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Networking 101

This factsheet provides a simple introductory guide on how to network like pro.

Q&A with Jordan Bryon

NAVA speaks to Jordan Bryon, one of the winners of NAVA's Soup Sessions in 2014, about her upcoming project and challenges to her arts career.

Q&A with Cementa15 artists

From 9 to 12 April, 2015, over 60 contemporary artists from both Sydney and regional NSW will participate in Cementa15, an arts festival that celebrates the state of contemporary art in Australia and the community of artists that generate this strange, challenging, and wonderful way of looking and thinking about the world. NAVA spoke to some of those artists about the strategies and challenges experienced when producing their work.

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Your Local Community

This factsheet looks at different options for artists to build contacts with their local community.

​Q&A with Sainsbury Sculpture Grant recipients

NAVA had a chat with Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline, two of the recipients of the 2014 Sainsbury Sculpture Grant, about their practice and upcoming residency in Japan.

Review of the Cultural Property Act

In the wake of the return by the National Gallery of Australia of what have been revealed as stolen artworks – the Seated Buddha statue and last year the Dancing Shiva – Federal Arts Minister, George Brandis has announced a review of Australian legislation governing the export and import of cultural property.

NAVA at the IAA 5th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

Going straight from Sydney summer to midwinter in Seoul, Korea gave a strong incentive for NAVA's Executive Director, Tamara Winikoff to have indoor meetings. She was one of the delegates to the International Association of Art (IAA) 5th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference where she had useful discussions with people from more than a dozen countries around the world about potential collaborations.

Artist Interview: Sarah O'Sullivan

NAVA spoke to Sarah O'Sullivan on her arts practice as a ceramicist.

Congratulations to our recent grant recipients

Congratulations to all of our recent grant recipients for the New South Wales Artists' Grant, Australian Artists' Grant, Sainsbury Sculpture Grant and Carstairs Residency Prize.

Seen & Heard at Future/Forward

For those who couldn't attend Future/Forward, NAVA has collected some comments, tweets and pictures from speakers and attendees.

​Q&A with Elvis Richardson

NAVA spoke with Elvis Richardson, artist, academic and author of the blog, CoUNTess, on her practice and experience as an artist.

Artist Interview with Owen Leong

Owen Leong is a contemporary artist who explores the body as a physical site of exchange for social, cultural and political forces. Owen talks to NAVA about his career path and the steps taken to get there.

NAVA launches Future/Forward

Register now for Future/Forward - a two-day summit to provoke new thinking about Australian visual arts. Held from the 6 to 7 November 2014 at Carriageworks, NSW.