Hello from NAVA's new Executive Director

What an honour to be behind the Executive Director’s desk at this crucial organisation. It’s been a delightful day so far as I’ve been settling in, asking questions, and making plans with the impressive women who drive NAVA.

Speaking of asking questions. What are the nation’s most critical discussions at the moment? Where is the artist’s voice not being heard? And how can artists begin to lead the national cultural agenda? Last week we asked our Members to let us know how we’re doing, as well as reflecting on how to get the most out of NAVA Membership. We’re also keen to know your thoughts on our advocacy priorities, and we’ll have more to say about this as we map out the coming year.

You may have seen the Australia Council’s announcement that, for the first time, invites artists to offer proposals for the Venice Biennale. While this development has been a response to changes in the Biennale’s own rules, the announcement has angered some philanthropists. NAVA encourages artists to take an ambitious view of their practice and consider making a proposal.

Finally, we’ve got just days left to contribute to the Fake Art Harms Culture campaign – with thanks to the Arts Law Centre of Australia, the Indigenous Art Code and Copyright Agency | Viscopy for their leadership on this. Fake “Aboriginal-style” art, craft and souvenir design undermines the practice of First Nations artists, exploits story and disrespects culture. Submissions close this Friday 3 November and here’s how to contribute.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you across the next few months as I travel across the country. We’ve got so much good work to do together,


PS: Be sure to respond to the NAVA Member Survey by 18 November 2017!

Photo by Sarah Walker.