Can you spare a few dollars to support our friends in Victoria?

A little amount goes a long way towards building the resilience of our sector.

Image: Inbal Nissim, recipient of the Artists' Benevolent Fund. Photo by Ren Pidgeon, courtesy of Creative Spaces.

Dear friends and colleagues,

With the lockdown extended and borders closed in parts of Victoria, the number of arts organisations cancelling or postponing events continues to grow.

The NAVA team remains deeply concerned for the number of casual and freelance artists and arts workers across Victoria who are now without income. 

This is why NAVA is stepping up our Artists’ Benevolent Fund fundraising efforts to give a helping hand to those in need. 

Thank you to the thousands of you, all over Australia, for making the Artists’ Benevolent Fund possible. With your help, we distributed $214,000 to 107 artists doing it tough in 2020.

But we need your help to be able to continue this support.

Will you make a small tax-deductible donation today to help our colleagues sustain their practices as they deal with experiences beyond their control?

Donate now

For those affected by the lockdown in Victoria, please know that, right now, we are all standing right beside you.

With all our very best,
NAVA team