Stop the genocide in Gaza

An open letter from artists in Australia calling for an immediate stop to the genocide in Gaza. Addressed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke, this letter represents a diverse cohort of more than 1,000 signatories and was first published in Overland.

The Hon. Tony Burke, Minister for the Arts

The Hon. Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister

We the undersigned are Palestinian, Arab, SWANA, First Nations, Bla(c)k artists and creatives and their allies, writing to express our concern and disappointment that on 16th October, 2023, you voted against condemning war crimes committed by Israel in its ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.

We refer in particular to Greens Party leader, Mr Adam Bandt’s proposed amendment to the Government Business motion in which he called on Members of the House to:

‘…condemn war crimes perpetrated by the state of Israel, including the bombing of Palestinian civilians, and calls for an immediate ceasefire between all parties and an end to the war on Gaza, recognising also that for there to be peace there must be an end to the state of Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories’

We are utterly dismayed that someone who has spent time listening to and advocating for our stories as Minister for the Arts – our stories of strength and pride as well as the intergenerational pain that has been part of the fabric of our lives – could choose to vote against a call to stop the violence, condemn Israel’s genocide and acknowledge that the path to peace and justice begins with an end to the siege on Gaza and the illegal occupation of Palestine.

Offering Palestinians support behind closed doors, but remaining silent about this political and humanitarian catastrophe in public can only communicate one thing: that Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians do not warrant condemnation and that the siege on Gaza and Israel’s illegal occupation should continue. International law and human decency demand nothing less than unequivocal recognition of the currently dire situation for 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza.

UN human rights expert and Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, has called on the international community to urgently mediate a ceasefire, warning that Palestinians are in grave danger of ‘mass ethnic cleansing’. Since October 7, the attack on Gaza has so far resulted in over 3,500 people killed (a number expected to rise) and over one million people displaced in just over ten days. This death toll includes over one thousand children, 11 journalists, 28 medical staff and 14 UN staffers. Not one of these deaths constitutes a lawful killing at international law.

And yet, in an amendment to acknowledge these atrocities, you voted NO.

Israel’s brutal siege on Gaza continues to violate international human rights law and the laws of war with impunity, denying an already struggling civilian population water, food, medicine, fuel and electricity. This blockade of resources amounts to collective punishment. Israel’s bombing of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital on October 18 is a clear demonstration of the consequences when governments around the world refuse to hold Israel to account. The attack was devastating: over 500 civilians – including doctors, nurses, volunteers and people taking shelter – were murdered and hundreds injured. Footage of a father carrying out his son’s body parts in multiple plastic bags should haunt every person of conscience.

And yet in an amendment to acknowledge these war crimes, you voted NO.

In the last week alone, entire bloodlines have been destroyed in strikes that have obliterated families, many of them refugees and children of refugees forced into Gaza’s cramped and oppressive conditions – described for over a decade as the world’s largest open-air prison – as a consequence of their original displacement in the 1948 Nakba/Catastrophe.

And yet, in an amendment to acknowledge this erasure, you voted NO.

In a time of mass disinformation and the silencing, censuring, and increased repression of Palestinians and our allies for taking a stance on Palestine, in a time when islamophobia and orientalist language have been weaponised against our communities to manufacture consent for this genocide, you voted NO.

The armed attacks on October 7 by Palestinian people cannot be de-contextualised from apartheid, extreme oppression, vicious brutality against protests and the open embrace by the Netanyahu government of policies that openly aim to exterminate the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom. The appropriate response to these and all attacks, is investigation and accountability, and addressing the root cause, namely, an end to the settler colonial regime once and for all. The dehumanization of Palestinians in corporate media and by western governments deliberately and continually paints the Palestinian people’s resistance as unprovoked and as a symmetrical relationship between that of coloniser and colonised. This position demonises the resistance of the oppressed while obfuscating the violence of the oppressor in order to justify the many war crimes and atrocities of Israel.

The state of Israel was created on stolen land 75 years ago. In the years since its ‘creation’ it has repeatedly subjected Palestinian citizens to systematic theft of land, ongoing displacement and dispossession, ethnic cleansing, the desecration of holy sites, settler violence and excessive use of force, war crimes in breach of the Geneva Conventions, and legal discrimination. It does so because western governments embolden it with their unconditional support; with their ‘no’ votes. As people who are writing this on stolen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands, we should understand our responsibilities to Indigenous communities better than anyone.

Acclaimed Black American writer James Baldwin once spoke of the pivotal role of the artist in making ‘the world a more human dwelling place’. We are the people who the media cannot gatekeep or silence, the seekers of uncomfortable truth, so we must ask: Is an unfolding genocide sufficient for politicians to say NO MORE and uncompromisingly take up the cause of the oppressed?

As artists and cultural producers, our work has the power to shape public opinion. Today, as the media wages a war against truth and strips this colonial project of its historical context, we have a unique responsibility to use our voice and artistic practices to say NO MORE! Now is the time to protest apartheid and amplify the just cause of the Palestinian people and their resistance against 75 years of occupation.

We do not create our art merely for entertainment or for profit. We create because it is a human imperative in the same way that speaking out against war crimes is a moral imperative. As an extension of both of those imperatives, and echoing demands from Palestinians in Gaza, we ask you to act now, with utmost urgency to:

  • Demand an immediate ceasefire
  • Demand immediate access to Gaza for humanitarian aid
  • Demand an investigation into Israel’s egregious attacks and war crimes on Palestinians in Gaza
  • Demand an end to Israel’s illegal occupation and apartheid regime 


Samah Sabawi, Randa Abdel-Fattah, Maher Mughrabi, Tony Birch, Richard Bell, Melissa Lucashenko, Chelsea Watego, Sarah Ayoub, Micaela Sahhar, Sara M Saleh, Natalie Harkin, Sary Zananiri, Amani Haydar, Naima Ibrahim, Sara Mansour, Amal Awad, Tan Safi, Crystal McKinnon, Amy McQuire, Karen Wyld, Lorna Munro, Meyne Wyatt, Khaled Sabsabi, Hazem Shammas, Jeanine Leane, Jennine Khalik, Dr Michael Mohammed Ahmad, Safdar Ahmed, Fadia Abboud, Hoda Afshar, Tara June Winch, Paula Abood, Mykaela Saunders, Eugenia Flynn, Alison Whittaker, Michelle de Kretser, Nathan Mudyi Sentance, Celeste Liddle, Kee’ahn Bindol, Aamer Rahman, Evelyn Araluen, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Alissar Chidiac, Aseel Tyah, Hasib Hourani, Arwa Abou Samra, Sereen Omran, DOBBY, Fahad Ali, Jumaana Abdu, Simone Amelia Jordan, Zoe Terakes, Jazz Money, Anne-Marie Te Whiu, Omar Sakr, Rawah Arja, Tarneen Onus Browne, Nazeem Hussain, Osamah Sami, Emily Wurramara, Laniyuk, Jamal Nabulsi, Alissar Gazal, Declan Furber Gillick, Jimblah, Tim Levinson - Urthboy, Iman Etri, Paola Morabito, Nicole Barakat, Laura Jean McKay, Abdul Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Ancestress, Nawal Sari, Laura McPhee-Browne, Texta Queen, Maissa Alameddine, Claudia Chidiac, Jumana Bayeh, Mouna Zaylah, Winnie Dunn, Ruby Hamad, Natalia Garcia, Ayebatonye Abrakasa, Zeina Iaali, Idil Abdullahi, Sukhdeep Singh (L-FRESH The LION), Haneen Mahmood Martin, Feras Shaheen, Matt Chun, Marcus Whale, Clementine Ford, Vyvienne Abla, Jennifer Down, Toby Fitch, Kent MacCarter, Hayley Millar Baker, Eileen Chong, Muhib Nabulsi, SJ Norman, Azza Zein, Leila Frijat, Zindzi Okenyo, Mira Schlosberg, Bilal Hafda, Omar Musa, Yumna Kassab, Warraba Weatherall, Wejdan Shamala, Brooke Scobie, Eddie Abd, Nur Shkembi, Miream Salameh, Vivian Pham, Huna Amweero, Paola Balla, MO’JU, Dan Hogan, Panda Wong, Kezia Aria, Shyamla Eswaran, Tamryn Bennett, Kaya Ortiz, Pedro Cooray, Moreblessing Maturure, SOVBLKPSSY, Shivanjani Lal, Jose da Costa, Yasmine Lewis, Aleea Monsour, Eleni Christou, Natalia Figueroa Barroso, Penelope Benton, Áine Tyrrell, Aviva Tuffield, Meyrnah Khodr, Chad Toprak, Phil Monsour, Lady Lux Eterna, Ra'fat Ali, Lizzie O’Shea, Shastra Deo, Yul Scarf, Maryanne Taouk, Gayatri Nair, Abdul Hammoud, Aamon Sayed, Tamara Haque, Michelle Cahill, Layla Mkhayber, Dhaksh Sooriyakumaran, Jonathan Dunk, Mira Oosterweghel, Freshta Nawabi, Shirley Le, Mohammad Awad, Eddie Cubillo, David Stavanger, Stuart Rees, Izzy Roberts-Orr, Daley Rangi, Lamisse Hamouda, Matilda Dixon-Smith, Jasmeet Sahi, Sofia Sabbagh, Jenanne Ibrahim, Hajer Alawsi, Adalya Nash Hussein, Adrian Mouhajer, Ahmed Sabra, Zena Maghchouch, Soaliha Iqbal, James Roy, Kristy Dickinson, Will Kostakis, Ali Jane Smith, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Aemyn Connolly, Alana Hunt, Elijah Kashmir, Alana Rivera Kingston, Josie/Jocelyn Suzanne, Dr Andrew Brooks, Hedar Abadi, Helen Kwok, Andy Butler, Annabelle Kingston, Marnie Badham, Andy Jackson, Ash Musk, Siri Hayes, Tarik Ahlip, Jabbar Al Janabi, Zoe Tomaras, Ali Jane Smith, Dominic Guerrera, Efren Pamilacan, Emma Maye Gibson, Ellena Savage, Fatima Killeen, Frankie Snowdon, Charnel Rizk, Beth Sometimes, Alana Rivera Kingston, Nick Bryant-Smith, Merenia Marin, Patricia Cornelius, Firass Dirani, Juliana, Kate Just, Katy Plummer, Lara Chamas, Lauren Burrow, Merenia Marin, Lia Kantrowitz, Mariam Abbas, Marisa Santosa, Megan Cope, Mel, Moonis Ahmad, Nicole Issa, Olivia Nigro, Rhys Ryan, Ahona Guha, Thea Elder, Thomas Hamilton, Tia Kasambalis, Leah Jing McIntosh, Timothy McQueen, Tobia Zama, Tristen Harwood, Urvi, Varuna Naicker, Vidya ‘Alan, Phoebe Lupton, Vidya Rajan, Alana Wesley, Alex Kelly, Alexandra Patrascu, Alia Ardon, Amy Claire Mills, Amy Ge, Eda Gunaydin, Amy Nelson, Amy Spiers, Andrew Cox, Andrew Goodman, Angie Taylor, Anneliz Erese, Annette Lin, Charlotte George, Ellie Fisher, Isabella Trimboli, Luke McCarthy, Miranda Aguilar, Mualla Aydogan, Del Lumanta, Jacqui Shelton, Olivia Bennett, Rizcel Gagawanan, Sophea Op, Jess Zanoni, Pascalle Burton, Amy Espeseth, Jacob Warner, Helen Chebatte, Holly Bodeker-Smith, Anita Solak, Anna Weekes, Dr.Bernadette Brennan, BINDI BOSSES, Yvie Jones, Lucia Tường Vy Nguyễn, Brietta Hague, Sarah Landro, Sarah Pannell, James Vaughan, Jan O’Loughlin, Institute for Collaborative Race Research, Melissa Lane, Amber Gwynne, Meredith Curnow, Zohie Castellano, Rania Ghandour, Sebastian Ungco, Leanne Yong, Anna Tweeddale, Cassy Polimeni, Danielle Binks, Glennys Briggs, Halima Bhatti, Jimblah, Tarzan, George Aitken, Leya Reid, Mollie Hewitt, Amani Mahmoud, Tahmina Maskinyar, Danielle Hall, Claire Deak, Clare Steele, Lolita Emmanuel, Juan Garrido Salgado, Lem Zakharia, Romaine Moreton, Rosalind Marshall, Ruba El-Kaddoumi, Sidd Sharma, Samantha Chebatte, Janome Martin, Jihad Yassine, Jessica Alice, Sandra May, Marion May Campbell, Jennifer Wawrzinek, Casey Chen, Eugene Choi, Kristy Dickinson, Charlie Sofo, Saifi Tadveen, Zainab Kadhim, Bridie Moran, Naomi Cammayo, Mayu Iwasaki, Elias Nohra, Arkie Barton, Ben Gerrard, Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh, Lina Ali, Daniel Clarke, Kawsar Elmir, Gen Fricker, Nadine Chemali, Jan Fran, DRMNGNOW, Mish Szekelyhidi, Matilda Ridgway, Tanushri-Radha Saha, Brooke Maddison, Yaseera Moosa, Ohni Blu, Rusaila Bazlamit, Tian Zhang, Meena Shamaly, Daniel Asher Smith, Jenna Guillaume, Claire Cao, Lou Garcia-Dolnik, Ronia Ibrahim, Hawraa Kash, Anita Solak, Lillian Rodrigues-Pang, Stacie Piper, Israa Merhi, Louisa Mignone, Ayesha Inoon, Fiona Hillary, Tyronne Gietzmann, Amanda Haskard, Erin Crouch, Nithya Nagarajan, Gabriel Guedelha, Sean Keenan, Tamsen Hopkinson, Deepa, Will Guthrie, Faid Ahmad, Jacqueline Larcombe, Ruth Halbert, Helen Fitzgerald, Amanda Frances Johnson, Chi Tran, Nichole Stephens, Alannah Dair, Emma Valente, Tab Sejoe, Sam Bowker, Tani Edgecombe Mueck, Melissa Abdallah, Steph Hooke, Célia Schouteden, Anders Villani, Samuel Beilby, Marwa Abouzeid, Tessa Laird, Taj Aldeeb, Francesca Garcia, Saira Krishan, Ali Kadhim, Arena Salim, Chloe, Chuyi Wang, Yasmine, Samakshi Sidhu, Yasemin Sabuncu, Kelly Doan, Majdina Widodo, Wassan Awad, Arlie Alizzi,Kelly-Ann Standley, Bailey Sharp, Anna Chen, Sarah Jajou, Isabella Nguyen, Faiza El-Higzi, Gok-Lim Finch, Angelina Chahine, Maryos Syawish, Elena Carapetis, Troijarra Ebio, Tinika Pasinetti, Sarah Ross, Sharon Connolly, Dennis Grauel, Danielle Mosley, Rubi Rios, Satara Uthayakumaran, Alison Croggon, Matthew Khouri, Dylan Manners, Claire G. Coleman, Wasielah Noorsjamsi, Tresa LeClerc, Rachel Coghlan, Tess Cullity, Christine Hatton, Marieke Hardy, Rico Craig, Fernanda Fain-Binda, Janet Galbraith, Jo Langdon, Han Reardon-Smith, Mary Subedar, Frida Johansson, Es Foong, Ender Baskan, Shiraz Mahkri, Miriam Abud, Tony Nicholas, Emily Hurley, Yen-Rong Wong, Adit Gauchan, Dana Miltins, Hannah Norris, Zahina S, Dianne Farkas, Christina Huynh, Catherine Văn-Davies, Jon Tjhia, Christine McFetridge, Alison Wong, Celine Cheung, Markela Panegyres, Judy Kuo, Dinalie Dabarera, Amuor Malou, Safiah Rind, Grace Yee, Demet Divaroren, Nicky Minus, Samantha Barahona, Emma Hartley, Victoria Manifold, Katie Maher, Kate Mildenhall, Sean Dockray, Lilith Angle, Alyshia Mckinnon, Lisa Radford, Fatima Measham, Laura Elvery, Sandra Makdessi, Debbie Kilroy, Sivani Yaddanapudi, Ramsey Tawil, Nadeem Gharib, Katie Ryan, Ruby Axon, James Jiang, Isabella Hone-Saunders, Lizzie Nagy, Vinay Seethamraju, Thabani Tshuma, Radhiah Chowdhury, Aayushi Gupta, Melanie Saward, Alinora Tame, Azucena López, Minori, Louana Sainsbury, Krystel Diola, Emele Ugavule, Winni Birner, Sophie Perillo, Zoe Gross, Isobel Caldwell, Sela Ahosivi-Atiola, Arida Lingard, Rochelle Pickles, Rohan Drayton, Karleitia Bodlovic, Julianne Negri, Dina Ali, Hanadi, Jo Langdon, Emma Kersey, Talei Mangioni, Sinéad Stubbins, Ceinwen Langley, Gabbi Bolt, Sari Smith, James Faulkner, Tessa Mullen, Miriam Abud, Christine Anastasiadis, Sandra El-Ayoubi, Joanne Willmot, Natalia Wi, Shurooq Kittaneh, Szymon Dorabialski, Edward Macdonald, Julie-Ann Christian, Jayne Christian, Rachel Walker, Amy Bell, Shaazia Esat, Erin Gough, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Nivine Sarhan, Reem Haidar, Tahlia Whitfield, Shaun Stolk, Ruby McGrath Lester, Samakshi Sidhu, Sarah Nasser, Grace Dulawan, Amy Woods, Janet Burchill, Joumana Awad, Chris Sulfa, Claudia Nicholsons, Rebekah Raymond, Nadine Nasser-Agha, Jerico Mandybur, Amna Abdalla, Sarah Alzoubi, Mark Paguio, Christine Afoa, Kaliya Arumugam, Holly Hughes, Laresa Kosloff, Sabina McKenna, Claire Deak, Ebonie Hyland, Lulu Littler, Nash Elh, Matthew Stanton, Safa Osma, Jessie Chaalan, Clare Steele, Emily Ayoub, Gabrielle McSpadden, Maria El-Chami, Sarah Azar, Ibrahim Hammoud, Aida Hammoud, Zoe Howard, Gabi Briggs, Tamati A Smith, Catherine Davies, Samuel Leighton-Dore, Peter Reay, Marlee Jane Ward, Kai Perrignon, Christina Gähl, Lilly Brown, Sinead Maloy, Vuma Phiri, Natalie Ironfield, Elijah Money, Jose Vigers, Cameron Lowe, Wesley Hutchinson, Joyce Willows, Jodie Kewley, Nathan Beard, Jack Kirne, Sabine Bester, Inda Ahmad Zahri, Bomy Yun, Haylee Collins, Ela Pınar, Mitch Cave, Datsun Tran, Naif-Jamie Martin, Alexander Turner, Jannah Beth, Nancy Denis, Marlo Spikin, Maggie Madfox, Russell Winter, Felix Christie, Petra Leslie, Anna Loren, Emily Greenwood, Kate Rendell, Tess Cullity, Elliot Cameron, Lu Lin, Prani Harrison, Cher Tan, Natasha Jones, Lorilee Yang, Jen Cloher, Tamlyn Magee, Luke Diamond, Jacqueline Tran, Zehra Kor, Steven McCall, Raisa Askar, Saarah Hanif, Prita Yeganeh, Karla McGrady, Seth Suda, Nina Ross, Leslie Eastman, Leah Subijano, Wytchings, Shari Sebbens, Anna Gibbs, Rachel O'Reilly, Annie Yoshida, Fiona Murphy, Nadia Hernández, Francesca Aisha Iwa d’Ath, Pip Hall, Grace McQuilten, Matte Rochford, Yousef Abou Ammar, Nadia Refaei, Alice Heyward, Ella OKeefe, Marian Abboud, Anna Pontelandolfo, Neha Kale, Holly Willson, Timmah Ball, Rosie Kalina, Sally Olds, Kasey Gambling, Moorina Bonini, Ezz Monem, Simon Croker, Skye Fellman, Lia Hills, Nail Aykan, Corey McMahon, Soo-Min Shim, Bill Souki, Enrique Tochez Anderson, Tash Jays, Priya Panchalingam, Alex Gawronski, Leon Rice-Whetton, Elizabeth Drummond, Holly Wodetzki, Will Ek Uvelius, Mahum Afraz, Leonie Brialey, Ashley Haywood, Georgia Thain, Adara Enthaler, Jim Hadjigeorgiou, Rásha Ismaël, Brooke Stamp, Elliot York Cameron, Sonja Ison, Raphaela Rosella, Sam Wallman, David Prakash, Rachel Huang, Camilla Nogueira Cotrim, Elisa Zekirija, Neven Connolly, Brydie Hill, Frances Barrett, Cigdem Temel, Lillian Hull, Lisa Crowe, Jamie Marina Lau, Drita, Faaizah Esaq, Esin, Chido Mombeshora, Natasha Saad, Hannah McKellar, Daniel Alwan, Esra, Luke Currie-Richardson, Humeyra, Susan Abboud, Serap Komurcu, Isabella Luna, Jeremy Heywood, Thea Baumann, Isobel Gee, Hannah Lewis, Corey J. White, Noha Ramadan, Mel Yildirim, Xanthea O'Connor, Clare Land, Tiffany Ko, Sharifah Ipek, Gillian Kayrooz, Cemil Uygur, Elif Ipek, Isabella Gullifer-Laurie, Andrew Sutherland, Kate Hall, David Bloom, Beatriz Vieira, Sam Cheng, Juliette Burgess, Rafeif Ismail, Tamara Holmes, Samantha Byres, Mikayla Dablan, Gabbi Bolt, Sharlene Allsopp, Josephine Scicluna, Nicole Chamoun, Olive Yaah, Georgia Heiniger, Melina Marchetta, Billy Zeil Kelleher, Melania Jack, Alejandra Canales, Ece Yilmaz, Saaro Umar, Hulya Ucler, Hulya Ucler, Anna Fay, Sarah Haq-Qureshi, Sabah rafei, Mariah Calman, Shoshana Rosenberg, Claudia Nicholson, Anna Battese, James Wingard, Michael Earp, Penelope Hunt, Breckyn Beechey, Sam Elkin, Shehryar Shami, Lale Gulijeva, Ibrahim Abdo, Oliver-Max Taylor, Wassila Abboud, Sione Teumohenga, Frances Grimshaw, Cyma Hibri, William Hooper, Susannah Gregan, Luka Buchanan, Tinashe MUZONDO, Rhiannon Stewart, Kuba Dorabialski, Tanya De Souza-Meally, Matia Quintana, Rae White, Hanah De Laurell, Ella Jacobs, Pinar Basel, Kiri Hance, Harrison Hastings, Em Chandler, Fin Healy, Melanie Mununggurr, Tegan Webb, Connor Xia, Jessica Walton, Seth Malacari, Vanessa Giron, Maeve Marsden, River Arumets, Asli, Alison Evans, Zoe Holman, Bianca Lyla Clifford, Alexander Te Pohe, Assad Abdi, Kristi Monfries, Catherine Bernard, Suzanne Claridge, Bleck, Summer Potten, Helen Grace, Ruth De Souza, Kasia Lynch, Rayann Bekdache, maryam kausar, Razia Ghazal, Katia Shepherd, Miriam Webster, Jamie Whiteside, Nat Abedi, moirra, Luka Rhoderick, Karen Pereyra, Timothy Alouani-Roby, Jayne Tuttle, Fathiah Raihan, Monika Cvitanovic, Kelly Semmler, Jordana Silverstein, Becky Sui Zhen, Katy B Plummer, Rae Perks, Mohamed Hosni, Enrique Tochez Anderson, Latai Taumoepeau, Ann El Khoury, Neelam Sapkota, Ash Frost, Sarah Carroll, Tugba Alver, Naina Sen, Georgina Proud, Lily Hatten, Grace Hall, Jave Ivanovski, Aimee Tutaki, Mary Quinsacara, Carla Teixeira, Sheridyn Donaghy, Nic Anderson, Daniela Denise Louise Spiteri, Emily Hubbard, Elyas Alavi, Keren Tova Rubinstein, Sydnye Allen, Hebah Ali, Matilda Robertson, Sarah Fordyce, Rob McHaffie, Emma Kersey, Aslihan Cengiz, Priya Namana, Moonis Ahmad Shah, Siân McIntyre, Mariam Ella Arcilla, Rayan Rashid, Poppy Templeton, Shelley Watters, Cathy Hall, J. Lyon, Mary Tee, Batoul, Susie Latham, Imbar Nassi, Strewth, Joel Crosswell, Ainslie Macaulay, Lucy Van, Nadia Rhook, Gina Corridore, Yi Zhen Kueh, Paddy McGrath, Angelita Biscotti, Ria Pillai, Cansu COL, Christiane Carr, Amy M Stuart, Huda Sharaia, Elif Kaymakci, Ayla Munise Yuyucuoglu, Lutfiye, Bianca Willoughby, Ruba Yassin, Jessica Tovey, Maisaa Ismail, Megan Mahon, Eugenia Lim, Zeinab Mahfoud, Yasir Elgamil, Elyss McCleary, Autumn Royal, Samuel Sedgwick, Raisa Askar, Jeremy Lachlan, William Dewhurst, Arena Salim, Joanne Z, Hareem Hussain, Eleni Battalis, Keerah, Mark Romei, Jayne Christian, Daniella Trimboli, Katie Winten, Hiba Aouf, Andrew Varano, Kristie West, Gillian Kayrooz, Sofiyah Ruqayah, Carolyn D'Cruz, D A Calf, Kim Lewis, Sophia Cai, Analise Burwood, Samantha, Anna Verney, Dženana Vucic, Jessica Dickison, Aysha Tufa, Alex Gawronski, Georgia Mokak, Yasmin Khadembashi, Deniz Yildirim, Tania Lou Smith, Alice V Williams, Melissa Ratliff, Lydia Mardirian, Isabella Hone-Saunders, Nurdan, Christobel Elliott, Luoyi Tan, Dan Rizk, Izabella Antoniou, Jonathan Sriranganathan, Kate Larsen, Görkem Acaroğlu, Akinbade Oreoluwa, Ashanti Raveena Thomas, Lucreccia Quintanilla, Hoang Tran Nguyen, Sarah Werkmeister, Julia Lomas, Faith Toe, Sareh Sal, Banu Tamim, Yasemin, Carmen Reid, Dasha Tan, Feyza Yazar, Thao Nguyen, Osama Nasser, Ava Abuarga, Jasmine Takchi, Anna Carlson, Jerico Mandybur, Tina Cartwright, June Jones, George Haddad, Firas Massouh, Saarah Hanif, Nadia Demas, Helena Fox, Alice Pung, Zana, Amra Pajalic, Mahmoud Sabsabi, Hussam Sabsabi, Wassila Abboud, Phuong Ngo, un Projects, Francesca Aisha Iwa d’Ath, Vina Aurellia Purwantoro, Rebekah Raymond, prince Aydin, Steph Rigs, Jason Gray, Razeena Omar Gutta, Hassan Izz, Sarah Yeung, Nici Cumpston, Emele Ugavule, Michael Farkas, Kartika Suharto-Martin, Clare Rosen McGarry, Thomasina George, Archie Barry, Bryony Anderson, Louisa Bufardeci, Kate Box, Helen Nguyen, Amelia Newman, Anisa Sharif, Latifa Elm, Toni Moon, Genevieve Grieves, Aishah Ali, Gianna Hayes, Gabrielle Dadgostar, Astrid Elouise Bell, Eliki Reade, Mei Lin Meyers, Harry Covill, Ayeesha Ash, Mel Campbell, Gillian Kayrooz, Dorcas Tang, Dana Albattrawi, Patrick Gunasekera, Tom Nicholson, Jade, Andrea James, Karen H Pickering, Hayley Edwards, Asha Maria Madge, Beau Lai, James Higgins, Yvette James, Andrew Varano, Rose Lucas, Lu Forsberg, Alice Darling, Muhammad, Janae Jefferson, Lily Britcher, Devon Taylor, M. 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