Selling Your Work

Non-fungible Token (NFT) Information Sheet

This information sheet by Arts Law explains what Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are and how they are commonly used. It will cover some basic technological concepts involved with NFTs, including “blockchain”, “smart contracts”, “minting”, and “cryptocurrencies.” It will also cover legal issues to be aware of when dealing with NFTs.  

Finding (and Keeping) Stockists

This factsheet by Bridie Moran guides you in finding and maintaining stockists for your work.

Sale of Artwork

This factsheet outlines the key considerations for a sale of artwork agreement.

Selling Your Art Online

This factsheet guides you through the process of online sales and selling through your own website, written by Art Pharmacy.

Selling from Museum and Gallery Shops

This factsheet provides information on best practice for selling from shops.

Artist Statements & Bios

This guide explains the process of writing a succinct and articulate artist statement and bio for exhibitions and funding applications.

Our Hybrid Future: making art work onsite and online

Written by Kate Larsen, this resource will assist organisations and artists with digital and hybrid work and delivery. 

Selling from Exhibitions

This factsheet provides guidance on providing accurate and transparent information about exhibition policies.

How do I create a good photograph of my work?

Find out how to best document your work for promotion or submitting in applications.

Personal Property Securities Act

This factsheet explains the Personal Property Securities Act and how artists can register their ownership of artworks before consigning them to a gallery. If you don’t make a registration against the gallery or dealer and they go broke before they have fully paid you, your artwork may be sold to pay other creditors first.

Artist Statement Template

A step-by-step template to writing your artist statement.

How do I promote my exhibition?

This guide provides tips and tricks to promote your upcoming exhibition.

Guidelines for limited edition prints

A quick reference guide for artists creating and selling limited edition prints.

Public Presentations

This guide outlines key considerations for putting together a dynamic and engaging presentations.

Commissioning Visual Artwork Agreement Template

Sample agreement provided by the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

Artwork Consignment for Sale Agreement Template

Sample agreement provided by the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

Sale of Artwork Agreement Template

Sample agreement provided by the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

Artist and Gallery Agency Agreement Template

Sample agreement provided by the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

Creating a Website

This factsheet guides you through how to make your own website, what to consider if engaging a designer, and how to prioritise your content.

Marketing and presenting your work

This factsheet takes you through how to market and present your work.

Marketing and presenting yourself

This factsheet takes you through how to go about creating a career for yourself.

Media Releases

This factsheet takes you through the top tips for creating a media release for your next exhibition announcement.

Approaching Commercial Galleries

This factsheet will take you through how to find and approach the best commercial gallery for you.

How can I get heard?

This Q&A takes you through different ways you can get yourself out there and build your practice and business.

How do I protect myself when selling on consignment?

Find out how to protect your interests when selling on consignment with a gallery or shop.

Writing an artist CV

This template will guide you through structuring your professional artist CV.

Speaking and Presentation

This factsheet will help you through speaking and presenting about your work.

Social Media

This factsheet helps you decide which social media platform is right for you and your practice.

Marketing Plan

This template will take you through the process of completing a marketing plan for you and your work.

Commercial Gallery Representation

This factsheet is indicates the core services a gallery providing full gallery representation may offer and what to expect from these relationships.