NAVA Members add your voice

NAVA will be submitting responses to these upcoming inquiries and consultations and encourages you to add your voice to help ensure that policy and investment is well informed and effective in supporting visual artists, arts workers and organisations.

Tips for writing submissions

  • Clearly address some or all of the questions in the provided terms of reference or discussion paper (you do not need to address each one)
  • Expressing where and why you agree or disagree are equally important, as are your views and ideas for alternative initiatives
  • Make it relevant and highlight your own perspective
  • Be concise, generally no longer than four to five pages
  • Begin with a short introduction about yourself or the organisation you represent
  • Emphasise your key points so that they are clear
  • Only include information you would be happy to see published online (unless you request that your submission is kept private).

Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Registers Reform

Deadline 19 February 2023

The reform is intended to transfer administration of the 4 unique DGR categories from portfolio agencies to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with the aim to make all DGR categories consistent in administration, reduce red tape imposed on endorsed organisations, and simplify the application process for organisations seeking DGR status.

Australia's Disaster Resilience

Deadline 20 February 2023

The Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Disaster Resilience is looking at the support required to improve resilience and response to natural disasters as well as alternative models to disaster recovery.

Questions include the role of Australian civil and volunteer groups, not-for-profit organisations and state-based services in preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural disasters, and the impact of more frequent and more intense natural disasters on their ongoing capacity and capability; and consideration of alternative models.

Education and Other Legislation Amendment (Abolishing Indexation and Raising the Minimum Repayment Income for Education and Training Loans) Bill 2022

Deadline 24 February 2023

The bill refers to all student debt and training loans (higher education (HELP), VET, trade support loans, ABSTUDY, student start-up loans) and aims to abolish indexation on all student loans and to raise the minimum income threshold for when people need to start repaying their student loans.

Deadline 7 March 2023

This review is seeking your views on whether Australia’s copyright enforcement regime remains relevant, effective and proportionate, and whether existing enforcement mechanisms could be supplemented or strengthened without imposing unreasonable administrative or economic burdens.

National Cultural Policy

Deadline 9 March 2023

This Senate Inquiry aims to provide an opportunity to examine the new National Cultural Policy — Revive: a place for every story, a story for every place in detail ahead of the May budget.

Cost of Living

Deadline 10 March 2023

This Senate Inquiry will examine cost of living pressures; the Government’s fiscal policy response to the cost of living; ways to ease cost of living pressures through the tax and transfer system; and measures to ease the cost of living through the provision of Government services.

Inquiry into Workforce Australia Employment Services

Deadline extended to 17 March 2023

This is an opportunity to raise issues with Centrelink, the mutual obligation requirements, or the new online points system. The Inquiry is looking into:

(a) the implementation, performance and appropriateness of Workforce Australia Employment Services;

(b) the extent to which Workforce Australia Employment Services delivers services in a way that is fair, leaves no one behind, respects individuals’ diverse needs, and supports job seekers into secure work, in particular, its support for long term unemployed and young people; and

(c) other matters in relation to Workforce Australia Employment Services.