ArtsPeak takes up the Leadership Challenge with Expanded Executive Team

ArtsPeak Media Release

ArtsPeak, the confederation of Australian national peak arts agencies, has announced some exciting changes including the appointment of an expanded, eight member executive group. The new interim ArtsPeak executive is:

Tamara Winikoff – National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA)

Nicole Beyer – Theatre Network Australia

Henry Boston – Chamber of Arts and Culture WA

Merryn Carter – Performing Arts Touring Alliance (PATA)

Emma Bennison – Arts Access Australia

Julie Dyson – National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE)

Lena Nahlous - Kultour

Sarah Moynihan and Norm Horton – Feral Arts

Current ArtsPeak co-conveners Winikoff and Beyer are thrilled with the make-up of the executive and believe that the new model will enhance ArtsPeak’s capacity in the coming years.

Ms Beyer said: “We are delighted to have such a talented, experienced and diverse leadership team put their hands up to join us and help steer ArtsPeak through a critical period of transition and growth. With a federal election just around the corner it will be another busy year for the arts sector nationally and ArtsPeak is gearing up to play a leading role. This injection of energy and expertise comes at a perfect time”.

Following united action across the arts sector in 2015 and the findings of the Senate Inquiry, ArtsPeak is in the process of expanding its scope to become a voice for the whole Australian arts sector. Established in 1999, over its history ArtsPeak has advised various governments, arts departments and funding bodies on arts industry issues to underpin their policy decisions.

Ms Winikoff said: “The experience of 2015 really highlighted the urgent need for stronger and more effective leadership at a national level. The overwhelming advice from across the country was to build on our current assets rather than start from scratch. With an eighteen-year track record of connecting and coordinating the sector nationally, ArtsPeak represents our best starting point.”

Winikoff continued, “Many of the leading voices last year were individual artists and producing companies which did an incredible job in coming together under the Free the Arts banner. We have learned from that success and aim to make the most of that momentum and goodwill in growing national infrastructure that is responsive, inclusive and sustainable. Now is the right moment to change and expand.”

Partnership with FeralArts

ArtsPeak has also announced a new partnership with one of its member organisations, Feral Arts. Under the terms of the agreement Feral Arts will provide significant practical and strategic resources to help ArtsPeak deliver its services and expand its role in 2016. This work will include assisting with web based communications, social media, correspondence, database development, website development, branding and graphic design.

ArtsPeak co-convenor Nicole Beyer said: “The new partnership is a natural step from the collaborative work we did with Feral Arts in 2015. We highly value the leading communication and coordination role that they played at a national level during 2015. This partnership brings that expertise and capacity to the table at a critical time in the evolution of ArtsPeak and the growth of the sector more broadly. We are honoured to be working in a more formal capacity with Feral Arts’ Norm Horton and Sarah Moynihan from 2016 onwards.”

For media comment please contact:

Nicole Beyer, Director, Theatre Network Australia 0432 609 658

Tamara Winikoff OAM, Executive Director, National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) 02 9368 1900