Applying for Exhibitions

This factsheet by Jane Gillespie takes you through the process of applying for and securing an exhibition venue.

Exhibition Contracts Checklist

This checklist outlines the possible inclusions and considerations for drafting or entering into an exhibition contract.

Is It Worth It?

This checklist helps you assess if a particular exhibiting opportunity is really worth it.

Risk Assessment and Management for Exhibition Content

Prepared by M&G NSW and NETS Victoria, this resource will assist you in developing a risk management strategy for exhibition content. 

Curatorial Toolkit

Published by 2010 Legacies Now in Canada, this toolkit covers key considerations surrounding the professional practice of curators.

Loan of Artwork for Public Exhibition Agreement Template

Sample agreement provided by the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

Independent Curator and Exhibition Space Agreement Template

Sample agreement provided by the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

The Australian Classification Board

Find out how the Australian Classification Board can help classify an artwork that is likely to offend.

How to Avoid Trouble and How to Deal with it

What you should know about threats to artistic freedom - for artists, galleries and arts workers.

Events and Festivals Factsheet

This factsheet takes you through the considerations for putting on an event or festival in a public space.

Putting on a Show

This factsheet provides you with a nuts and bolts checklist that will help you to plan and present your next exhibition.

Empty Spaces

This factsheet takes you through how to engage with access and manage empty spaces.

Planning an Exhibition

If you are planning an exhibition you and the venue should work through this checklist at the negotiation stage.