NAVA at the IAA 5th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

Going straight from Sydney summer to midwinter in Seoul, Korea gave a strong incentive for NAVA's Executive Director, Tamara Winikoff to have indoor meetings. She was one of the delegates to the International Association of Art (IAA) 5th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference where she had useful discussions with people from more than a dozen countries around the world about potential collaborations.

The IAA is gradually trying to expand its scope around the world.

Currently it extends across five cultural regions - Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe. It claims to have over 100 member organisations worldwide.

Art activity in Turkey

"We want people to catch the virus of art" - presentation on public art activity in Turkey.

The IAA supports the international co-operation and exchange of artists, free from any aesthetic, political or other bias and aims to improve the economic and social position of artists on a national and international level. It co-operates with UNESCO and co-ordinates its activities with those of other organisations concerned with the arts and culture.

Delegates at Heyri Art Village

The Korean Artist Day Award Ceremony where 34 Korean artists were honoured for their contribution.

NAVA has in the past represented Australia on the IAA. We are investigating whether to rejoin in order to work with IAA members in other countries on issues of artists' working conditions, social security systems, rights and the free flow of artworks. Concrete benefits for NAVA artist members would be that the IAA issues an identity card for professional artists, which grants concessions or free entry to many museums worldwide. The IAA also issues a certificate for the customs authorities, which refers to a UNESCO agreement allowing artists in principle to import their works into any signatory state without restriction.

Jakapan Vilasineekul and Tamara Winikoff OAM.

(L-R) Jakapan Vilasineekul, member of the Executive Committee Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre with NAVA Executive Director Tamara Winikoff OAM.

IAA Conference.

Photo: Tamara Winikoff OAM.