NAVA responds to the Federal Budget

NAVA responded with caution and concern for the future Australian culture that the Australian Government’s Budget 2019-2020 has neglected.

Why can’t a $7.1bn surplus fund a $7.1bn vision?

Media Release

“Australians expect budgets to make responsible investments in what we value most,” said Executive Director Esther Anatolitis. “Achieving a budget surplus has long been a political football – a game that means nothing to voters who only want our taxes to be invested responsibly for the common good.

In deeds, not words: what is Australia’s cultural policy?

War Memorial

In the absence of a national policy, how do Budget 2019’s political decisions reveal the unwritten values that frame our cultural life? 

Esther Anatolitis published in the Daily Review, 3 April 2019

“Back in the black” armband

Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg proudly proclaimed that the federal budget was “back in the black.” What does this actually mean for the Australian culture?

Esther Anatolitis published in Eureka Street, 3 April 2019

No new Australia Council funding despite expert agreement and industry push

Jar labelled budget filled with coins.

In a budget designed to win an election, the Australian Government has actively chosen not to invest in the practitioners who create our future. 

Esther Anatolitis published in Arts Hub, 3 April 2019