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NAVA Members are united in the belief that artists and arts workers deserve pay and conditions that reflect their value. 

Thank you to all of our NAVA Members, former, current and new, for inspiring and sustaining our work. In 2023, NAVA:

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Changes to NAVA Membership fees

In October 2023, the base level premium for the group insurance package for NAVA Premium Plus Members increased. The NAVA Board agreed to carry the cost of this until the new year. From 1 March 2024, there will be a rise in some NAVA Membership fees. The increase is incremental, yet essential to sustain the advocacy, insurance and other Membership services that you rely on and expect from NAVA.

  • Premium Plus $365/year* with 6 types of insurance including Public Liability and Products Liability, plus all the other Premium Membership entitlements.
  • Premium (yearly) $96/year (remains at current price) and includes industry advice, access to our online resources, and loads more.
  • Premium (monthly) $8/month (remains at current price) same Premium Membership package but on a monthly payment basis.
  • Organisation $400/year* is for organisations and includes three logins for your staff to access our online resources, good practice advice, and loads more.

Membership is tax-deductible.

Image credit

Illustration by Judy Kuo, 2024.

[ID: Illustration of eight artists holding various art tools including a paintbrush, a paint palette, a ceramic jar, and a video camera on a tripod. One artist is holding a placard that reads, 'WE NEED NAVA', while another's reads, 'NAVA NEEDS YOU.'