OPEN LETTER: Australia's artists call for Government action

Hundreds of artists, curators, academics, publishers, arts workers, and leading art galleries and museums COVID19 call for income support measures in an open letter to the Australian Government.

This week, Australia’s contemporary arts, craft and design industry welcomes MPs back to Parliament with the call to act now to ensure fair access to COVID19 income support measures:

“We are around five hundred of Australia’s artists, curators, installers, technicians, artist-run spaces, galleries, art museums and sector organisations. Together, we represent memberships of over fifty thousand practitioners. Together, we create the experiences that search your emotions, heighten your curiosity and reframe your expectations.

“Our work draws on the oldest and richest traditions we have, expands our thinking, and creates new possibilities. Through our work, Australians find compelling new ways to understand our world and create our future.

“Today, we’ve come together to ensure that a thriving visual arts, craft and design industry can survive COVID19 to inspire the nation – and that means supporting our work right now.

“Our work is relied upon by millions of Australians. Visual arts and craft are Australia’s most popular artform, and visiting art galleries and museums is the most popular arts activity for overnight visitors to capital cities, according to Australia Council research – which makes our work vital to economic recovery in a world without international tourism.

“Now that restrictions are being eased and announcements made about galleries and museums re-opening, we understand how easy it might be for you to think that everything’s fine now. It’s not.

“Across Australia, in just one year, we create 26,000 works of art, present 13,000 exhibitions and events, and teach 15,000 workshops and classes, according to the most recent NAVA S2M: The economics of Australia’s small-to-medium visual arts sector. Right now, all of our public-facing work is under threat, right when millions of Australians are relying on us the most. 

“Tens of thousands of livelihoods are at stake because JobKeeper, JobSeeker and the business cash flow boost were never made available across the arts sector. 

“We applaud the Australian Government for listening and responding to public demands for a wage subsidy and business cashflow support. We applaud the Treasurer for making adjustments in response to calls for fairer eligibility for non-profit organisations.

“Today we reiterate the calls we have made across three months now – both as individuals, and as a united industry – for that support to be made available to all of us. 

“Unless income support is available to everyone whose creative work is casual and short-term across multiple employers, it will take years for the industry to recover. Over 42% of arts workers in our field are employed on a casual basis, according to the most recent NAVA S2M Report. 

“Unless local government and universities are able to claim JobKeeper and the cashflow boost, Australia will lose valuable pathways to professional practice, and our finest galleries and museums will be jeopardised, especially regionally, where audiences will suffer most. 

“Unless the Australian Government acts now, Australia’s entire economic recovery will be undermined – we can see from the Australia Institute’s analysis just how much that recovery relies on our work. 

“To assess the full impacts and plan next steps, the National Association for the Visual Arts is bringing the industry together for a summit on 16 July. By that day, we hope they’ll be assessing constructive impacts and not cataloguing irreparable damage. 

“We urge you to act now:

  • Extend JobKeeper to casuals who have been employed at least 3mo; harmonise income averaging arrangements between the ATO and Centrelink, so that artists can claim JobSeeker without losing that income because irregular cashflows aren’t recognised; extend JobKeeper to the end of January 2021;
  • Expand eligibility for all income support to local government and universities, noting that local government are Australia's biggest owners of galleries and museums (especially regionally), universities house Australia’s leading art schools and internationally recognised galleries and museums, and both sectors hold nationally significant art collections of First Nations and Australian art
  • Introduce a substantial $500m recovery fund accessible to all arts and cultural organisations across all artforms and at all scales, including for volunteer-, community- and artist-run museums and galleries, many of which may not be able to re-open without support. This should include targeted funding to support infrastructure and operational upgrades for arts organisations, museums and galleries – allowing us to quickly invest in necessary upgrades to our facilities and operations, to ensure post-pandemic regulatory compliance for managing and maintaining public wellbeing;
  • Increase the Australia Council’s grants budget by at least $70m per year so that artists and SMEs can be supported, noting that the Australia Council has jeopardised its future industry development capacities by cancelling all upcoming programs to repurpose funds into a small $5m emergency relief scheme;
  • Permanently double the Regional Arts Fund;
  • Increase the acquisitions budget of Artbank and the National Cultural Institutions so that they can invest in the work/livelihoods of living Australian artists, and remove the efficiency dividend;
  • Restore artwork investment for self-managed superannuation funds by adding an “exhibition” provision, reinvigorating the commercial art market and incentivising investment in artists’ livelihoods;
  • Make art prizes and awards tax-free, removing the inequity where the donor of the prize receives a tax deduction while the winner receives a tax burden; 
  • Establish an arts and culture working group to advise the National COVID19 Coordination Commission to identify opportunities to minimise and mitigate employment and business impacts in one of Australia’s worst-impacted industries, and ensure a swift, sustained recovery for the entire economy.”


107 Projects Incorporated
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Aanya Whitehead, Executive Director, Western Riverina Arts
Acorn Creative Group
Adam Stone, artist
Aidan Ryan, Illustrator
Ainslie Macaulay
Alan Hill, School of Art, RMIT University
Alannah Dair, independent artist (NSW)
Aleks Danko, artist and educator (Vic)
Alexandra Clapham, artist and arts worker
Alexandra Crosby, academic and arts worker
Alex Lundy, artist, printmaker
Alex Seton, artist
Alex Stalling, artist and arts worker
Alex Desebrock
Ali Barker, arts worker
Alice Fennell, Designer
Alice Mathieu, Exhibition Officer, RMIT Gallery
Alissar Chidiac, NSW
All Conference
Alysha Herrmann, artist & arts worker (SA)
Amala Groom 
Amalea Smolcic
Amalia Lindo, Artist
Amber Cronin, Independent Artist (SA)
Ambrose Keogh
Amelia McLeish
Amy Coleman
Amy Spiers
AñA Wojak, Independent artist
Andrea Eckersley, Artist, Educator RMIT University
Andrea Smith, Artist/Arts Business Educator
Andrew Atchison, artist and educator
Andrew Clapham, Artist & Designer
Andrew Hagan, artist and academic, Charles Sturt University
Andrew Stapleton, College of Design and Social Context, RMIT University
Andrew Tetzlaff, artist and arts worker (Vic)
Andy Butler, artist and writer
Angela Clarke, artist-educator (Vic)
Angela Stretch
Angie Goto, artist and art educator 
Anita Bacic, Media Artist
Anita Johnson Larkin artist
Anita Lord, independent Artist
Anna Carey
Anna Schoo, producer and arts worker (Vic/NSW)
Anna Taylor Independent Artist
Anne Ferran, Artist
Anne MacDonald, Artist
Annemaree Dalziel
Anne Mills
Anne Norman
Annette Nykiel, slow maker (Preston Beach, WA)
Annika Harding, artist, curator, and researcher
Ann Thomson Artist
Anthony Hodgkinson, Artist
Antoinette J. Citizen, Artist
Arab Theatre Studio (NSW)
Archie Moore, Artist
Arlo Mountford, Artist and Educator 
Arna Singleton, dancer, choreographer director, program officer, teacher (Vic)
Art Association of Australia and New Zealand
Artists’ Benevolent Fund
Art Monthly Australasia
Arts Central Queensland
Arts Narrogin
Arts Project Australia
Ashleigh Campbell
Ashley Perry, Artist, Teaching Associate, University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Paul Rae, University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Dominic (Redfern)
Audrey Newton
Australian Arts Amidst Covid19 
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Australian Ceramics Association
Australian Design Centre
Australian Museums and Galleries Association
Australian Museums and Galleries Association Victoria
Azelia Maynard, artist
Barbara Bolt, artist, writer and Director of the Victorian College of the Arts
Beck Pope, artist and arts worker
Benison Kilby, writer and curator
Benjamin Sheppard Artist and associate lecturer RMIT School of Art
Benjamin Woods, artist and teaching associate at Monash University
Bernadette Boscacci, Artist, Curator, CCD worker (Qld) 
Betty Musgrove, Visual Artist and arts worker at Women’s Circus
Bianca Couchman, Arts worker
Bianca Hester, artist, writer and Senior Lecturer, UNSW Art & DesignBlak Dot Gallery (Vic)
Blak Douglas, artist
Bonnie Boogaard, artist
Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative
Bree Cribbin, artist
Brendan Smith
Brian Robinson, artist
Brigid Moriarty, Arts Worker
Bronwyn Coate
Bronwyn Hughes, Personal Assistant, RMIT School of Art
Bus Projects
c3 Contemporary Art Space
C.Moore Hardy, Social Documentary Photographer, Artist (Sydney, NSW)
Caitlin Fargher, artist, arts worker and curator (Tas)
Cameron Stanton, sculptor
Camille Whitehead, Arts Worker (NSW)
Carben Copy Production Designers
Caroline Kennedy, artist Melbourne
Caroline Phillips, independent artist and curator
Caroline Rothwell, artist
Carolyn Eskdale, artist, lecturer, RMIT School of Art
Carolyn Marks
Casey Thornton, visual artist (WA)
Cassandra Tytler, independent artist, sessional academic
Cate Broadbent, Designer
Catherine Clover Independent Artist
Catherine Truman, Artist (SA)
Cat Jones (NSW)
Cementa Inc.
Charlie Gunn
Charlie Sofo
Charlotte Day, Director, Monash University Museum of Art
Cherie McNair, Project Manager, Peer, Producer
Chris Bendall, Critical Stages Touring
Christian Capurro, artist
Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, artist and educator (NSW)
Clare Cooper, artist, USYD design lecturer
Claire Healy, artist
Claire Field, curator, artist, art consultant (NSW)
Claire McArdle, artist
Clare Jackson, artist
Clancy Hauser Arts Administrator (Vic) 
Clarence Arts and Events at Rosny Farm Arts Centre (Tas)
Constance ARI
Consuelo Cavaniglia, artist, sessional academic
Contemporary Art Organisations Australia (CAOA) 
Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah
Copyright Agency
Craig Bunker, cartoonist
Damian Dineen, Independent Artist (regional Victoria)
Dan Elborne
Danielle Freakley, Artist
Dan Goronszy, independent artist and producer
Danica Chappell, artist & sessional academic 
Darcey Bella Arnold, artist
Darren Wardle, artist
Dave Horsley, Screenwave International Film Festival
David Chatfield
David Chesworth, artist & composer
David Forrest, Professor, School of Art, RMIT University
Debris Facility 
Deborah Kelly, artist
Deborah Williams, Artist, Program Coordinator Visual Arts RMIT University
Denise Ferris, ANU School of Art & Design Canberra
Design Tasmania
Despoinas Media Coven -  autonomous artist collective
Diana Baker Smith, artist and lecturer UNSW Art & Design
Diego Bonetto
DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre - Adam Bennett & Rachel Riggs
Dónal Molloy-Drum
Doug Ford, Songwriter
Dr Andrew Hazewinkel, Visual Artist
Dr Ceri Hann (RMIT University) - Artist, art worker 
Dr Courtney Pedersen, QUT
Dr Drew Pettifer, School of Art, RMIT University
Dr Fan Dongwang, Artist. 
Dr Grace McQuilten, School of Art, RMIT University
Dr Ionat Zurr, UWA
Dr James Farley, Artist, Curator, Lecturer in Photography, Charles Sturt University
Dr Jan van Schaik, RMIT University Architecture, Future Tense Pty Ltd, Minifie van Schaik Pty Ltd, NETS Victoria, WRITING & CONCEPTS
Dr Joanna Mendelssohn, VCA University of Melbourne
Dr Jordan Lacey, School of Design, RMIT University
Dr Julie Montgarrett Independent artist/arts worker
Dr Kate Scardifield, School of Design, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Laresa Kosloff, Senior lecturer and professional artist 
Dr Marcia Nancy Mauro-Flude, RMIT University
Dr Marnie Badham, School of Art, RMIT University
Dr Michael Graeve, School of Art, RMIT University
Dr Monika Schott, Deakin University
Dr Paula Abood, community cultural worker/writer
Dr Rea Dennis, Deakin University
Dr Robbie Karmel, Artist, Studio Studio
Dr Sally Mannall, School of Art  RMIT University
Dr Sam Bowker, Art Historian, Charles Sturt University
Dr Sarah Robinson, Independent Artist/Researcher
Dr Torika Bolatagici, Deakin University
Dr Willhemina Wahlin, Acting kAssociate Head of School, Lecturer in Design, School of Communication and Creative Industries, Charles Sturt University
Duncan Meerding, Artist 
Dylan Batty, Arts worker (NSW)
Ebony Russell, Artist
Elise Barton, Arts Worker, RMIT University
Elise Higginson Artist “Dynamic Abstract Arts” (Qld)
Elizabeth Fulcher
Elizabeth Gehde, Queensland Museum Network
Elizabeth Lee artist
Elizabeth Marsden, Collections & Archives Manager, RMIT University
Elizabeth Pedler, independent artist (WA)
Ellie Beck, independent artist & educator (NSW)
Ellen Cisneros, Artist, Photographer (Qld) 
Ellis Hutch Artist
Emily Parsons-Lord, Artist
Emily Valentine
Emma Hamilton, Artist
Emma Porteus, artist and arts worker (Tas)
Erik North, arts worker, RMIT University
Estelle Briedis, Printmaker
Esther Anatolitis, writer, arts worker
Eugenia Lim, artist
Eva Abbinga, artist
Eva Nilssen, artist
Favour Economy
Fibres West Inc. 
Field Theory Collective (Melbourne)
Fine print magazine (Adelaide)
Fiona Hillary, School of Art, RMIT University
Fiona Kemp, Artist
Fiona Sinclair, artist and arts worker
Fleur Summers, School of Art, RMIT University
Forest Keegel, artist
Frances Barrett, Artist
Frontyard Projects Inc.
Gabbee Stolp, Artist (Tas)
Gabrielle Courtenay
Gabrielle de Vietri, independent artist
Gabrielle Sullivan
Gary Carsley, artist
Gemma Weston, Perth Festival
Georgia Banks; Artist
Georgie Cyrillo, arts worker
George Egerton-Warburton
Gertrude Contemporary 
Ghita Loebenstein, Programmer, The Capitol Theatre, RMIT University 
Dr Glenn Wallace
Gideon Payten-Griffiths, artist
Gillian Kayrooz, Artist
Giselle Stanborough, artist
Good Grief Studios, (Tas)
Graeme Lush
Guy Keulemans, designer and lecturer, UNSW
Hamish Keogh
Hannah Foley
Hannah Gartside, artist (Vic)
Hayley Roberts, artist
Heather Hesterman, artist
Heide Museum of Modern Art
Heidi Axelsen, artist
Helen Coleman, artist
Helen Pynor, artist
Helen Rayment, Curator, RMIT Galleries
IsaHelen Shrewsbury, Designer
Helen Smith, performing artist
Helga Groves,artist
Helen Walter, architect
Hetti Perkins, curator and writer
Hilary Dodds
H Morgan-Harris, artist, writer, curator
Hoda Afshar
Holly Macdonald, independent artist
House Conspiracy 
Ian Haig, artist
Ian Kemp
ICOM Australia (International Council of Museums, Australia) 
Illustrators Australia
Ingrid Hoffmann, curator
Ingeborg Hansen, arts administrator, artist
Irene Karageorgiou, Cultural Officer, Clarence City Council (Tas)
Isabella Hone-Saunders, artist, curator, arts worker (Vic)
Isabella Radevski, arts worker, RMIT University
Izabela Pluta, artist and lecturer UNSW Art & Design
Jacina Leong, artist-curator
Jacob Leary, artist
Jacob Raupach, artist (Vic)
Jacqueline Doughty, arts worker (Vic)
Jacqui Herrmann, artist (NSW)
Jacqui North, arts administrator (NSW)
Jacqui Shelton, artist and educator
James McDonald, artist
Jamie O’Connell, artist, educator, University of Melbourne
Jane Gillings Artist/ art educator (NSW)
Jane King, Gallery Manager (WA)
Jane Trengove, artist
Janet Burchill, artist
Janet Carter
Janet Laurence, artist
Jasmin Stephens, curator and educator
Jelena Telecki, artist
Jen Jamieson
Jen Kerr artist and arts worker
Jenna Sten
Jennifer Cochrane
Jennifer Conroy-Smith, Artist and sessional lecturer, School of Art, RMIT University
Jennifer McCamley, artist
Jennifer Noorbergen, creative producer
Jennifer Turpin, Independent Artist, Turpin Crawford Studio
Jennifer Tyers, Artist
Jeph Neale, Artist
Jeremy Eaton, Artist, writer, arts worker
Jess Cook
Jess Innes
Jess MacNeil, artist
Jessica Row, artist and arts worker (Vic)
Joanna Herbig, Open Arts Consultancy, Arts worker, Kambalda Cultural and Arts Group
Joanna Kambourian, independent artist (NSW)
Joanna Sulkowski, artist, arts worker and curator (WA)
Joanne Linsdell, artist
Joan Ross
Jo Darbyshire, visual artist, curator (WA)
Jodie Whalen, Artist and Artist Educator 
Joel Crosswell, independent artist (Tas)
John A Douglas, Artist and Arts worker
Jon Butt, Artist, Curator, Director c3 Contemporary Art Space
Jordan Halsall, artist (Vic)
Jordan Marani,  artist (Vic)
Joseph Griffiths, artist & arts worker (Vic)
Joseph Pickett, producer (Tas)
Josh Prouse
Judith Nangala Crispin, artist and poet
Judy Annear, writer
Julian Bowron
Julia Powles, artist
Julie McCarthy, conservator, artist
Julie Pitts, visual artist, filmmaker (Ipswich, Qld) 
Julie Vulcan, independent artist (NSW)
Just Another Agency
Karen ann Donnachie, Artist (Vic)
Karen Black, Artist (NSW)
Karen Golland
Karen Hall, arts worker (NSW)
Karike Ashworth, artist, art worker & university tutor (Qld)
Kassandra Bossell artist, Myrtle St Studios (Marrickville, NSW)
Kate Blackmore, artist, sessional academic UNSW Art + Design
Kate Coyne, artist
Kate Lefoe, Filmmaker (Vic)
Kate Rhodes, Curator, RMIT Design Hub Gallery (Vic)
Kate Smith, artist (NSW)
Kati Rule, artist, Arts worker (Vic)
Katie Sfetkidis, artist (Vic)
Katie Ryan, Artist, arts worker
Kay Abude, artist and teaching associate, Monash University 
Keely Macarow, School of Art, RMIT University
Keg de Souza, artist
Keila Terencio de Paula, artist
Kelly Doley, Artist (NSW)
Kenneth Suico, artist, & tech SoA RMIT University (Vic)
Kerrie McKenzie
Kevin Murray, Secretary, World Crafts Council Australia
Khaled Sabsabi, artist
Kiama Art Workshops
KINGS Artist-Run Initiative
Kirsten Haydon, Contemporary Art Jeweller, Artist, Educator
Kristen Sharp, Academic and writer
Kush Badhwar
Larissa Riss Melanie, artist (Qld)
Larrikin Puppets
Laura Carthew, artist and educator (Vic)
Laura Tilley 
Lawrence English, Artist and curator
Laxlan Petras
Lee-Ann Joy
Leen Rieth
Leeton Art Society Inc, community group (NSW)
Leslie Eastman, artist and academic (Vic)
Lichen Kelp, Artist & Curator (Vic)
Linda Knight, Artist (Vic)
Linda Sok, Artist and Arts worker (NSW)
Lionel Bawden, Artist (NSW)
Lisa Campbell-smith, projects, Contemporary Art Tasmania 
Lisa Corsi
Lisa Patroni, Visual Artist (Clovelly, NSW)
Live Particle, artist-educators, (Vic)
Lisa Radford, artist, writer, educator (Vic)
Lizzie Muller, Associate Prof. at UNSW Art and Design (NSW)
Lost Eden Creative, ARI (Dwellingup, WA)
Louise Martin-Chew, art writer (Qld)
Louise Rollman, Independent Curator
Louise Zhang, Artist (NSW)
Lu Campbell-Smith, artist
Lucas Ihlein, Artist
Lucreccia Quintanilla, artist
Lucy Parakhina, arts worker
Luke Aleksandrow, artist
Luke George, Artist (Vic)
Lynda Roberts, Public Assembly, artist and enabler (Vic)
Maissa Alameddine, Artist (NSW)
Mandy Burgess, artist
Mandy Quadrio, artist
MAPA art and architecture (NSW)
Marcia Swaby, Visual artist, Jewellery & Objects (NSW)
Maria Blackwell, artist
Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Artist 
Marina DeBris, Artist (NSW)
Marisa Georgiou, Independent Artist (Brisbane, Qld)
Mark Friedlander, Artist (Vic)
Martien van Zuilen, Independent Artist (Perth, WA)
Mary Hackett, artist and educator (Vic)
Mary Scott, independent artist and writer (Tas)
Matthew Moore, Visual Artist, Visual and Creative Arts Deakin University Student (Adelaide, SA)
Max Lawrence White, artist
Megalo Access Arts (ACT)
Megan Perkins, Designer and Artist (Tas)
Megha Nikhil, Operations Coordinator, RMIT Culture
Melanie Feddersen, Designer
Melbourne Art Review 
Melissa Delaney, creative practitioner
Melissa Ryke, visual artist (Qld)
Meyne Wyatt, Visual and performing artist
Mia Salsjö, Artist (Vic)
Michaela Bear, Curatorial Assistant, RMIT Design Hub Gallery (Vic)
Michaela Gleave, artist (NSW)
Michele Elliot, artist/educator (Illawarra, NSW)
Michelle Hamer, Independent Artist
Michelle Le Dain, visual artist
Michelle Slarke, Artist & Writer (Lake Grace, WA)
Mignon Steele, Artist (Illawarra, NSW)
Miles Blow, artist, filmmaker (Ipswich, Qld) 
Miška Mandić, artist, film-maker (NSW)
Monika McInerney ACT
Monique Redmond, Artist & Educator
Mulesfilm, stop motion animation, prop makers, special FX makeup (Ipswich, Qld) 
Myles Prangnell
Nadine Christensen, artist
Nadia Hernández, Independent Artist
Nancy Constandelia, Artist (NSW)
Nancy Ladas, collection manager (Vic)
Narelle Desmond, Artist
National Association for the Visual Arts
NETS Australia
NETS Victoria
Nick Croggon, art historian
Nick Ashwood, Artist (NSW)
Nick Selenitsch, Artist, Lecturer, VCA, The University of Melbourne
Nicholas Mangan Artist, Educator, Monash University (Vic)
Nicholas Pearce, Gallery Coordinator, The University of Melbourne
Nicola McClelland, Artist (Vic)
Nicole Barakat, Artist
Nicole Ellis, visual artist, educator (NSW)
Nicole Monks, artist and designer (NSW)
Nicolette Benjamin Black
Noela O’Keefe, Artist
NorthSite Contemporary Arts
Biljana Novakovic, Artist
Nuala Furtado, CEO Executive Director
Nusra Latif Qureshi, Artist, Melbourne
Olympia Barron, AFI Research Collection RMIT
Outer SpacePACT 
Owen Leong, artist
Pari (NSW)
Paula Toal, Head of Cultural & Public Engagement, RMIT University
Payam Parishanzadeh, Collie Art Gallery
Penelope Benton, artist and arts worker
Penelope Forlano, artist and designer (WA)
Pennie Jagiello, Artist, CAE tutor, sessional Lecturer, School of Art, RMIT University
Perran Costi, Artist
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Peter Strong, artist
Peter Westwood, artist 
Phillip Doggett-Williams, Artist
Philippe Vincent, artist
Photo Australia
Professor Anna Gibbs Western Sydney University
Professor Daniel Palmer, School of Art, RMIT University
Professor David Cross, Deakin University
Professor Ross Harley, Dean Department of Art and Design, UNSW
Professor Simone Douglas, Parsons School of Design, The New School, NYC
Public Galleries Association of Victoria
Public Galleries Queensland (PGQ)
Punctum Inc
pvi collective
Raafat Ishak, artist and educator (Victoria)
Raphael Buttonshaw, School of Art, RMIT University
Rebecca Beardmore, Artist, Academic, Sydney College of the Arts, USYD
Rebecca Kilpatrick, Artist; museum FoH casual & Master Museum Studies graduate ‘19
Rebecca Najdowski, Artist
Rhett D’Costa artist, academic
Rhianna Walcott, Artereal Gallery 
Rhiannon Hopley, photographer
Rhonda Murray, artist
Richard Harding, artist, curator (Vic)
Robert Myers, freelance photographer (Wagga Wagga, NSW)
Robin Bold, artist, maker
Robyn Phelan, artist (Melbourne) 
Rocky Street Press
Ro Murray, visual artist
Romy Dingle 
Rosa Mar Tato Ortega, Artist
Rose Agnew, artist
Rosie Miller, artist, educator
Rox De Luca, visual artist (Bondi, NSW)
Ruben Keogh
Ruckus Slam (Brisbane)
Saara Roppola, Visual/Performing Artist (Bris, Qld)
Safak Gurboga, Artist, Victoria
Sai-Wai Foo, Artist
Sally Kidall, visual artist, NSW
Sam Holt, Visual Artist
Sanné Mestrom, Artist and Academic, SCA, University of Sydney
Sally Rees, Artist
Sarah crowEST, Artist
Sarah Last, Artist & Curator
Sarah Rodigari, Artist
Sally Smart, Artist
Sarah Tomasetti Artist and lecturer School of Art RMIT
Sassy Park, artist 
Sawtooth ARI
Sean Cordeiro, Artist
Sean Lowry, artist and academic
Shayne O’Donnell, artist
Shireen Taweel, Artist 
Shivanjani Lal, Independent Artist
Sidney McMahon, Independent Artist
Siobhan Sloper, Arts Administrator, Curator
Simone Sheridan, Independent Arts worker and Curator 
Sofi Basseghi, Artist
Sofie Burgoyne
Sophie Knezic, writer, artist & academic
Spencer A. Reid, Artist 
Spiros Panigirakis, artist and educator
Stacy Jewell, Arts worker and Curator
Stella Chen independent artist and arts worker 
Stella Eastman, life model and arts worker
Stephanie Cox, Independent arts worker
Stephanie Powell, Visual Artist
Stephen Bush, artist
Steven Rendall, artist
Stuart Bailey, Artist and Art Educator
Studio A 
Su-An Ng, media artist
Sue Sacchero
Sue Wright, Artist and Art Educator
Sullivan+Strumpf (Sydney)
Sunshine Print Artspace,
Susan Cartner
Susan Flavell, artist
Suzie Attiwill, designer, curator, academic
Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
Suzon Fuks
Svenja, Independent Artist
Svetlana Bailey, artist
Sylvia Schwenk, Artist
Tania Smith, Artist
Tanya Chaly, visual artist
Tanya Reek, artist
Tara Badcock, Visual Artist & Theatre volunteer worker
Tarryn Gill, Artist (WA)
Tay Haggarty, Artist
Terri Bird, artist and educator Monash University
Tessa Zettel, artist (NSW)
Tess Maunder, VAULT Magazine, Independent Curator and Writer
Test Pattern
Thao Nguyen, artist, curator
the aerie: (St Peters, NSW)
The Childers Group (ACT)
Theia Connell, artist + curator
The Mill (Adelaide, SA)
Therese Keogh, artist
The Third Space
Tim McLeod, arts worker, RMIT University
Tim Panaretos (Tas)
Tommaso Nervegna-Reed, artist (Vic)
Tom Carment, artist/writer
Tom Polo, artist
Tony Albert
Tortuga Studios, artist-run warehouse studio space (St Peters, NSW)
Tracey Lamb, independent artist (Melbourne)
Trent Crawford, artist (Vic)
Tristan Chant, artist and arts worker
Tully Arnot, Artist
TwentyOne Program
Tyhe Reading, Graphic Designer, Lecturer in Design, Charles Sturt University
Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts
UNSW Galleries
Vanessa Keenan, Wagga Wagga City Councillor and independent Curator 
Varuni Kanagasundaram, Artist, School of Art, RMIT University
Verity Hayward, arts worker, RMIT Culture
Victoria Hynes, arts writer
Lou Hubbard School of Art VCA University of Melbourne
Vittoria Di Stefano, visual artist and sessional lecturer, School of Art, RMIT University
Watch This Space ARI
Wendy Garden
Western Riverina Arts
West Space
White Rhino Artspace
Will Hunt
Women’s Art Register
Xavier Modoux, ceramicist
Yu Fang Chi, Artist and sessional lecturer, School of Art, RMIT University
Yusi Zang, artist (Vic)
Yvonne East, artist and casual academic, UNSW Art + Design
Zanny Begg
Zeina Iaali, Artist, Educator 
Ziga Testen, graphic designer and sessional lecturer, RMIT University