Business & Finances

Public Taxation Ruling

Public Taxation Ruling: carrying on a business as a professional artist and its implications for practicing artists.

Glossary of Tax Terms

This factsheet provides definitions for some of the taxation terms you may come across in running your arts practice as a business.

Casual employees

This guide outlines casual employee entitlements and changes made to the Fair Work Act which affect casual employment.

Artists' fees factsheet

Drawn from the Code of Practice this is a quick reference for artists' fees, workshop fees, travel expenses and more.

EOFY - Tax Checklist for Artists

A practical guide by for artists on assessable income and what you can claim as a deduction in your tax return.

Accelerated Depreciation

Find out how the accelerated depreciation scheme can benefit you.


Find out about what types of insurance you might need in your practice and how they work.

Tax Assessable Income and Deductions

Find out what are considered tax assessable income and expenses.

Pricing your work template

Step-by-step template to pricing your work, using cost-based, competition-based and demand-based pricing models.

Completing a Super Choice Form

Not sure what to write on your Super Choice Form? This guide tells you where to get the information you need and which sections to fill in.

Superannuation Contribution Obligations for Employers

This guide explains what might determine whether a person is an employee or a contractor for superannuation purposes.

What to do if your ABN is cancelled

This guide explains why your ABN may have been cancelled and how you can go about getting it reinstated.

Contracts and Agreements

This factsheet covers contract and agreement types and negotiating.

Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

This factsheet covers the importance of confidential information.

How do I price my artwork?

What to consider when setting a price for your artwork.

Should I have an ABN?

Don't have an ABN? Find out how registering can benefit you, your cashflow and your practice.

Becoming a Sole Trader

This factsheet will take you through the steps to becoming a Sole Trader and business and tax requirements.

Invoicing Checklist

This checklist will take you through all the requirements for issuing an tax invoice as laid out by the Australian Taxation Office.

Who Pays the GST?

This factsheet provides an answer to the complicated question: who pays the GST, the gallery or the artist?

Art Business Skills

This factsheet outlines some basic art business skills, planning, budgeting and marketing.

Tax, Artists, Galleries

Unravelling the tax implications involved when artists sell work directly, on commission or on consignment.

Cashflow Forecast

This template can help you plan your income and expenditure allowing you to budget.

Budgeting for your Business

Learn an essential skill - how to budget for your art practice as a business.

Where There's a Will

This factsheet provides information on estate planning for artists, covering all the options including making a will.