrity, efficacy and value for money of NSW Government grant programs and encourages you to add your voice.

NAVA congratulates Create NSW multi-year funding recipients

Media Release

Creative approach crucial to economic recovery

Image: Esther Anatolitis presenting at In these critical times. Photo by Daniel Gardeazabal, 2019.

NAVA News 7 2020

A great deal has changed since we developed our current strategic plan three years ago – a great deal of that being this year alone! – which makes now the perfect time to revisit that plan. And we’re going to need your help. 

Amplify your voice

Image: Esther Anatolitis and Minister for the Arts, Paul Fletcher MP at Arts Day on the Hill 2019. Photo by Irene Dowdy.

The Artists’ Benevolent Fund thanks you wholeheartedly

Image: Nadia Hernández, 2020.

Industry News July 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, July 2020.

NAVA News 6 2020

In occupying a public space, we disrupt urban spaces, false histories with or without permission.  

Code of Practice June Consultation

Illustration by Emily Johnson.

Public Memory: The role and curation of commemorative monuments and public art

Image: Luke Currie-Richardson. Photo by Jamie Morris.

If everyone donates just $3 we'll hit our matched funding target!

Illustration by Emily Johnson.

Industry News June 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, June 2020.

Official War Artists Statement: Letter in support of Farhad Bandesh

Image: Farhad Bandesh, Kurdish refugee  - Aylan - beach, courtesy of Farhad Bandesh.

Fact-checking the role of arts and culture in economic recovery

Image: Make or Break, Influence Operation (Campbelltown), 2019, curtains, LED tickers programmed with custom bots, office space, monitors, twitter feed, fortnightly ‘news hack’ sessions. Installation view at Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2019. Photo by Document Photography.

OPEN LETTER: Australia's artists call for Government action

Hundreds of artists, curators, academics, publishers, arts workers, and leading art galleries and museums COVID19 call for income support measures in an open letter to the Australian Government.

Prime Minister, this is your moment to create Australia’s future

Media Release

NAVA News 5 2020

A strange set of divisions mar the way Australians relate to what we value most – and the more we look into it, the less sense those divisions make. 

Finding a new equilibrium in an increasingly precarious world

Image: Kay Abude, WORK WORTH DOING, Castlemaine State Festival 2019, hand silkscreen on linen, dimensions variable. Project supported by a 2018 Arts Vic Grant from Creative Victoria, LaTrobe Art Institute, Shedshaker Brewery and Taproom and The Mill Castlemaine. Photo by Kay Abude. 

More than enough: Balancing art and motherhood

Aseel Tayah is a mother, an artist and an activist. In this article, Aseel discusses the challenges of balancing all of these roles before and during social isolation.

Industry News May 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, May 2020.

COVID-19 Action: What have we achieved so far?

Image: Artists in conversation at a NAVA roundtable. Photo by Document Photography, 2019.

NAVA News 4 2020

If art creates the future, and politics is the art of the possible, then politicians have the fundamental duty to create Australia’s future. In this issue, we explore the opportunities we have to focus our voices on what comes next as we reset Australia – beyond any ‘new normal’ and towards a truly better place.


Image: Giselle Stanborough, Cinopticon, Carriageworks. Photo by Mark Pokorny 2020.

Sacred Data

Poet, film maker and digital producer of Wiradjuri heritage, Jazz Money, examines the potential benefits and threats to Indigenous data sovereignty in increasingly digitised spaces.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

Notice of NAVA's Annual General Meeting, 2-3pm AEST Tuesday 26 May 2020.

'If our government wants cultural life to return, it must act now': an open letter from Australia's arts industry

Over 130 arts groups call on minister Paul Fletcher for urgent action over coronavirus hit to industry.

Industry News April 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, April 2020. 

Top priorities for NSW’s next minister for the arts

Following the resignation of the New South Wales arts minister* due to his infringements of COVID19 public health laws, NAVA outlines the key priorities facing the incoming minister.

City of Sydney donates $83,000 to Artists’ Benevolent Fund

Media Release

It’s ghostlights, not spotlights, for the industry hardest hit by COVID19

Image: Dean Cross, I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, 2020. Installation view, Firstdraft. Photo by Zan Wimberley

COVID19 stimulus: what's missing and what's urgently needed

There's still a long way to go to ensure that the industry will survive the COVID19 crisis. Measures announced to date don't achieve that. Here's what needs to be done.

SA Government donates $50,000 to Artists’ Benevolent Fund

Media Release

The Past Becomes Our Future

NAVA's recent conversation at I.C.E. in Parramatta on the role of art in activism and world building.

NAVA News 3, 2020

With the urgency of the world’s focus on protecting our lives at a scale we have never known, it can be difficult to put creative practice in perspective. This issue discusses the grounding role of art in world building futurisms.

Today's office: how to work from somewhere else

A guide to managing your home office including tips on managing your wellbeing, negotiating rent relief, and tracking expenses that are tax deductible.

About the "JobKeeper" wage subsidy program

The Prime Minister has announced a $130bn wage subsidy program to support workers impacted by COVID-19.

Art creates the future

Image: Luke John Matthew Arnold, Don't Cancel Creativity, 2020. Digital illustration.

Creative industry unites to secure Australia’s cultural life

Media Release

Creative industry letter to the Prime Minister, ministers and lord mayors on COVID-19 action

Image: Glenn Sloggett, Lose, 2019. Photo by J Forsyth.

Industry News March 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, March 2020. 

Second COVID-19 stimulus: what does it mean for the arts?

The Australian Government's second COVID-19 stimulus was announced on Sunday morning 22 March. What does it mean for us?

NAVA responds to Meeting of Cultural Ministers Communiqué

Media Release

Today’s critical moment for the future of our arts and culture

Media Release

COVID-19: Minister Fletcher acts quickly to ensure whole-of-government response is informed by arts industry

The Hon Paul Fletcher met with arts leaders today to understand how best to support the industry amid the widespread economic impacts of COVID-19 across the sector.

Key levers in arts policy: the vexed question of operational funding

Lucas Ihlein, "The Audit Itself (so far)", created as part of "Environmental Audit", MCA, 2010. Chalk drawing.

NAVA News 2, 2020

In the latest NAVA News, we take a look at the smallest scale of government and the big impacts it has on the arts.

Interview with Milo Tse: Hong Kong Artist Union 香港藝術家工會

In this interview NAVA spoke to Milo Tse of Hong Kong Artist Union about the challenges artists have faced in the current political landscape in Hong Kong, and the ways HKAU are supporting artists wanting to enact direct political change. 

Take local action for national impact

Image: Peter Drew AUSSIE posters. Photo by Wade Whitington.

Industry News February 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, February 2020. 

NAVA and Art Month Sydney invite donations for a new Artists’ Benevolent Fund

Photo: Bert Flugelman, reflected in his public artwork The Spheres, Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

IP Australia designs system review

IP Australia is currently conducting a survey to better understand the Australian design ecosystem and the role of intellectual property within it. 

NAVA News 1, 2020

Welcome to the new decade - one in which artistic leadership will matter more than ever before.

New models for new times

Image: Karla Dickens Mother's little helper, 2019. Installation view, Three Views, curated by Djon Mundine, historic Amoured Casemates, Georges Head, Mosman Art Gallery January 2020. Photo by Tim Connolly.

Revising the Code of Practice

NAVA's approach to revising the Code of Practice aims to cover all key areas of the sector while at the same time acknowledging that these areas overlap and interact. Photo by Sia Duff.

NAVA's submission: Religious Freedom Bills

Read NAVA's submission to the Religious Freedom Bills – Second Exposure Drafts, we welcome you to use this as a starting point for yours. Deadline 31 January 2020.

Industry News January 2020

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, January 2020. 

NSW Artists' Grant Recipients Announced

The last round of NSW Artists’ Grants sees a total of $12,500 shared between 10 artists.

What’s in a name change? The invisibility of the arts to the national agenda

Join the discussion using #invisiblearts and let your local member know what the national visibility of the arts means to you. 

End of the year, end of the decade

Image: Deborah Kelly 'My Sydney Summer' (2019 edit). Digital photomontage, size variable.

Developing Arts Criticism Review

Reflecting on NAVA's recent conversation on developing visual arts criticism in Australia. 

Photo by Gianna Hayes.

ARIs: What's Next for Artist Led Action?

(L-R) Hayley Pigram (Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative), Olivia Koh (recess), Robbie Handcock (play_station), Liam James (Sawtooth and Constance), Justine Youssef (NAVA and Pari) at Studio 65, Hobart. Photo by Lucy Parakhina.

Draft guidelines for Commissioning Art in Public Space

Feedback open until 20 January 2020.

Industry News November 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, November 2019. 

The future of art drives the future of work

(L-R) Tim Pallas, Treasurer, Victorian Government; Dominic Perrottet, Treasurer, NSW Government; Christine Stasi, Group Executive, People, Performance and Reputation, IAG; Sam Crosby, CEO, McKell Institute. Photograph by Anna Kučera.

Strength and courage from everyone at NAVA

Through this extreme fire emergency.

Education, professional development and lifelong learning

Image: Esther Anatolitis at NAVA's roundtable discussion on commissioning art in public space, RMIT, Melbourne 2018. Photo by Daniel Gardeazabal.

Best Practice: Commissioning Art in Public Space

NAVA is inviting feedback from artists and the sector on draft new guidelines for commissioning art in public space.

NAVA Response to Draft Pay Standards Feedback

Statement from the Chair of the NAVA Board, James Emmett, and Executive Director, Esther Anatolitis

Shivanjani Lal awarded the 2019 Carstairs Prize

The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is pleased to announce Shivanjani Lal as the 2019 recipient of the $3,000 Carstairs Prize for socially engaged practice. An additional highly commended prize of $1,000 was awarded to Laura Jade. 

Industry News October 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, October 2019.

Artists respond to the climate crisis

NAVA asked several artists whose work deals directly and indirectly with the climate crisis to share their thoughts and ideas for our sector.

Q&A with Elizabeth Rogers

We caught up with Elizabeth Rogers, CEO of Regional Arts NSW about the upcoming Artstate Tamworth, 31 October - 3 November 2019.

Industry News September 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, September 2019.

Update on the draft New Pay Standards for Artists & Arts Workers

NAVA's next steps in collaboration with the sector. Illustration by Emily Johnson.

Global Climate Strike

NAVA will be closed for the global climate strike on Friday 20 September 2019.

‘Creative’, ‘creativity’, ‘creative industries’

Image: Britt Salt, photo by Zan Wimberley 2017, courtesy of NAVA

Fair practice, fair pay, fair go

With the launch of the draft Pay Standards for Artists and Arts Workers for NAVA's revised Code of Practice, questions are being asked about what's fair?

Revision of NAVA's Fees & Wages Schedule

Image: Marnie Badham and Penelope Benton discuss artists' fees at NAVA's Best Practice: Commissioning Art in Public Space || Adelaide, June 2019. Photo by Sia Duff.

Industry News August 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, August 2019.

Rethinking the advocacy challenge: what comes after Arts Day on the Hill?

A week in Canberra meeting MPs back-to-back after two days of advocacy workshops proves to be a transformative experience – not just for the artists, but also, for the parliamentarians themselves.

Dale Collier receives the 2019 Windmill Trust Scholarship for Regional NSW Artists

Albatross, 2019. Performance documentation. Digital Photograph on Aluminium Composite Board. 40 x 60cm.

Matthew Linde awarded The Freedman Foundation International Scholarship for Curators

Installation view Passageways: On Fashion's Runway, curated by Matthew Linde, 13 October – 2 December 2018 Kunsthalle Bern   

Maria Vamvakinou MP at Arts Day on the Hill launch

Maria Vamvakinou MP's speech, Arts Day on the Hill launch; Inauguration of the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Contemporary Arts and Culture, 30 July 2019.

What comes after Arts Day on the Hill?

Your personal commitment to build a relationship with an MP.

Tony Burke to artists: “We don’t just respect and appreciate what you do, we need what you do.”

The Hon Tony Burke MP's speech, Arts Day on the Hill launch & Inauguration of the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Contemporary Arts and Culture, 30 July 2019.

Let's Do This

This week we’ve been in Canberra resetting the national arts conversation and forming some important new relationships – and, goodness me, it’s been a big week.

Conversations: Arts Day on the Hill

Esther Anatolitis and Georgia Mokak joined our eight Arts Day On The Hill advocates to discuss the ways the Arts can become a greater priority in the national conversation.

Industry News July 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, July 2019.

State of the arts: state by state

What does the state of Australia’s arts look like when we go state to state? How do they compare on policy positions and strategic directions that truly set artists at the centre? 

NAVA announces Arts Day on the Hill participants

Today NAVA announces the eight Arts Day on the Hill participants who will gather in Canberra during the Parliament’s winter sitting to set the contemporary arts agenda.

Change the Conversation From Surviving to Thriving

Bronwyn Bancroft, Time marches on, 2010 (cropped), mixed media. Courtesy of the artist and the Australian War Memorial.

Cultural Authority and Consultation

When seeking to engage with First Nations cultural heritage on any project, it should be expected that you consult with the appropriate cultural authority at each stage of research, development and production.

Questions for Create NSW’s New Funding Model

Image: NSW Minister for the Arts, Don Harwin

Industry News June 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, June 2019.

New questions for new times

Image: Eugenia Lim, ‘ON DEMAND’, 2019. Pedal-powered four-channel video installation. Commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre for ‘OK Democracy, we need to talk’. Photo by Document Photography

Industry development priorities for the new government

NAVA welcomes new arts minister Paul Fletcher and thanks Mitch Fifield for his service.


After the massive month we’ve all just been through, take the time to reflect on you this month. The season is cool and rewards cosy self-care. It’s so important. 

Practicing Self-Care in the Arts

This guide provides some basic information and tips for practising self-care and maintaining good mental health.

Industry News May 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, May 2019.

2019 Recipients of The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists Announced

Image: Laetitia Olivier-Gargano Finger Bun (2018). Silicone, polymer clay, bread, pigment, varnish. 15 x 8 x 6 cm approx.

Artists need NAVA

Support NAVA by filling in our annual Member survey, join or renew your Membership and/or make a tax deductible donation. 

NAVA welcomes new Government with unprecedented national action

Media Release

Industry spotlight: policy expectations of Australia’s arts experts

Photo by Sarah Walker

NAVA releases Election Report Card

UPDATED 14.05.2019 to reflect latest campaign commitments.

Tips to Making a Genuine Commitment to First Nations and People of Colour in the Arts

Illustration by Emily Johnson.

Artistic courage

With the federal election coming up on Saturday 18 May, NAVA is calling on all parties to Invest in Artistic Courage

Campaigning across the Sector

Bek Conroy spoke with Regional Arts Australia to gain insight into their Vote 1 Regional Arts campaign for the Federal Election.

How to use the NAVA Advocacy Toolkit

NAVA is calling on all parties to Invest in Artistic Courage and we need your help – all tens of thousands of you! – to get that message directly to your local member. 

Industry News April 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, April 2019.

NAVA responds to the Federal Budget

NAVA responded with caution and concern for the future Australian culture that the Australian Government’s Budget 2019-2020 has neglected.

Why can’t a $7.1bn surplus fund a $7.1bn vision?

Media Release

The federal budget: it just doesn’t add up

NAVA’s team strengthened by two new experts

NAVA welcomes Rebecca Conroy and Georgia Mokak to the national team dedicated to achieving a contemporary arts sector that’s ambitious and fair.

Art and Economics

Bek Conroy, Dating an Economist, 2015. Luminary Arts, St Louis Missouri, USA. Credit: Brea McAnally

Industry News March 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, March 2019.

State of the arts

Mitch Fifield and Esther Anatolitis at Future/Forward 2018, photo by Zan Wimberley

More Powerful Together

Image: Salote Tawale with Get to Work, as part of Making History by Barbara Cleveland (2016) commissioned for the 20th Biennale of Sydney The future is already here ­– it’s just not evenly distributed. Photo by Jessica Maurer.

Hopes, vision and fears

APHIDS co-directors: Mish Grigor, Eugenia Lim and Lara Thoms on their hopes, visions and fears in this election year, and their intent on working together as a reaction against a singular vision.

Industry News February 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, February 2019.

Artists' Fees & Payments Survey

NAVA needs your help to benchmark artist payments nationally and update our Fees & Payments Schedule for the benefit of artists and organisations across Australia.

2019 in the arts: Get ready for a big year

Image: 'Grandstanding: A reconfigurable future' at MPavilion 2017. Photo by Bec Capp.

A Government of Artists

Image: Deep Soulful Sweats by Rebecca Jensen, Sarah Aiken, Natalie Abbott & Janine Proost, Next Wave Festival 2014. Image by Sarah Walker.

Industry News January 2019

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, January 2019.

NAVA deeply concerned about continued Create NSW funding delays

The latest Arts & Cultural Projects funding round from Create NSW is still yet to be announced.

Arts sector calls for new Artistic Investment Framework to rethink and replace Major Performing Arts Framework

Sector organisations from across Australia are calling for a rethink of the Major Performing Arts Framework currently under review, following the recent close of submissions towards a national consultation

Arts and culture priorities? Academic leadership in a policy vacuum

A nation’s cultural policy is its most confident document.

2018 Reflections

Esther Anatolitis reflects on NAVA's year of advocacy and campaign work. Photo by Tanja Bruckner.

Your voice is a national voice: NAVA Members speak up

NAVA will be submitting responses to these upcoming consultations and encourages you to add your voice to help ensure that arts and cultural policy is well informed and effective in developing ambitious and fair working conditions.

Industry News November 2018

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, November 2018.

NAVA calls for new Artistic Investment Framework to replace Major Performing Arts Framework

The National Association for the Visual Arts today calls for the establishment of a new Artistic Investment Framework to replace the Major Performing Arts Framework currently under review. 

Victorian Election Report Card

Victoria votes on 24 November 2018.

What arts and culture vision do the major parties offer?

Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley and Dr Alex Gawronski awarded NAVA Visual Arts Fellowship 2018

Image: Burchill/McCamley, Simone Weil 2017. Vinyl lettering, nail and rope (left); 24/7 shield (centre) Brutopia (right). TCB, Melbourne.

Ambitious and Fair

What would it mean to be part of a contemporary arts sector that’s ambitious and fair?

ARIs setting the bar by paying artists

This month we’re focusing on what it means to be both Ambitious and Fair in the way we work in this industry. What are the sacrifices we’ve made and how are we working toward a thriving and supportive industry?

Q&A Blak Curatorial Exchange

NAVA talks to Blak Curatorial Exchange program mentors, Freja Carmichael, Jo-Anne Driessens and Amanda Hayman about some of the highlights of the program.

Industry News October

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, October 2018.

Torika Bolatagici awarded the 2018 Carstairs Prize

Torika Bolatagici receives the Carstairs Prize.

Celebrating two years of NAVA Queensland

Today NAVA’s current Queensland project work draws to a close, and sadly, we farewell Sophie Chapman as Queensland Program Coordinator.

Strengthening the status of the artist

Image by Zandi Dandizette for CARFAC National.

Let's Champion Regional Arts

This month – with Artlands Victoria at its heart, and Artstate Bathurst following early in November – we’re focusing on regional arts and regional artists.

Q&A Ben Tupas

NAVA chats to Ben Tupas about LIT Festival and working in Toowoomba.

Q&A Grace Dewar

NAVA chats to Grace Dewar about the impact of the First Coat festival in Toowoomba its future.

Aleshia Lonsdale

NAVA recently talked with artist, Aboriginal Arts Development Officer of Arts OutWest and speaker at Artstate Bathurst, Aleshia Lonsdale. 

Industry News September

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, September 2018.

NAVA responds to South Australia’s shift in arts policy

Media Release

NAVA Visits Canada and the US to Investigate World’s Best Practice Models for Australian Artists

Tomorrow NAVA’s Executive Director, Esther Anatolitis, will travel to Canada and the US to meet with counterpart organisations, artists and advocates with thanks to an IGNITE Grant from the Copyright Agency.

First Nations need a Voice, not an envoy

The Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (JSC) is seeking additional submissions until 17 September 2018.

A Code that Champions Best Practice

Ensuring that national best practice standards are well understood has become a matter of urgency.

Photo: Zan Wimberley

Buyer's Bias

Let’s talk about conscious and unconscious bias when buying at the art fair. Do you make a conscious effort to support marginalised or under represented artists? If you haven’t decided to, then why?

Q&A Cut Thumb ARI

NAVA chats with Lu Forsberg and Callum McGrath to discuss highlights of an ARI mentorship program held in Qld.

Industry News August

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, August 2018.

Proposed overhaul of the ABN system

In 2018, Treasury sought feedback on possible changes to the ABN system. 

Artists call for a contemporary arts sector that’s ambitious and fair

Media Release - Post-Future/Forward

Image: Zan Wimberley

Artistic courage: our strategic plan

Image: Tony Albert, David C Collins and Kieran Smythe-Jackson, Warakurna Superheroes #5 2017, archival pigment print on paper, 100 x 150cm

‘Strengthening’ the MPA Framework

The Australian Government is calling for responses to a survey on “how to strengthen the Major Performing Arts Framework.”

Let’s do this.

Future/Forward is all about national standards and navigating the politics of policy change. What do we need to get right for a contemporary arts sector that’s ambitious and fair? What’s it going to take to make that happen?

Industry News July

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, July 2018.

NAVA Visual Arts Fellowship recipients to showcase work at Centre for Contemporary Photography

Image: Sonia Leber & David Chesworth, Geography Becomes Territory Becomes, 2018. 8-channel HD video installation, non-sync playback, 14 minutes. 

City of Melbourne Creative Strategy

Here are some questions for artists, organisations, workers and residents to consider in responding to the draft in writing or via consultation sessions:

Black Art

Kurnai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta woman, Nayuka Gorrie draws on Beyoncé and Jay Z's new album to question the art of 'making it', for black bodies in white spaces.

Q&A with Carly Lane and Andrea May Churcher

Image: Michael Cook, INVASION (Laser girls) 2017, digital print, 135 x 200cm. Courtesy of the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane.

Q&A with Janina Harding

We caught up with Janina Harding, Artistic Director of CIAF for a quick chat.

Image: Sid Bruce Shortjoe, Janina Harding, Kristen Fagan. Blueclick Photography.

Industry News June

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, June 2018.

Dr Fiona Foley receives the 2018 Windmill Trust Scholarship for Regional NSW Artists

Image: Fiona Foley, Flotsam and Jetsam #11, 2011. Gouache and graphite on Arches paper 31x41cm

An investment in the public good

What does the future hold for art in the public space? Who or what is the public? And how do we understand the relationship between art and the public good?

Towards national standards for art in the public space

The overwhelming majority of disputes that seek NAVA’s support are about public art projects. 

Industry News May-June

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, May / June 2018.

NSW sector service share concerns on Create NSW funding and offer advice to prevent future delays

Joint statement from NAVA, Playwriting Australia, Theatre Network NSW and Regional Arts NSW.

NAVA statement on Create NSW funding announcement delays

NAVA responds to concerns raised by Members.

National vision neglected: NAVA responds to the Federal Budget

Media Release. 


An update from NAVA two months after releasing our open letter: ‘Dear Person I’ve Been Reluctant To Keep Engaging With But Have Had To For Professional Reasons’.

A handy guide to reading government budget documents

NAVA has asked me to write a handy guide to reading government budget documents. So, here goes. 

The Budget as Cultural Text

This month, we ask, how best to read the Budget as a cultural text?

Industry News Apr-May

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, April / May 2018.

Recipients of the NSW Artists' Grant (Round 1) announced

Image: Thom and Angelmouse, Rush Hour at Cloud Heaven (excerpt), 2017, 3-channel video installation, 16:9, stereo sound, 5 minutes.

Vale Polixeni Papapetrou

On behalf of everyone at NAVA, our heartfelt condolences, love and strength to the family and friends mourning the loss of Polixeni Papapetrou. 


The history of humanity is not the telling of stories but their retelling: perversely, the retelling of a story can have considerably more power than its incarnation, its first telling or its truth.

Owning the right to your own work

This month we are contributing to a lot of conversations about copyright, intellectual property and our right to our own work.

Q&A with Dr Oliver Watts

We chat with the inaugural artist director on the Copyright Agency board, Dr Oliver Watts, about the benefits and implications of copyright, as well as new and existing initiatives for visual artists.

Industry News Mar-Apr

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, March / April 2018.

Back Your Own Horse

NAVA strongly supports ambitious philanthropy that encourages artists to share in that ambition – extending it further than its friends, supporters and funders could possibly have imagined. 

Media Release: The first South Australian arts policy in twenty years?

NAVA Report Card for SA election

Media Release: A vision for arts and culture?

NAVA releases Report Card for Tasmanian state election.

Gender Equity - March 2018

It’s International Women’s Day this month – and that means a whole month of focus on gender equity at NAVA. 

Q&A with Paola Balla

We speak with Wemba-Wemba and Gunditjmara woman, artist, curator and researcher, Paola Balla, on feminism and her recent projects.

Industry News Feb-Mar

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, February / March 2018.

Media Release: artsagenda

From today, artists are informing Parliament’s first sitting week with their passions, concerns and bold expectations for addressing the nation’s key priorities. 


Join NAVA in building a critical mass of advocacy for the arts during the first sitting week of Parliament – setting a confident national agenda that’s led by artists.

Q&A with the Artists' Committee

The Artists’ Committee is an informal association of artists and arts workers that makes collaborative public work around the intersection of money, ethics and culture.

Industry News

Latest industry news from the visual and media arts, craft and design sector, January / February 2018.

NAVA's 2017 Visual Arts Fellowship and Australian Artists' Grant recipients announced

Image: Sarah Goffman, 'Excess' 2007. Found fabric, sewing machine, table installation view.

2017 Reflections

Esther Anatolitis reflects on strong themes in NAVA’s 2017 advocacy and the wider critical public issues.

Fair Pay for Artists: campaign update

Progress report on developments in NAVA's Fair Pay for Artists campaign.


Conversations and take aways for NAVA from the recent HOBIENNALE festival.

NAVA farewells Deputy Director Brianna Munting

Letter to members on marriage survey outcome

From NAVA's Chair and Executive Director

NAVA welcomes Kate Fielding’s New Approach


Hello from NAVA's new Executive Director

What an honour to be behind the Executive Director’s desk at this crucial organisation. It’s been a delightful day so far as I’ve been settling in, asking questions, and making plans with the impressive women who drive NAVA.

NAVA Book Club

NAVA’s Book Club, as part of Artspace Sydney’s Volume 2017 I Another Book Fair, invited people to connect and discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols, policies and rights.

Q&A with Nici Cumpston

Artistic Director of the Tarnanthi Festival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, 13 Oct 2017 - 28 Jan 2018, Adelaide.

Abdullah M. I. Syed wins the 2017 Carstairs Prize

Image: Abdullah M. I. Syed, Bucking: Sydney, 2015, live performance, Photography: Zan Wimberley, Image courtesy the artist and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, Australia.

NSW Artists' Grant Recipients (Round 3) Announced

Round three of the funding program sees a total of $12,500 shared between 10 artists across NSW.

NAVA Marketing Coordinator

Unique opportunity for a dynamic, arts-loving and community-minded individual to join the NAVA team on a short-term basis and make an important contribution to Australia's leading arts advocacy organisation.

Art Wires - October

NAVA's October 2017 Art Wires - Queer Identity and Equality is out now. View online here.

Choose Love Vote Yes

In response to the Liberal Governments decision to hold a national postal survey on marriage equality, over 40,000 people rallied in Sydney on Sept 10 in support on equal rights for the LGBTIQ+ community. Jenny Leong MP addressed the rally on behalf of The Greens.

Debates we don't need to have

NAVA asked several artists dealing both directly and indirectly with issues around queer identity and equality in their work to share their experiences of the Australian Marriage Survey.

Q&A with Van T Rudd

We chat to Melbourne-based artist and activist Van T Rudd about his murals, free speech and how he challenges the status quo.

NAVA announces Esther Anatolitis as its next Executive Director

Media Release

Art Wires - September

NAVA's September 2017 Art Wires - Art Fairs is out now. View online here.

Q&A with Dick Quan

Dr Dick Quan is a highly respected collector of Australian and international art. We caught up with him to find out what he enjoys about art fairs.

Q&A Future Contemporary

We chat to participating Future Contemporary galleries showing at the upcoming Sydney Contemporary 7-10 September 2017 at Carriageworks.

11th Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair

DAAF was held 11-13 August and showcased the work of over 50 art centres from across Australia. Executive Director, Claire Summers, shares the highlights of this year’s fair.

On Craft Cubed

Craft Cubed Festival is an annual celebration of the handmade and the biggest coming together of the craft and design sectors of its kind in Australia.

20th Anniversary Windmill Trust Exhibition

14 September to 22 October 2017 at the Maurice Chick Family & MacLeod-Miller Adamshurst Gallery, MAMA.

Art Wires - August 2017

NAVA's August 2017 Art Wires - Awards and Prizes is out now. View online here.

Taxing Prize Money

One of NAVA's goals is getting it legislated that prize money to professional artists be tax exempt. We discuss the issue with a number of award winning artists and arts accountants.

Art Prizes in Australia

Artist Michael Zavros discusses the importance of art prizes and the impact that they can have on an artists' career.

Q&A with Roberta Rich

Roberta Rich is one of the four 2017 recipients of The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists. Drawing on her diasporic African identity, Rich’s multidisciplinary practice probes into the notion of ‘authentic identity’ and problematises the way it has been constructed and represented in contemporary socio-political and cultural context.

Collaborative duo win the 2017 Windmill Trust Scholarship for NSW Regional Artists

The Windmill Trust together with the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) are pleased to announce that Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig are this year’s recipients of the 20th annual Windmill Trust Scholarship for NSW Regional Artists which was doubled this year to $10,000.

DGR Reforms - Hands Off Advocacy

Proposed reforms outline a new streamlined application process for organisations, but threaten to silence advocacy and campaign work.

Art Wires - July 2017

NAVA's July 2017 Art Wires - Fair Pay for Artists Update is out now. View online here.

What You Have Been Saying About Artists’ Fees

Tamara Winikoff reports on the outcomes of a series of consultation roundtables NAVA has been hosting this year on its Fair Pay for Artists campaign.

Practical Politics

Cherie McNair, Director & CEO Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) asks what would it take to make paying artists a reality?

The Grey Areas

NAVA consulted with a number of lawyers and superannuation experts to resolve the grey areas of when superannuation contributions should be paid for artists working in galleries or other arts organisations in various capacities.

Q&A with Wendy Whiteley

A preview of our upcoming NAVA in conversation podcast with Wendy Whiteley.

NAVA Queensland Artists' Survey

Calling all Queensland artists, complete our artist survey.

NAVA welcomes copyright amendment

US fair use system not so fair

Art Wires - June 2017

NAVA's June 2017 Issue of Art Wires farewells Tamara Winikoff. View online here.

Q&A with Tamara Winikoff

We chat to Tamara Winikoff about the highs and lows and the changes she's witnessed over her years at NAVA.

Responses to Tamara's resignation

Following on from Tamara Winikoff's announcement of her resignation as Executive Director of NAVA, we share some of the messages from the sector celebrating her achievements and contributions to the visual arts sector.

NAVA's Key Achievements 1995-2017

Read below some of NAVA's key achievements 1995-2017.

From the archives

In September 1995, Tamara Winikoff introduced herself as NAVA's new Executive Director.

The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship Recipients 2017

Media Release - Four emerging artists receive travel scholarships of $5,000.

Change of Leadership for NAVA

After twenty-two years, Tamara Winikoff OAM has announced her resignation as Executive Director of NAVA, the peak national body protecting and promoting the Australian visual arts sector.

Art Wires - May 2017

NAVA's May 2017 Issue of Art Wires is on Industrial Relations. View online here.

The Power of the Collective

NAVA's Deputy Director, Brianna Munting discusses industrial relations in the visual arts.

From the archives

For this month’s edition of Art Wires, we dug into NAVA’s archives on the issue of industrial representation for visual artists.

Q&A with the CoUNTess Team

We caught up with the Countess Team to discuss the impact their research has had on the contemporary Australian visual arts sector over the past 9 years.

Galleries commit to paying artists fees

We all know how hard it is for artists to earn income and accrue superannuation from their practice, so when organisations make a commitment to pay artists, we celebrate them.

Art Wires - April 2017

NAVA's April 2017 Issue of Art Wires is on Queensland. View online here.

To Fee or Not to Fee

Tamara Winikoff reports from the recent Brisbane Fair Pay for Artists consultation roundtable in the next phase of NAVA's campaign.

Q&A with Judy Watson

We chat with NAVA Member and renowned Brisbane-based artist Judy Watson.

RAYGUN Projects

We chat to RAYGUN Projects, a non-profit artist run initiative owned and co-directed by artists Alexandra Lawson and Tarn McLean in the CBD of Toowoomba, southern Queensland.

ArtsPeak welcomes return of money to Australia Council

Media Release

Art Wires - February 2017

NAVA's February 2017 Issue of Art Wires looks at the launch of the small to medium report. View online here.

The economics of art

NAVA S2M report launched today

No More With Less

Media Release

S2M Case Study - Fontanelle

S2M Case Study - Design Tasmania

Art Wires - January 2017

NAVA's January 2017 Issue of Art Wires looks at fair pay for artists. View online here.

$5 million for Artists

NAVA's latest advocacy campaign calling for a new $5million government allocation for artist fees.

For the Public Good

Q&A with a-n The Artists Information Company

We spoke to Jeanie Scott, Executive Director of UK-based organisation a-n about their Paying Artists campaign for UK artists and their thoughts on artist fee models in Sweden and elsewhere.

Fair Pay for Artists

NAVA Media Release

The Greens Arts Policy

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on the value of artists and the programs that would support artists' incomes and help to foster their careers.

Copyright in Danger of Going Seriously Wrong

Media Release

ArtsPeak welcomes creation of a new national arts voice

Media Release

Art Wires - December 2016

NAVA's December 2016 Issue of Art Wires looks at summer opportunities. View online here.

Navigating the Summer

Jess Day selects the best of exhibitions around the country this summer.

Ding Dong Merrily on High

On the current state of the arts in Australia and the takeaways for 2017.

Q&A with Michelle Nikou

We had a chat to one of the NAVA Visual Arts Fellowship recipients - Michelle Nikou.

ArtsPeak’s Response to the National Opera Review

Media Release

Senate Backs VET Training Support for Arts

Media Release

Playing Off the Field

Art Wires - November 2016

NAVA's November 2016 Issue of Art Wires looks at regional Australian art practice. View online here.

NAVA highlights

Find out what NAVA has been doing this last quarter including campaign work, events, forums and more.

Q and A with regional artists

Sticky Culture

Risk in the Regional Context


VET FEE-HELP essential for professional arts training

Media Release

Townsville City Council De-professionalises Its Galleries

Media Release

Art Wires - October 2016

NAVA's October 2016 Issue of Art Wires looks at curating. View online here.

Curating Power

Tamara Winikoff on the important role of the curator in leading the critical conversations and debates of our times.

Infrastructural Activism

Art theorist and historian Professor Terry Smith on the role of the activist curator.

Q&A with Djon Mundine

We interviewed curator, writer, artist and activist Djon Mundine.

2016 Sainsbury Sculpture Grant awardees announced

Media Release

On the Prospect of Restoration of Arts Funding

Media Release

Art Wires - September 2016

NAVA's September 2016 Issue of Art Wires looks at freedom of expression. View online here.

Tenuous Freedoms

If you’re under the illusion that we have freedom of expression in Australia, think again. Gender, race and politics are a volatile mix. For this issue of Art Wires, NAVA asked for the observations of several artists whose work could be considered controversial.

The Public Body .01

THE PUBLIC BODY .01 currently showing at Artspace, explores contemporary representations of the the naked and/or sexualised body.
Co-curator Talia Linz discusses the assessment of risk in context of this exhibition.


On the theme of censorship, NAVA asked Scot Cotterell (artist) and John Vella (curator of the ‘Brainstorm’ exhibition for Dark Mofo in Tasmania) to reflect on their experience when Scot’s artwork ‘Shitstorm’ elicited strong reactions from the students and staff of the Tasmanian College of the Arts in Hobart.

Q&A with Michael Agzarian

We interview the graphic designer behind the recent political poster series of Turnbull, Abbott, Hockey, Bishop and Brandis.

The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists 2016

Media Release

Shoufay Derz wins the 2016 Carstairs Residency Prize

NAVA and the Bundanon Trust are pleased to announce that Shoufay Derz is this year’s recipient of the Carstairs Residency Prize.

Art Wires - August 2016

It’s hard being a grown up

How to keep creating?

Q&A On approaching the mid-career

Art Wires - July 2016

NAVA campaign highlights

Cuts and Censorship

Save SCA

Art Wires - June 2016


Social security for artists

David Pledger on the case of establishing a living wage for artists.

Art Changes Lives

Open letter to the Prime Minister in response to his statements this week on Q&A

Read NAVA's open letter this week to the Prime Minister.

National Day of Arts Action Launch

Media Release

The Great Peak Bodies Massacre

Why have four out of the five national peak artform organisations just had their funding discontinued by the Australia Council (in dance, literature, music and visual arts)? I’ll tease out several possible answers to this question. But first, let’s have a look at what these bodies do.

NAVA warmly welcomes Labor’s new Arts Plan

Media Release

NAVA warmly welcomes the Greens' arts policy

Media Release

Art Wires - May 2016

In our May 2016 Issue of Art Wires we look at small to medium organisations. View online here.

We’re Not Going Gently

Desart on Aboriginal Art Centres

The Endurance of Art Publications

Boxcopy: Run by Artists, for Artists

Canberra Glassworks' Maker Community

Small to Mediums in CAOs

Q&A Harrie Fasher

We chat to Harrie Fasher, recipient of the 2015 Windmill Trust Scholarship for Regional NSW Artists.

ArtsPeak calls for restoration of Australia Council Funding

Media Release

Changed outlook for NAVA

Media Release

Government turns its back on the opportunity to fix arts funding mess

ArtsPeak Media Release

‘Fair Use’ - the wrong direction at the wrong time for Australian artists

ArtsPeak Media Release

Art Wires - April 2016

In our April 2016 Issue of Art Wires we look at the visibility of craft. View online here.

Art Wires is NAVA's monthly newsletter featuring news and opinion, interviews with arts practitioners, focus on exhibitions and events around the country, opportunities and more. To subscribe to our mailing list sign up here.

Crafting Change

With the recent release of the publication Agenda for Australian Craft and Design Tamara Winikoff discusses the perception of craft in recent years, a brief rundown of the National Craft Initiative and steps to ensure the future of a sustainable craft sector in Australia.

Paint the Wildwood

Treahna Hamm comments on the importance of craft and the continuation of the traditional in contemporary Indigenous cultures.

The rise of maker spaces in Perth

With the rise and fall of the mining boom, and now a city in the throes of construction, Perth is also undergoing a creative boom with independent makers and artists banding together to form new communal studios and artist run spaces including MANY 6160 and Success in Fremantle, Another ARI and Daphne. Anna Dunnill reports.

Q&A Bruce Rowe

Based in Melbourne, Anchor Ceramics is a design studio that operates in an applied research, prototyping and product development capacity. The studio produces handmade ceramic lighting, tile, outdoor and furniture product ranges. Initially trained as an architect, founder, Bruce Rowe began making ceramics as a side project in 2009 and maintains his studio practice through a process of continual visual inquiry, exhibition and publication. We chat to him about working across multiple disciplines, the sustainability of Australian craft and design, and the underlying ethos of Anchor Ceramics.

ArtsPeak responds to Catalyst funding results

ArtsPeak Media Release

ArtsPeak takes up the Leadership Challenge with Expanded Executive Team

ArtsPeak Media Release

The Future of Australian Craft

Media Release

Art Wires - March 2016

In our March 2016 Issue of NAVA Art Wires we look at women in Australian art. View online here.

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Signature Style: The artist's name in the exposure economy of contemporary art

Elvis Richardson on the online research behind The CoUNTess report and the representation of female artists in Australian arts media. Read more.

Q&A with Women's Art Register

Interview with Danielle Hakim and Sally Northfield, Co-Convenors of Women's Arts Register.

Women in Australian Art

Coinciding with the recent publication of The CoUNTess report on International Women's Day, Tamara Winikoff writes on a brief history of women's art collectives and movements in Australia. The CoUNTess report has been funded by The Cruthers Art Foundation and is supported by NAVA.

Gendered decision making?

Esther Anatolitis on the accountability of decision makers at Australia's major art institutions. 

Open letter from ArtsPeak to the Prime Minister

Gender acCOUNTability in the arts

Media Release

Arts at Edith Cowan University

In reference to Tamara’s interesting article entitled What’s Happened To Australia’s Art Schools I would like to correct the facts regarding a perceived reduction in the arts at Edith Cowan University by offering a rare success story.

ArtsPeak calls for Government to act on Senate Inquiry recommendations

ArtsPeak Media Release

Art Wires - February 2016

In our February 2016 Issue of NAVA Art Wires we look at tertiary education and beyond. View online here.

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What's happening to Australia's art schools? 

There was a time when art schools were regarded as a thrilling hotbed of experimentation, bohemianism and great new anarchic ideas. But the gradual funding squeeze and the Dawkins reforms around the early 90s saw them moved under the umbrella of the universities and required to be more business like and set ‘performance targets’. What has been the consequence?

Q&A with Laura McCusker

Laura McCusker has been building furniture professionally for over 15 years and is a classically trained fine woodworker and cabinet maker with experience in boat building, fit outs and traditional freestanding pieces. We chat to her about the path that took her from Sydney to Tasmania and which has seen her work commissioned by the MONA and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery as well as a number of personal commissions from Tasmania, mainland Australia and beyond.

Q&A with Stephanie nova Milne

Stephanie nova Milne is one half of the artist nova Milne, and co-founded their collective Ms&Mr, and also our NAVA Online course facilitator for Writing Grant Proposals. Currently based in New York, Stephanie chats to us about the importance of writing grants within an arts practice.

Q&A with Brook McCarthy

We chat to Brook McCarthy trainer and business coach and founder of Hustle & Heart, and online course facilitator for NAVA Online's Maximise Your Exposure about the importance of marketing skills for artists.

Q&A with Monica Davidson

We chat to Monica Davidson, CEO of Creative Plus Business Group and the former NSW Creative Industries Business Adviser and online course facilitator for NAVA's Art Business Basics about the practical skills artists need alongside their creative practice.

The artist as disruptor

Early in my practice I saw the arts as an effective vehicle to have impact beyond the gallery, theatre and performance space so I started to negotiate a very fine balance between making art that exists for my own pleasure and making art that engages with people and place in an ethical way.

Australia Day Honours List 2016

NAVA congratulates the following individuals who were among those recognised in the 2016 Australia Day Honours Lists for their service to the visual arts and craft sector.

Art Wires - January 2016

In our January 2016 Issue of NAVA Art Wires we look at New Year's Resolutions. View online here.

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Catcalling bad behaviour

Dr Jacqueline Millner on the importance of publicly calling out bad behaviour, to make sexism, rather than being female, shameful. 

The Art of Elections

As 2016 cranks into gear attention turns to the federal election and what it will mean for the arts in Australia.

In 2015 the arts sector showed it has real political muscle. The sector gained a lot of respect and some important new allies. How should we focus this power to the greatest benefit in an election year? What should be our priorities and strategies?

Art Wires - December 2015

In our December 2015 Issue of NAVA Art Wires we look at Localism. View online here.

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Q&A with Jon Goulder

We chat to Jon Goulder, Creative Director of Furniture Studio, Jam Factory about his practice, place and the popularity of Jam Factory.

ArtsPeak signals unsustainability of Australian arts

ArtsPeak media release

Localism in the top end

In Darwin it’s easy to consider ‘localism’ in an Aboriginal sense: of its own locality on Larrakia land and the vast network of local language groups and intercultural exchange stretching across the Top End and desert regions. It’s also easy to consider ‘localism’ in a northerly sense – the city’s paradoxical positioning as both a northern line of defence and gateway to Asia.

The Year in Rhyme - 2015

A wrap up of 2015 for the small to medium arts sector in limerick form.

Craft + Localism

With the latest change in season comes a time for many people to reflect on ways of living. For makers, it’s often a time to look inwards to practice. For communities, it’s an opportunity to look locally.

Senate Inquiry Report Says It All

NAVA Media Release

Senate Committee delivers arts inquiry report

After an intensive 4 months of holding public hearings around the country, the Committee for the Senate Inquiry into arts funding has finally delivered its report.

This draws from a staggering 2718 submissions and the evidence delivered at the hearings by over 200 witnesses.

It is important to read the summary of that material and the 12 recommendations for action by the Government in the majority report.

Photo: Joan Cameron-Smith.

Art Wires - November

View our November 2015 NAVA Art Wires e-newsletter here.

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Finding Harmony in Diversity towards a National Consensus

With renewed global urgency to find harmony in diversity, peace can only come about where all voices at the margins can be expressed, heard and valued. The place to entrench freedom of expression is in an inclusive vision about our shared identity. Yet Australia has had only two national cultural policies in the last 25 years, Creative Nation and Creative Australia. Incoming governments threw both out, leaving long periods of no policy direction whatsoever.

2015 Sainsbury Sculpture Grant awardees announced

NAVA is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2015 Sainsbury Sculpture Grant: Jamie O'Connell, Roberta Rich, Salote Tawale, and Tim Woodward

Q and A with Amanda Buckland

Amanda Buckland is passionate about the power of creatively to transform people and places. As a cultural planner, project manager and educator, she connects government, artists and communities. She works for Not for Profits, Local Government and in the Health, Art and Education sectors. She has designed a course for NAVA online called “So where to from here? Alternative income sources for artists".

Greater than the sum of the parts: cultural funding and the power of diversity

Cultural diversity underpins so much of value in Australia. It creates an exciting country which is enjoyable to live in. It also ensures innovation flourishes, because where cultures intersect differing world-views come into contact and fixed ideas and old ways of doing things are challenged.

A Tale of Two Cities: the case for equity

In February this year, the NSW Premier and Minister for the Arts launched a new arts funding package for Western Sydney. A number of commitments focused on Parramatta including $10 million to develop a business case to relocate the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta. Only an additional $7.5 million over four years was allocated to support artists and organisations across the remainder of Greater Western Sydney.

Diversity is the Same but Different

Since the theme for this Art Wires is ‘diversity’ I am thinking of how it might apply to the matter which has been preoccupying the art world and NAVA for the last six months. The previous Arts Minister, George Brandis tried to convince us that diversity of government funding sources was a good thing and was one of the reasons he had created the National Program for Excellence in the Arts (NPEA). However, resistance built to what the sector suspected was instead going to be another way of diverting yet more resources to privilege the major performing arts companies, the polar opposite of diversity. Brandis seemed to be of the opinion that excellence was their prerogative and the rest were mediocre.

NAVA responds to Arts Minister's decision on NPEA

Media release

It is with very mixed feelings that the visual arts sector has greeted the Arts Minister, Mitch Fifield's announcement of the long awaited resolution of uncertainty surrounding government funding for the arts.

ArtsPeak: New arts minister fronts the sector

Return the money to the Australia Council was the strong message from over 60 arts delegates from around the nation who met with Federal Arts Minister Mitch Fifield at a National Arts Sector meeting in Sydney today. The delegates also heard from Labor Senator Jacinta Collins, Greens MP Adam Bandt and the Shadow Arts Minister Mark Dreyfus MP.

Media Release from ArtsPeak: the confederation of peak national arts organisations

National Arts Sector Roundtable

Free the Arts is organising a National Arts Sector Roundtable in Sydney on 6th November from 10.00am - 4.00pm at Performance Space, Carriageworks.

NAAE welcomes final endorsement of The Australian Curriculum: The Arts

Media release from National Advocates for Arts Education

The Australian - 28th October 2026 – Arts Reporter

In line with her soon to be released Platform Paper no. 45, cultural strategist and co-director of Positive Solutions, Cathy Hunt projects ten years into the future and proposes how strategic cultural policy made today could have extraordinary ripple effects into the future for both artists and arts organisations.

Utopia and how to get there

In trying to answer the question ‘what does Utopia look like?’ The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA)’s dream was, and still is, that in time Australia will be recognised internationally as one of the great arts nations.

Could we get an artist to be our Prime Minister?

We can’t get our Prime Minister to be Arts Minister, but could we get an artist to be our Prime Minister? That would make for a very different kind of Utopia. Poland, Iran, Albania, Britain, they’ve all done it. Why not Australia? And what better time than now? Our new PM pines for an Australia that is agile, innovative and creative.

Q&A with Clare Cooper

We chat to Clare Cooper who has created a monthly arts futuring program at the University of Technology, Sydney where she is currently lecturing in Interdisciplinary Design Studies, Design Thinking and Researching Design History.

Q&A with Claudia Nicholson

Claudia Nicholson is one of four 2015 recipients of NAVA’s Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists. Through her multi-disciplinary practice, Nicholson explores Latin American folklore, pre-Columbian artefacts and Chola culture. For her, this research is an avenue for understanding her position amongst Australian, Latino and Amerindian cultures. Through the support of this scholarship, Nicholson will travel throughout South and Central America to visit various cultural events and shop for ‘counterfeit goods’.

Utopia - what do you wish for?

We asked representatives across different sectors to start a discussion on perspectives for the future.
You can contribute your thoughts and your vision to the prompt: Utopia - what do you wish for by emailing a paragraph (100-150 words) to

ArtsPeak seeks urgent meeting with the Arts Minister Fifield

Letter from ArtsPeak to Senator Mitch Fifield sent on 16 October 2015.

Q&A with Heidi Axelsen

In July Sainsbury Sculpture Grant 2014 recipients, Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline completed their artist residency at Australia House, Echigo Tsumari, Japan (2013-2015). In collaboration with fellow Australian artist Nathan Hawkes, and the local Japanese community, they developed a new public art work, 2000 Waraji 200 Feet which was commissioned especially for the 2015 Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale. During Axelsen and Moline's installation of their recent work Owner Occupy in Martin Place Sydney, part of the Groundwork 2015 festival, we spoke to Heidi about their latest project and how their residency experience has shaped their practice.

ArtsPeak calls for new measures to deal with state/territory arts budget impact

ArtsPeak media release

Art Fairs are the New Black

Following the blow dealt to the art market by the global financial crisis in 2008, it has been slow in recovery but is undergoing significant shifts. Many commercial galleries have closed, but new models for selling have emerged. Like biennales, art fairs are proliferating around the world. They are the emergent key marketplace for showcasing artwork for sale and diversifying the collector base. Sydney has just had a spate of simultaneous art fairs but all very different from one another. In their wake, it is good to reflect on the different models they offered.

Sydney Contemporary Comes of Age

Chloé Wolifson reports on the success of this year's fair, the experience of several participating galleries and its popularity with collectors and the general public.

Q&A with Art Collective WA

We chat to Art Collective WA's Chair, Merrick Belyea, and Director Felicity Johnston about their unique gallery model, the circumstances surrounding its formation and its focus on the careers of established Western Australian artists.

On the Current Health of Commercial Galleries

In a series of voxpop interviews at Sydney Contemporary we asked several gallerists for their perspective on the state of the commercial gallery scene.

Arts Sector Welcomes Change of Minister

National Association for the Visual Arts

Media release

Call for Turnbull to fix the arts mess

National Association for the Visual Arts
Media Release
Tuesday 15 September 2015

NAVA at Sydney Contemporary

NAVA will be at Sydney Contemporary and we need your help! We’re looking for volunteers who are available throughout the art fair from the 10th to 13th September to help us staff the NAVA stall in the Media Hub area and to be part of our roving team. This is an exciting opportunity to be at the heart of Sydney's thriving contemporary art scene over the four days.

Hobart Public Hearing

A public hearing for the Senate Inquiry into the impact of the 2015/16 and 2016/17 Commonwealth Budget decisions on the Arts will be taking place in Hobart this Thursday. Many of Tasmania's key arts personnel and artists have been called as expert witnesses. (CAT's Chair, Neil Hadden and Director, Michael Edwards will speak.)

The hearing is open to the media and the public. There will be limited seating available.

What is needed to foster Australian craft and design?

In grappling with this challenge, great ideas have emerged out of conversations amongst some really accomplished Australian practitioners, curators, writers and academics. These discussions were precipitated by the Women in Design colloquium organised in July by Design Tasmania and held in Launceston, Tasmania.

Framing Design

Simone LeAmon, Hugh Williamson Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture, the National Gallery Victoria writes on the importance of design, it's influence on cultural practice and production, and the importance of cultural institutions in providing a platform to critique and champion design.

Q&A with Jessie Mitchell

With an interesting practice at the intersection of art, craft and design, emerging practitioner Jessie Mitchell introduces her work, her experience working with traditional craft practitioners in Hanoi, and the challenges that lie ahead for the future of Australian craft and design.

LNP snubs arts funding inquiry

Media release from #freethearts

Arts sector gearing up for Senate Inquiry public hearings

Media release by Free the Arts

Senate Inquiry Hearings

Five public hearings have been confirmed for the Senate Inquiry into the impact of the 2014 and 2015 Commonwealth Budget decisions on the arts and will take place across Australia over the next six weeks.

ArtsPeak Laments Real Impact of Australia Council Cuts

Media Release

Harrie Fasher wins the 2015 Windmill Trust Scholarship

Media release

The Windmill Trust and the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) are delighted to announce Harrie Fasher as the recipient of the 2015 Windmill Trust Scholarship.

In the Midst of Chaos One Good Thing

If nothing else, one good thing to come out of the artquake caused by the funding cuts in the last two Federal Budgets, is the coalescing of the arts sector into a formidable machine. There has been a clear demonstration that when sufficiently pushed, the arts can speak with one voice. The more than 2260 submissions to the Senate Inquiry into the arts cuts was an amazing show of strength of conviction by the arts community and its supporters, audiences and participants of all kinds.

The future of arts advocacy

For Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) and the communities they engage with, the arts has always been a vehicle for social justice. Jade Lillie, Director & CEO of FCAC on the future of arts advocacy.

Q&A with Dr Terry Wu

This month we interview Dr Terry Wu, collector, an indefatigable advocate for the arts, and NAVA Board Member, Terry endeavours to contribute to the wellbeing of artists and visual art in Australia. Terry serves as a Board Director of Heide Museum of Modern Art and supports institutions and events including the National Gallery of Victoria, The Melbourne Festival, Sydney Biennale and the new Australian Pavilion for Venice Biennale.

Huge Response to Senate Inquiry into Arts Funding

Media release
The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) applauds the huge response - over 2260 submissions from around the country and overseas - to the Senate Inquiry into the impact of the 2014 and 2015 Commonwealth Budget decisions on the arts. (continues below)

ArtsPeak responds to announcement of NPEA guidelines

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NPEA Value for Money?

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The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) the peak body representing the professional interest of Australia’s visual and media arts, craft and design sector, today responded to the release last night of the draft guidelines for the ‘National Program for Excellence in the Arts’ (NPEA), by pointing out that they are similar to, but much narrower than the programs already offered by the Australia Council for the Arts.

Our Future In Our Hands: National Arts Sector Meeting #2

A message from Free the Arts

Make a submission to the Senate Inquiry

Senate Inquiry investigating the impact of the 2014 and 2015 Commonwealth Budget decisions on the Arts

National Arts Gathering Calls for Immediate Halt to NPEA

Media Release - Free the Arts

Brandis out of touch

Yesterday, federal Arts Minister Senator George Brandis demonstrated his disdain for the broader arts sector when he chose to ignore an invitation to meet with 65 independents artists and representatives of arts organisations who had travelled from every state and territory to meet with members of all three main political parties at Parliament House in Canberra.

Impact of budget cuts on the visual arts sector

As a journalist, I’m called upon to travel to Canberra annually to report on the federal budget. In most years, issues such as health, education and defence are paramount. This year’s budget was different. One of the most interesting announcements was a short section in the budget papers concerning the Ministry for the Arts.

Regional gallery faces shadow of uncertainty

Since its establishment in 1992 KickArts Contemporary Arts has earned a reputation as a vital entity within Australia’s creative ecology. It has done so by consistently delivering over 25 exhibitions and projects yearly from emerging and established artists.

The Commonwealth Arts Budget Fallout

Arts activists this week are celebrating the success of the call for a Senate Inquiry by ArtsPeak (the confederation of national peak arts organisations). Labor and the Greens proposed the motion in the Senate on 16 June and were supported by all crossbenchers. The Inquiry will be conducted by the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Reference Committee for report by 15th September.

State and Territory Impact of the Federal Arts Budget

A letter from ArtsPeak, The Confederation of Peak National Arts Organisations to state and territory arts ministers

Australia Council Funding Cuts - National Call to Action

Take Action to Protect Australian Arts from Deadly Cuts

Queen's Birthday Honours List

NAVA congratulates the following individuals who were recognised in the 2015 Queen's Birthday Honours List for their service to the visual arts and craft sector.

ArtsPeak Calls for Senate Inquiry

Media release

Mass Dance Action - Friday 22nd May - Nationally

This is a national call to action in response to Minister Brandis' plan to take $104.8 million from the Australia Council and transfer it to a proposed National Centre for Excellence in the Arts. Organisers are calling on artists, artsworkers and art-lovers all over to join together in a mass dance action across Australia on Friday 22 May at 1:30pm EST.

Federal Arts Budget Changes

In the 2015 Federal Budget, there was an announcement by the Government of proposed cuts to the Australia Council's budget to establish a new parallel program called the National Programme for Excellence in the Arts.

The Possibilities of Art Money

This month NAVA's Executive Director, Tamara Winikoff discusses the various ways artist generate income from their practice, the art market, legislation in favour of artists, and the recent Art Money initiative.

Q&A with Mike Parr

Renowned Australian performance artist Mike Parr on the challenges of maintaining an independent practice since the 1970s, eschewing government funding and establishing one of Australia's landmark ARIs Inhibodress.

Q&A with Phillip Keir, Keir Foundation

NAVA speaks to Phillip Keir, co-founder of the Keir Foundation, and Chairman of the Biennale of Sydney about his support of the Arts within the realms of "arts incubation" and "venture capital".

Crowdfunding for the Visual Arts

Crowdfunding is when a group of people come together to support a project, often in exchange for a perk or reward. Not just a one-off fundraising tool, an artist can expand their connections as well as bring their creations to life. Anna Maguire, author of Crowdfund it! shares her top tips to maximise your chance of crowdfunding success.

Public Art EOI Survey

NAVA is currently conducting a survey to collect feedback from artists about their experiences with public art commissions.

The information compiled from this survey will be used to inform a round table discussion with various government bodies that commission public art works.

Please follow this link to have your say.

Artists and the City

NAVA Executive Director Tamara Winikoff discusses the use of artists to provide vitality and excitement in public spaces and the problems that arise in the process of commissioning public art projects.

A Very Beautiful Laundromat

Using the laundromat as a small business model and place of public gatherings, Rebecca Conroy's latest artist led project attempts to strike the balance between the feast and famine of creative work.

Creativity in the Public Domain

Rachel Healy, City of Sydney Executive Manager Culture (Cultural Policy), discusses the City's goal for creative interventions to transform Sydney, provide new work opportunities for artists and remake the urban experience for its residents and visitors.

Q&A with Jordan Bryon

NAVA speaks to Jordan Bryon, one of the winners of NAVA's Soup Sessions in 2014, about her upcoming project and challenges to her arts career.

Artists Resale Royalty Scheme meeting

At a meeting on 20th March 2015, members of the visual arts sector had fruitful discussions with Senator George Brandis QC, Minister for the Arts and his Arts Adviser Michael Napthali about the Artists Resale Royalty Scheme.

Artists, you are the brand

NAVA Executive Director Tamara Winikoff delves into the risks and rewards of maintaining a public profile as an artist and the skills needed to cultivate your own brand.

The importance of mentorships

Tony Albert talks about the power of mentorships and the importance of sharing knowledge with fellow artists.

8 tips for staying connected

The life of an artist can sometimes be a lonely one - but only if you let it. Monica Davidson of Creative Plus Business details 8 tips for isolated artists to stay connected.

Q&A with Cementa15 artists

From 9 to 12 April, 2015, over 60 contemporary artists from both Sydney and regional NSW will participate in Cementa15, an arts festival that celebrates the state of contemporary art in Australia and the community of artists that generate this strange, challenging, and wonderful way of looking and thinking about the world. NAVA spoke to some of those artists about the strategies and challenges experienced when producing their work.

Protect the Resale Royalty scheme for Australian Artists

Become your own advocate and make your voice heard to protect Australian artists' resale royalty rights.

Artists Rights International

Working towards the recognition of artists' professional status is a worldwide issue. Executive Director Tamara Winikoff discusses the work being done overseas and the repercussions for Australia.

A bite from the Big Apple

Michael Zavros, a recent beneficiary of the Australia Council for the Arts' residency program, gives a glimpse into his time at Greene Street studios and the effects on his practice.

Status of the artist

Pavol Kral, MA, President of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts, provides insight from an international perspective on the goal to improve the legal and social status of artists.

​Q&A with Sainsbury Sculpture Grant recipients

NAVA had a chat with Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline, two of the recipients of the 2014 Sainsbury Sculpture Grant, about their practice and upcoming residency in Japan.

Designs System Review

In response to the Federal Government's 'Review of the Designs System', NAVA has lodged a submission which calls for changes to the crossover between copyright and designs registration, patent law, lowering the cost of registration and harmonisation of Australian law with an international agreement.

Racial Discrimination Act change?

The attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has reignited a debate in Australia about whether changes should be made to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, that bans language that offends, insults or humiliates people.

Top things list time

As we drag ourselves lethargically back to the arts coalface, where do our thoughts wander as we say goodbye to late rising, leisurely coffees/beers with mates and sunburn, sand in the mouth days at the beach? This time of year is special. It's top numbers time as we look back and forward to identify the best and worst of everything.

Review of the Cultural Property Act

In the wake of the return by the National Gallery of Australia of what have been revealed as stolen artworks – the Seated Buddha statue and last year the Dancing Shiva – Federal Arts Minister, George Brandis has announced a review of Australian legislation governing the export and import of cultural property.

Why now is the time to invest in craft

Liana Heath, CEO of Artisan, discusses the impact of investing in craft.

A crafty Christmas

When standing in front of a beautifully crafted thing, do you find yourself mentally trying to make it yourself? Doesn't it make your heart sing even if you fall back defeated and just give up and buy it? And anyway it's Christmas, a time of indulgences. However, as lovers of beautiful things we need to be conscious that behind the object lies a life of dedication to a practice that can be both hugely rewarding but also precarious.

New measures to tackle online copyright infringement

NAVA at the IAA 5th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

Going straight from Sydney summer to midwinter in Seoul, Korea gave a strong incentive for NAVA's Executive Director, Tamara Winikoff to have indoor meetings. She was one of the delegates to the International Association of Art (IAA) 5th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference where she had useful discussions with people from more than a dozen countries around the world about potential collaborations.

Artist Interview: Sarah O'Sullivan

NAVA spoke to Sarah O'Sullivan on her arts practice as a ceramicist.

​A consequential national visual arts summit?

As we emerge from the whirlwind that was 'Future/Forward: the National Visual Arts Summit', NAVA is reflecting on how well our objectives were achieved and what the participants thought of it. During the event, the Twittersphere was electric with comment but we know that the real value will be if it continues to resonate and have impact long after it's over.

Future/Forward Day One Plenary

Hannah Mathews provides a summary of the points raised and key observations of the first day of the Future/Forward summit.

Future/Forward Day Two Plenary

Dr Biljana Jancic distills the core themes and discussions of the second day of the Future/Forward summit, highlighting the underlying theme of artist as agent.

​Arts education in schools is under attack

In late October 2014, representatives of the National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE) of which NAVA is a member, went to Canberra and met with advisers to the Education Minister and senior members of his department to explain our objections to the recommendations in the Review of the Australian Curriculum – Final Report. We are also arranging meetings with Education Ministers in every state and territory prior to the COAG meeting in early December.

Congratulations to our recent grant recipients

Congratulations to all of our recent grant recipients for the New South Wales Artists' Grant, Australian Artists' Grant, Sainsbury Sculpture Grant and Carstairs Residency Prize.

Seen & Heard at Future/Forward

For those who couldn't attend Future/Forward, NAVA has collected some comments, tweets and pictures from speakers and attendees.

​Contemporary Art, Pop-up Exhibitions and the “New Normal”

Joanna Mendelssohn discusses the current trends of exhibiting contemporary art in Australia.

Back to Normality

Ben Eltham looks at cultural policy in Australia where the 'new normal' is a replication of the old.

​What’s Normal in the Visual Arts?

In the tidal wave of change, what is becoming the new 'normal' in the visual arts?

​Q&A with Elvis Richardson

NAVA spoke with Elvis Richardson, artist, academic and author of the blog, CoUNTess, on her practice and experience as an artist.

Artist Interview with Noriko Nakamura

Noriko Nakamura was one of the recipients of the Sainsbury Sculpture Award last year. Based in Melbourne, she has exhibited as a solo artist and as part of groups in Melbourne, New Zealand and her native Japan. Here she talks to us about the inspirations behind her work.

Artist Interview with Owen Leong

Owen Leong is a contemporary artist who explores the body as a physical site of exchange for social, cultural and political forces. Owen talks to NAVA about his career path and the steps taken to get there.

NAVA launches Future/Forward

Register now for Future/Forward - a two-day summit to provoke new thinking about Australian visual arts. Held from the 6 to 7 November 2014 at Carriageworks, NSW.

​Arts Stats Dumped

Until now art statistics have provided essential information to governments and the sector itself. But no longer.

Q&A with Barry Keldoulis

NAVA's new Chair, Barry Keldoulis, talks about his experiences working for a New York 'art tsar' and his current role as Director of the Melbourne Art Fair and Sydney Contemporary.

For the Love of Art

Ursula Sullivan, owner of Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art, discusses her love of art fairs and how they are essential in developing audiences for galleries and artists alike.

​The Melbourne Season for Art Fairs

Eve Sullivan, the new Executive Editor of Artlink Magazine, talks about the proliferation of art fairs and their sign of a healthy and growing market.

The Open Curatorial Studio (OCS) in residence at Fontanelle

For artists is avoiding disaster just too hard?

How to protect yourself if your gallery goes bankrupt.

Visual Arts Budget Wrap

We can expect some belt tightening in the visual arts for the next four years. The recent federal budget announcements for our sector are not good.

Artist Activism

Are we on the brink of seeing the Australia Council make it a requirement of funding to have support from the business sector? This could become a new battleground for many arts organisations and artists resisting the imposition of a power partnership between the state and business.

My New Year’s Art Resolutions

I'm staring at the blank slate of a new year and resolving what I must do to make this the best arts year ever…..