NAVA Members add your voice

NAVA will be submitting responses to these upcoming inquiries and consultations and encourages you to add your voice to help ensure that policy and investment is well informed and effective in supporting visual artists, arts workers and organisations.

Tips for writing submissions

  • Clearly address some or all of the questions in the provided terms of reference or discussion paper (you do not need to address each one)
  • Expressing where and why you agree or disagree are equally important, as are your views and ideas for alternative initiatives
  • Make it relevant and highlight your own perspective
  • Be concise, generally no longer than four to five pages
  • Begin with a short introduction about yourself or the organisation you represent
  • Emphasise your key points so that they are clear
  • Only include information you would be happy to see published online (unless you request that your submission is kept private).

Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Deadline 10 May 2024

The Senate Inquiry into Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) will consider the opportunities and impacts for Australia arising out of the uptake of AI technologies, including:

  • recent trends and opportunities in the development and adoption of AI technologies in Australia and overseas, in particular regarding generative AI;
  • risks and harms arising from the adoption of AI technologies, including bias, discrimination and error;
  • emerging international approaches to mitigating AI risks;
  • opportunities to adopt AI in ways that benefit citizens, the environment and/or economic growth, for example in health and climate management;
  • opportunities to foster a responsible AI industry in Australia;
  • potential threats to democracy and trust in institutions from generative AI; and
  • environmental impacts of AI technologies and opportunities for limiting and mitigating impacts.

Inquiry into economic self-determination and opportunities for First Nations Australians

Deadline 24 May 2024

The Joint Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (JSCATSIA) has launched an inquiry focused on enhancing the economic self-determination and opportunities for First Nations peoples.

The inquiry will consider:

  • Opportunities for, and barriers to training, employment and business development;
  • Impediments to building the economic and social infrastructure required to support economic prosperity in the long term, including barriers to building the economic and social infrastructure required to support industry and business to expand and create jobs;
  • Options to unlock capital and leverage intellectual property, the Indigenous Estate and First Nations skills to elevate First Nations people as economic partners;
  • The international and intergenerational experiences of fostering economic independence for First Nations communities.

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) rights consultation

Deadline 15 June 2024

Through the National Cultural Policy, Revive, the Australian Government committed $13.4 million over 4 years to introduce new stand-alone legislation and other measures, to protect traditional knowledge and cultural expressions, including to address the harm caused by fake art, merchandise and souvenirs. 

This consultation is seeking your views, particularly from First Nations people, including artists and organisations, on what you want protected under the new stand-alone legislation. 

Inquiry into insurers’ responses to 2022 major floods claims

For individuals and communities affected by the 2022 floods the online survey and submissions will close by 31 July 2024.

On 7 August 2023, the House of Representatives asked the Standing Committee on Economics to inquire into insurers’ responses to the unprecedented levels of claims resulting from certain flood events across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in 2022. The committee would like to know more about the experiences of those affected by the floods when dealing with their insurers.