First Nations Engagement

Respecting ICIP in Collecting Institutions

Drawing on NAVA’s Code of Practice, this guide by Nathan Sentance, Tammi Gissell and Madeline Poll examines how collecting institutions can authentically respect and embed Indigenous cultural rights into their practices.

Aboriginal Arts and Culture Protocols

These protocols have been developed by Create NSW for Aboriginal artists, arts workers and organisations, to help equip them with the right tools to ensure their interests and cultural rights are acknowledged and acted upon.

How to ease the admin burden for artists

This guide by Joel Bray is designed as a simple how-to with some helpful hints on how artists and arts workers can help each other out when it comes to managing administrative tasks. 

First Nations Cultural Heritage Conservation

Written by Juanita Kelly-Mundine.

Cultural Authority and Consultation

When seeking to engage with First Nations cultural heritage on any project, it should be expected that you consult with the appropriate cultural authority at each stage of research, development and production.

Terminology Guide

A Guide to Using Respectful and Inclusive Language and Terminology from Narragunnawali, a program of Reconciliation Australia.

Why an Acknowledgement of Country is important (and advice on how to give one)

Written by Molly Hunt for ABC Life

Why cultural appropriation isn't cool

Published by Reach Out, this guide explains what cultural appropriation is, when it happens and what makes it a big deal.

Protocols for using First Nations Cultural and Intellectual Property in the Arts

The Australia Council guide for visual arts guides spell out clearly the legal as well as the ethical and moral considerations for the use of Indigenous cultural material. 

Acknowledgement of Country

Protocols for acknowledgement of country in Australia.

Valuing Art, Respecting Culture

Valuing Art, Respecting Culture is a protocols document that continues on from work undertaken by many individuals and organisations, in providing a guide for appropriate ways to work with Indigenous Australians.

Indigenous Culture and Community Guidelines

Issues and Protocols Specific to Indigenous Practitioners: Indigenous Culture and Community Guidelines are intended to further inform the practice of people who work in the Indigenous Australian Art Industry.