Visual arts, craft and design organisations urged to contribute to Arts Workforce Study

NAVA strongly urges all arts organisations to take a vital survey aimed at identifying workforce challenges and skills needs before the Wednesday 19 June 2024 deadline.

All visual arts, craft, and design organisations are invited to participate in a crucial survey aimed at identifying workforce challenges and skills needs within the creative sector. This initiative will inform the Department of Employment Workplace Relations (DEWR) on necessary training and skills development.

Purpose and impact

The Department of Employment Workplace Relations (DEWR) has established industry-specific Jobs and Skills Councils to address labour and skills shortages, with Services and Creative Skills Australia (SaCSA) representing the arts sector. The findings will guide DEWR in developing training and skills development programs tailored to the needs of our sector. Results will also serve as a key resource for the sector, providing updated insights and supporting advocacy work. 

The Arts Workforce Study

SaCSA has contracted Creative Australia to conduct the Arts Workforce Study to shape SaCSA’s first Workforce Plan and future vocational education and training package reviews. This study is an initiative of Revive: a place for every story, a story for every place. Creative Australia will share the findings with the sector later this year.

Your role

This survey is essential for collecting detailed data on workforce needs that are not available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) or other sources. Participation from your organisation will provide valuable insights to guide government policies and sector advocacy priorities.

Leadership and guidance

NAVA Executive Director Penelope Benton has joined the new Arts Strategic Workforce Advisory Committee (SWAG) to provide ongoing visual arts insights to SaCSA over two years. This effort is part of an Australian Government initiative aimed at enhancing skills development, employment opportunities, and economic growth.

Call to action

NAVA strongly urges one representative per organisation (CEO, GM, or HR) to complete the survey, which takes approximately 45 minutes. The survey closes on Wednesday 19 June 2024.

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Visual arts, craft and design organisations urged to contribute to Arts Workforce Study