Parliamentary Inquiry Report lays the groundwork for an optimistic future for the arts

Media Release

The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) enthusiastically welcomes the report and recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions. The report, Sculpting a National Cultural Plan: Igniting a post-COVID economy for the arts, was tabled late yesterday by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts. 

A healthy, sustainable arts industry will allow Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions to emerge from the COVID-19 public health emergency and allow Australia’s arts to reach new heights.
Dr Anne Webster MP, Chair of the Committee.  

“We commend this Inquiry and the more than 5,000 responses the Committee received from our industry via the survey or in written submission form as well as the comprehensive contributions made by many of our colleagues at the public hearings throughout the year,” said Penelope Benton and Mimi Crowe, Co-Directors of NAVA.

“The 22 recommendations made in the report provide a pathway to achieving greater recognition of the arts as a major contributor to the social, cultural and economic wealth of Australia.”

“NAVA highlights two recommendations in particular which need an urgent response: that the government develop a national cultural plan in consultation with the arts industry; and the title of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications be amended to include the Arts.”

“This report demonstrates the Committee’s understanding of the value of arts education, local content quotas, economic empowerment, business and financial management development investment, building a professional industry, and the dire need for comprehensive data collection through the Australian Bureau of Statistics.”

“NAVA is positive about working in partnership with the government to build on the nearly 40 year history NAVA has in setting standards and advocating for best practice professional working conditions for the visual arts.”

“We have the experience and are ready for the government to consult with NAVA in regard to its Code of Practice for the Australian Professional Visual Arts Sector. Our current revision work promoting the development of a robust arts ecology that can sustain and support artists’ careers while preparing organisations, institutions and policymakers for working with and for artists in financially transparent, culturally competent and ethical ways will inform the recommendations outlined in this report.”

“NAVA also commends the report recommendation that the government continue to monitor and assess the need for further funding to Support Act as the public health emergency continues. Again, we urgently call on the government to broaden the allocation of crisis support funding either to NAVA’s Artists’ Benevolent Fund or open the Support Act funding to visual artists.”

“The big takeaway from this report is that they listened to the sector. The report and recommendations demonstrate a broad reaching understanding and national expectation that art and creativity are valuable to the nation.”

- Penelope Benton and Mimi Crowe, Co-Directors

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