Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability Toolkit for the NSW Arts & Cultural Sector

This comprehensive resource investigates ways to integrate environmental best practice into arts and cultural organisations’ strategic planning, operations and artistic programming, focusing on public museums and galleries.

Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability in the Museum Practice

CIMAM's Toolkit aims to help contemporary art museum professionals start implementing the necessary changes to become carbon neutral.

Code of Ethics Framework & Template

An artist led code of ethics by pvi collective

Accepting other people’s money without selling your soul

Using your ethical compass by pvi collective

Clever Custodians

Energy efficiency initiatives for small to medium museums and galleries. 

The Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts resources and tools

The Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts offers resources and tools that aid the arts and culture sector in undertaking ecological responsibility. 

Green Music Australia resources

Green Music Australia has some great advice for artists, industry and event goers in creating a greener, safer future. 

Greener Live Performances through Energy Efficiency

Live Performance Australia is proud to announce the next phase of its environmental sustainability initiative, Greener Live Performances through Energy Efficiency.

Greening the Arts

Greening the Arts begins with think pieces on the changes needed in response to the condition and impact of climate change across the globe. The second section is a survey of sustainable arts practice, including examples of available tools on how to measure and reduce emissions.

Removing Water-Based Paint Solids from Rinse Water

If you would rather not flush water laden with acrylic paint solids down the drain, they can be removed prior to disposing of the water. 

Disaster preparedness

NAVA joins colleague organisations in promoting disaster planning and awareness as part of International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction #DRRDay

Museums’ Environmental Framework

Released in 2017 by Julie's Bicycle in the UK, this framework aims to both celebrate good practice and inspire more.