Residencies, Workshops & Education

Storing digital artworks and maintaining data

This guide by Dara Gill takes you through the best methods for storing and preserving your digital artworks and maintaining digital assets. 

Overseas Callouts

What to consider when you have been invited to submit to an overseas award/prize/competition/exhibition.

Artist Residency Checklist

This checklist provides an outline of all the considerations artists should be thinking about when undertaking a residency.

Artist Studios factsheet

This factsheet provides some general guidelines for finding and maintaining a studio and studio practice.

Storage Solutions

This factsheet takes you through storage solutions to assist in maximising your studio space and productivity.

Setting up an Art Trail

What do you need to consider when setting up an art trail? Written by Jill Gientzotis

List of Studios & Residencies

A full list of Studios & Residencies across Australia and links to international opportunities.

Artist in Residence Agreement Template

Sample agreement provided by the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

How do I reach an international audience?

How you can use different platforms to reach the world from here.

What do I need to consider before travelling?

An artist's travelling essentials.

Overseas Itinerary

This template and checklist covers all the practical considerations for travel as well as some special points just for artists!

Residency Contracts

Got a residency coming up and looking at the paperwork? This checklist takes you through the possible inclusions for a residency contract or agreement.


This checklists details contractual considerations when running workshops.

Inventory Template

This template will assist you in organising your studio and your artwork, tools and stock inventories.

What is an Artist Residency?

This factsheet provides information on artist residencies including applying for a residency.

Working Internationally

This factsheet provides information on things you need to consider when working and travelling internationally.

Renting Studio Spaces

This factsheet takes you through the process of leasing a studio space and being a tenant.