NAVA Fee for Service Rates

Availability to speak, consult or present a workshop is subject to staff capacity.

All rates below are for in person* or online attendance. All rates are inclusive of GST. Where attendance is required on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday an additional 40% fee is applicable.


Speaker fee (1 hour) $550

Speaker at universities/schools about NAVA and the Code of Practice (1 hour) $400

Panel facilitator $300

Panel member $260


For advice beyond general Code of Practice guidance.

$220 per hour

Introduction to the Code of Practice workshop

Can be presented to artists, arts workers or organisation staff, 1 hour.

Small organisation $725

Medium organisation $925

Large organisation $1,125

NAVA Organisation Members receive a 10% discount

Small organisation $652.50

Medium organisation $832.50

Large organisation $1,012.50

Bespoke workshop

Ask for a quote


The majority of NAVA staff are based in Sydney, NSW.

Where a staff member has to travel more than 30km each way to attend in person, travel costs will also need to be covered including:

  • Flights, trains, transfers, accommodation
  • Travel by car $0.91 per km
  • Per diems for full days and/or overnight stays $109.45 per day
  • Travel time $60 per hour


The above rates do not include access costs such as interpreters or captions. Access is usually organised by the hosting organisation but can be organised by NAVA for an additional fee (cost is approximately $1,000 for a one hour workshop).