South Australian Election Report Card 2022

South Australia votes on 19 March 2022

What arts and culture vision do the major parties offer?

Today the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) released its Report Card for the South Australian state election.

The Report Card has been compiled using publicly available campaign information and election commitments made to date by the SA Liberals, SA Labor and SA Greens parties. Where the Report Card shows a blank space, we welcome party representatives to make public statements on their commitments, or contact NAVA directly.

Table of four columns and six rows showing dot points of election commitments from the Liberal Party, Labor Party and the Greens in SA

Authorised by Penelope Benton for the National Association for the Visual Arts Compiled from publicly available information and campaign materials. Updated on 14.03.2022. Not reflective of election commitments made in the final campaign days.