How to use the NAVA Advocacy Toolkit

NAVA is calling on all parties to Invest in Artistic Courage and we need your help – all tens of thousands of you! – to get that message directly to your local member. 

Too often, arts investment falls off the political radar because MPs don’t understand its importance to us – to all of us.

Can you imagine the impact if we all acted? And encouraged others to do so?

The NAVA Advocacy Toolkit is your step-by-step guide to achieving that impact.

The Toolkit invites you to choose your level of engagement: Social? Activist? Citizen?

  • Social means making advocacy a part of your everyday conversations, both offline and on.
  • Activist means taking specific action to get in touch with political decision-makers and make your expectations clear.
  • Citizen means taking an ongoing interest in the decisions that are being made on your behalf, so that you can be the best social advocate and activist you can be.


What can I do right now?

  • Share our campaign on social media
  • Ask your favourite arts organisation or business to endorse the campaign, sharing it through their networks, subscriber lists and social media
  • Contact the candidates running in your electorate and ask them to commit to the campaign – here’s our sample letter as a guide – or start with a phone call and ask them what their arts policy is and what it means to them

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