First Nations Engagement

Why an Acknowledgement of Country is important (and advice on how to give one)

Written by Molly Hunt for ABC Life

Why cultural appropriation isn't cool

Published by Reach Out, this guide explains what cultural appropriation is, when it happens and what makes it a big deal.

Protocols for producing Indigenous Australian visual arts

The Australia Council guide for visual arts guides spell out clearly the legal as well as the ethical and moral considerations for the use of Indigenous cultural material. 

Acknowledgement of Country

Protocols for acknowledgement of country in Australia.

Indigenous Culture and Community Guidelines

Issues and Protocols Specific to Indigenous Practitioners: Indigenous Culture and Community Guidelines are intended to further inform the practice of people who work in the Indigenous Australian Art Industry.

Valuing Art, Respecting Culture

Valuing Art, Respecting Culture is a protocols document that continues on from work undertaken by many individuals and organisations, in providing a guide for appropriate ways to work with Indigenous Australians.