Protect the Resale Royalty scheme for Australian Artists

Become your own advocate and make your voice heard to protect Australian artists' resale royalty rights.

About 9 months ago NAVA organised a petition with regards to artists' resale royalty rights which was then sent on to the Arts Minister George Brandis. We know that the scale of the response impressed the Minister and demonstrated that artists really do care about this right.

We are still waiting for Mr Brandis to make a decision, but time is running out. We are concerned that there has been strong lobbying by those opposed to the scheme.

NAVA and a small delegation of artists and art industry people will be meeting with the Minister on 20th March to press for the scheme to be allowed to continue unhindered.

We ask that you show your support for our request by sending an email or letter to the Minister to that effect.

If you wish you can use the text below or write your own.

Email address:

Hard copy letters:

Senator the Hon George Brandis QC

Ministry for the Arts

Level 2, 4 National Circuit


If you want to check the current state of what is being delivered by the scheme, you can go to Copyright Agency's website


(Address and date if in hard copy)

Dear Minister Brandis

I understand that you are shortly to make a decision about the future of the artists' resale royalty scheme.

I strongly support the resale royalty right for artists in Australia similar to the royalty entitlement enjoyed by authors and composers.

This scheme makes an important contribution to the sustainability of artists' careers and builds a stronger and more professional creative sector in this country.

It also ensures greater transparency in the dealings of art intermediaries and thus protects the integrity of this industry.

For artists whose incomes are are well below the average, this valuable source of income helps to sustain their careers and the contribution they make to the social, cultural and economic well being of the Australian community.

It is of particular importance to Indigenous artists and their communities, to whom it has been delivering a large proportion of the almost $3 million in royalties collected thus far.

I call on you to continue the scheme without in any way altering or compromising it for at least the next five years .

I look forward to your sympathetic response.

Yours sincerely

(Signed ...)