Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs)

Setting up an ARI

This factsheet will help you define and refine your ARI development and operations.

Managing your ARI

Top 5 considerations for managing your ARI.

Handover Checklist for NFP Organisations

This checklist from the ATO will assist ARI administrator changeover.

ARIs in Australia

A full list of Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) across Australia.

ARI Funding Guide

There are several opportunities for funding a new or established ARI including but not limited to, self-funding, earned income, in-kind, grants, crowdfunding and fundraising. 

Australian ARIs Running With It

This factsheet looks at how ARIs are developed, organised and operated.

Governance Models for ARIs

This factsheet takes you through the governance options for setting up an ARI.

Steps to Becoming Incorporated

This checklist takes you through the steps to becoming an incorporated association.

Association's Constitution Checklist

This checklist will take you through the rules and operating needs of ARIs.