Introducing NAVA’s Code of Practice Training Courses

Enrol today and learn how to apply the Code’s recommendations to your work and practice.

Upholding ethical standards and embracing good industry practices in the professional contemporary arts sector is crucial. To empower artists, arts workers and organisations with the necessary knowledge and understanding, NAVA proudly announces its new online, interactive Code of Practice Training Course.

Endorsed by the Australian Government as part of National Cultural Policy - Revive, the Code of Practice for Visual Arts, Craft and Design (the Code) is an essential resource for artists, arts workers and organisation staff at every level. Whether it’s making pivotal decisions, forming agreements or nurturing effective working relationships, the Code serves as a map for ensuring a collaborative, equitable, creative, and inclusive sector.

The training course aims to clarify the Code's application in real-world situations, helping participants understand its relevance and how to apply it effectively to everyday tasks and bigger challenges.

Through interactive learning modules, including instructional videos, exercises and case studies, we will dissect various sections of the Code. Additionally, participants will have access to a dedicated community message board to exchange insights and foster a collaborative learning platform.

There are four Code of Practice Training Courses tailored for:

Each course is $139 per person, with NAVA Members receiving a 30% discount. Access the coupon code or become a member to receive this discount.

For NAVA Organisation Members purchasing courses for their employees, discounts are available based on the number of employees:

  • 10-19 employees receive a 35% discount
  • 20-29 employees receive a 40% discount
  • 30 or more employees receive a 45% discount

For bulk purchases, please email to inquire, as these will be processed manually by our team.

Depending on the time you invest in the exercises, the course can take between approximately 30 to 90 minutes. Each course grants participants one (1) year of access to the learning materials and community message boards, ensuring ample time for exploration, reflection, and application. 

At the end of the course, each participant will:

  • Master Code access and navigation.
  • Recognise the Code’s usefulness.
  • Understand the contents of the Code.
  • Effectively apply the Code’s principles.

Enrol today and learn how to apply the Code’s recommendations to your work and practice.

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Introducing NAVA’s Code of Practice Training Courses