Q&A with Brook McCarthy

We chat to Brook McCarthy trainer and business coach and founder of Hustle & Heart, and online course facilitator for NAVA Online's Maximise Your Exposure about the importance of marketing skills for artists.

Why do artists need a marketing plan?

Business (not just in the arts) is now far less about simple financial transactions and far more interactive, collaborative and social than ever before. Regardless of what your particular hopes, dreams and goals are for your career in art, marketing is crucial for the longevity of what you do. Effective marketing will enable you to continue making art for many years to come.

Who might the audiences for artists be?

There are countless more options for your career in the arts than you're likely appreciate. Opportunities are everywhere, if only you knew where to look. But we often take for granted what we're best at. Understanding why people engage with art and artists is key to building your professional profile, attracting new audience to art and creating a sustainable career.

Why is social media an important channel for artists to use?

Social media has given artists reach, exposure, and leverage. It's a direct line of communication to media, gallerists, other artists, organisations and institutions. It can be used to educate, inspire, provoke, collaborate. Some artists use it to forge relationships with key stakeholders both within Australia and overseas and other uses it to sell directly to the public. It has democratised the art industry and made exposure, reach and leverage far easier than ever before. And it's free.

What are some key skills you hope students will take away from completing Maximise Your Exposure?

I hope to shake up people's ideas and attitudes towards business, marketing and publicity. Marketing really needs an image overhaul. Among people who value creativity, authenticity, sensitivity and integrity, marketing is often thought of as sleezy, pushy, and full of hot air. But there’s been a revolution in marketing and communications over the last 10 years. Your career options as a working artist are only limited by your imagination.

NAVA Online's Maximise Your Exposure runs for 7 weeks online from 8 August - 26 September. To find out more and to enrol go here.